21 September * International Day of Peace

saw this on our wall calendar and wanted to put it out there to all you dear ones … next Tuesday is a day of Peace … a beginning … not very advertised as far as I can tell …

Peace …  so worth talking about … thinking about … praying about … sharing … each and every day …

a minute of silence around the globe at Noon your time on Tuesday, 21 September 2010 … be the change

14 responses to “21 September * International Day of Peace

  1. Patty; thanks so much for sharing this. The prayers and hopes for peace in the world definitely needs more attention. Peace to you and yours! xxoo


  2. You are SO right. I must do something to pass the word on this. It may just be me, it may be blogger, but I couldn’t get your picture to load. I’ll definitely put this on my calendar, though.


  3. So true.. thank you Patty.. have a lovely day..xo


  4. Wonderful – we need more of this!!


  5. Thank you for sharing, Patty. We sure DO need more of this!


  6. Thank you Patty – we all need to be in on this one.
    I’m struggling with creativity but I CAN pray!!!!!


  7. Patti,
    (In between dancing the night away) I have been thinking about peace. We say the exhibit of Mucha today and he was a pacifist…little known fact!

    I think we ALL want peace. Sometimes we just don’t agree how to get to “peace.” What a dear you are to remind us all of this!



  8. patty, i just saw your butterfly for the project in texas. i stumbled on this whole idea through mosaic magpie, and yours is stunning. it gave me some great ideas!


  9. Thank you, Dear Patty, for this message! Hope you’re having a great weekend! Hugs, Terri xoxox


  10. Thanks Patty for sharing us this and for the message.
    Happy weekend my dear friend.


  11. Thanks for the heads up Patty. I’ll definitely be observing this in my classroom on Tuesday. My students echo what I tell them often:’This is a room of peace.”


  12. I plan on celebrating it! I look so forward to your posts ~ they are always full of such beauty, truth, and love! Thanks to your sweet spirit for bringing this to our attention. May blessings be yours! ~ Katie


  13. My oversized calendar {command central as i often refer to it} makes no mention of this event! Thank you for sharing this….you always have the best information. Loved the video…esp. the footage from the sky with the human peace symbol & the man holding the light in his hands. Imagine a world with more peace…a more beautiful world indeed.


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