state of mind + inspiration

seems I do my best “work” when I am ‘supposed’ to be doing something else…

tidying up around the house …

quickly turned into playing with shells …

treasures collected on Sanibel Island in Florida

soft sand from my dear friend Carol’s beach

each grain holding a sweet memory …

vacation is a state of mind … and I do believe creativity is too …

Lesley Riley’s latest Art and Soul Radio interview with Jesse Reno is SO inspiring … full of energy … with permission (if you feel you need it) for your house to look like artists live there/here … definitely worth a listen …

“Whatever a person’s mind dwells on intensely and with firm resolve, that is exactly what he becomes.” ~Shankaracharya

25 responses to “state of mind + inspiration

  1. Oh the wonder of the simplest gifts from Nature…the arrangements seem to flow and tell a story of their own. Blesings. Imagine and Live in peace, Mary Helen Fernandez Stewart


  2. This is so peaceful and beautiful, Patty! 🙂

    I love your rustic muffin tin! 🙂
    Hugs, Ashlyn


  3. When life gets a little crazy, I’ll have to remember that “vacation is a state of mind”, Patty! LOL!!! Seriously beautiful shells. Anything to do with the water brings me great happiness. Thanks for sharing your beautiful treasures! Hugs, Terri xoxo


  4. I want to come “tidy up” around your house, if you unearth such beauties as these to play with. I was really taken by the lovely piece with the star in the center and the muffin tin that holds some of your treasures. What a treasure you are, and your blog is where I come for inspiration. Have a super day!


  5. What fun! Love the vintage muffin tin as a treasure keeper.


  6. oo i love shells…really lovely arrangements, patty…


  7. Ahhhhhh….sea shells! Who doesn’t love those! Beautiful!


  8. what treasure! I am not the only one who gets distracted when I am supposed to be “cleaning!” the perfect post for the end of summer! such lovely shells (and memories)


  9. Patty I really like that!
    “Vacation is a state of mind”- it could very quickly become my catch phrase!
    Especially when everything happens all at once – instead of wanting to scream, I’ll just transport myself off to a lovely island in the South Pacific like Rarotonga or Samoa and feel the warm gentle south sea breeze wafting around me, as I lie in a hammock sipping refreshing cocktails!
    Too good to be true? For a moment I know I was there!!!!
    Thank you Patty – and I had a great time!!
    Take care


  10. An old muffin tin is a perfect setting for sea shells! And I know what you mean about getting distracted because I do it all the time!!


  11. Great shell collection! Isn’t Sanibel gorgeous?


  12. thank you for the reminder Patty …. I love your collections …. they ARE truly inspirational 🙂


  13. Beautiful post, Patty! I share your same affliction. Working on this when I should be doing that. But THIS is so much more fun than THAT. 🙂

    Happy weekend xo


  14. i love your rusty tin and sea shells.
    lovely photo,s


  15. don’t you just love when some sand falls out of shells, Lovely collection Patty, great way to expose these beauties.


  16. your shells are so artfully arranged. Beautifyl!


  17. I do believe that vacation is a state of mind and I realize that the people I know that create things and art, etc. have less of a need to go on vacation,,,as the creating takes their minds to other realms and that is basically why some people take a vacation …to see something new and feel different and creating does that for me ,,,atleast,,,right in my own house.
    I know Twyla Tharp has a good quote about that but it has completely slipped my mind at the moment…but you get the gist of what I am trying to say. Lovely post!!


  18. LOL – yup, I am living in chaos but my mind is on vacation. Love that concept….. no house cleaning or straightening today! whooopwhoop


  19. oh beautiful Patty, love them in the muffin tin….


  20. These are really beautiful images!!


  21. Oooohh, and “playing with shells” is indubitably MUCH more fun than…well…just about ANYTHING associated with tidying up…GREAT choice and beautiful shells!


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  24. Funny that you talk about vacation being a state of mind. This is what I posted last night to my WW buds after I took a walk on “my” beach.

    “I just got back from vacation.

    I took a delightful walk on the beach, watched the sunset, watched the birds, picked up shells, watched children play in the surf. Life doesn’t get much better than this.

    I was listening to Diana Krall on my iPod and pretending I was in a movie.

    This is one of my favorite things to do on vacation.

    What a lucky girl I am.”


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