… summertime … blues …

days shorten …

here in the Northern Hemisphere …

“unofficially” summer ends this Labor Day weekend …

who says I can’t wear white pants anymore  …

go barefoot … carefully

enjoy the soulful sounds of Keb Mo and the young and very talented … Australian Joe Robinson … 😉

… no flash … sorry …

nature ripens …

“Something good is already happening …” ~Alan Cohen

Enjoy *~* Enjoy

*my framed photos above were done here … fun and easy peasy*

20 responses to “… summertime … blues …

  1. What a tribute to blue and summer. Your photos are a tribute to an enjoyable lazy end of summer weekend.


  2. Wonderful photos and post Patty! End of summer, yes, indeedy. Looking forward to seeing my students in a week or so.
    p.s. please remind me that I said this at the appropriate times throught he school year 😉


  3. Beautiful post Patty, I love that summer is ending for once in my life LMBO… it has just been too hot, I have been too hot and I am enjoying a nice cool weekend, although I know there will be more hot days before Fall arrives.

    I love how you got so close up on the butterfly, awesome, and I love your white pants and all of it really 🙂
    Happy Sunday to you and yours,


  4. Love the last photo especially – will check out this easy peasy link!!!


  5. and while you’re at it, our days are becoming warmer and a little longer. Funny how it all works 😛

    BTW, I love your pics! the second one… gorgeus! and the brush-stroked-border is beautiful, it adds that little something to your pics 🙂


  6. Lovely post… and my philosophy on white after Labor Day is who cares! The Earth and lots of animals wear white in winter, why can’t we????


  7. What a pretty array of photos Patty ~ I love all of the blues! It is always sad to see Summer’s end, but then there is beautiful glorious Fall just ahead. Wishing you many more blessings to cherish. ~ Katie


  8. some of my favorites here, some of the best blues of all are nature’s own!


  9. Peaceful post….very liberating! I only use big huge labs for mosaics…guess I need to check out the frame options! Thanks heaps!


  10. Great post my dear and you do look fab in t he white pants by the way:)
    Lovely shots and thanks so much for the link to foto magic site…that looks like lots of fun!! It is such a cool and breezy weekend here…ahhhhhhh. All the windows are open and the sun is shining…just beautiful!
    Have a wonderful Sunday!!


  11. What a neat montage!


  12. Thanks Patty,
    at this very moment your summer is on it’s journey to us in New Zealand!!
    After our long hard winter, we’re all waiting to welcome her with open arms!!
    Great photo post – ball reflection photo is stunning – and the doll in the white pants – woohoo!


  13. Our Autumn Officially started this week end too! and so the is the weather lots of wind and rain in the UK this week so the weather man says

    Hay ho, I love each season for different things and I do love your photos apart from the top one ew my head and skin are crawling argh!

    love Dawn xx


  14. Incredible photos – especially the butterfly/moth and the gazing ball with the dragonfly!! Now I’m off to check out that link…thanks.


  15. What a wonderful way to start my Monday morning – reading your tribute to summertime blue. HugS, m


  16. You’ve captured summer blues beautifully, Sweet Patty! Fabulous! Hugs, Terri xoxo


  17. What a glorious post for the end of a very busy summer…your photos are always so appropriate and gentle …I love the blues! Imagine and Live in Peace, Mary Helen Fernandez Stewart


  18. Tolle Fotos Patty 🙂 Hugs Alexandra


  19. Don’t you just love all the beautiful things in the seasons, I love nature in all shapes, forms, and colours 🙂
    Lovely photos…..


  20. The end of summer makes me a bit sad and melancholy. But I’m loving the images you shared here. Now the pace picks up… Belated Labor Day wishes!


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