Honey Tea

September is National Honey Month

news to me…

bees (here are some cut from wood)

honey and beeswax all fascinate me …

honey is an ancient and pure food … a perfect sweetener … also used as medicine

… hail honey and of course … BEES !!!

Happy T Tuesday … I will be a bit scarce in blogland the next couple of weeks … looking forward to catching up with you all after that

28 responses to “Honey Tea

  1. What a beautiful display with what looks like a big piece of stained glass window….makes for a great looking excuse for a curtain. I actually lived in a house once that had stained glass windows in the bathrooms and one in the front door….looked so much nicer than curtains:) I see your L´Occitane cream there…love their products…their Shea Butter is the best.
    Have a FUN 12 days …..we will miss you:(…..take care,,,,CYN

  2. Beautiful photos Patti….love all that beeswax!
    Have fun outside of blogland!

  3. What a serene and beautiful vignette you have created today. I could sure use that lovely screen and flowers to block the view from my yard. You have created the perfect tea post today. I had no idea it was Honey Month, either. Thanks for bringing it to my attention.

  4. oh I adore bees and honey AND L’Occitane miel hand cream, oh yum the best!
    I had local lavendar honey today, delicious! Happy T day dear Patty! xox

  5. A lovely post Patty (I can almost smell it 🙂 )
    Honey has always been important in our family; my grandfather was a well-known beekeeper in Nottinghamshire and on numerous occasions was fetched by the police to collect a swarm. My grandmother used honey for just about everything….she even put it on cuts and bruises!
    Now I use Manuka honey because of the antiseptic properties.
    One of my fav drinks is hot water, slice of lemon and honey…..
    Happy T Tuesday!

  6. Have you read The Secret Life of Bees ? great book. Honey is very healing & bees are under threat – we need our bees !

  7. Ahhhh yes…bees! So, have you read that book? I loved that book and the movie was wonderful, too! I am going to miss you….

  8. Lovely wax and honey! I had the best honey liquor in Croatia…called Meda…or Meditza……which I assume is like Mead from the ancient days of England. Yum. Have you ever had that, Patty?


  9. Too funny! I just rec’d my gallon jug of local honey I ordered from a local beekeeper. I actually bought it to help with those nasty fall allergies that love to visit me. Was reading about the benefits of adding local honey to your diet if you have allergies. I absolutely adore that last photo with the way the light is coming through that beautiful blue web & the stunning contrast with the bouquet. Well done! Here’s wishing you a fun and restful bloggy break! Xo, Sue

  10. I love all of your bees and honey treasures! and what a cool stained glass window for a backdrop! I hope you have a very lovely 12 days …. and look forward to catching up with you when you get back 🙂

    Happy Tuesday! Kimmie

  11. HOney.. I’d rather have it on toast than anything else. Clear, spun, no matter how. It’s the best. (Now if only the bees didn’t sting!)

  12. Our friend ‘s son spent the summer working a bee farm in Bakersfield, Ca. Guess what we got????? Honey!!! It’s amazing, and has almost a tang to it-I’ve never had it so fresh!
    I’ll miss you!!!

  13. You know I will miss you dear… but please have fun and a relaxed holiday from blogland…!!! (I still have to go buy me some beeswax…!)

  14. How beautiful, Patty!!! We’ll be waiting for you when you return to blogland…hope you have fun!

  15. I too thought right away of the book “Secret Life of Bee’s”, I believe someone else mentioned it here. I find them so fascinating too, and I love your little vignette for your Honey Tea Tuesday 🙂 enjoy !

  16. We’ll miss you Patty. Hope you’re out there having lots of fun & getting refreshed & revitalized.

  17. Love the spider web, really cool! Love the honey, not fond of the bees cause I am allergic! But they make good stuff! Will miss you while you are gone, have a peaceful adventure! Christen

  18. Beautiful photos 🙂 nothing better than honey for my tea! Hurry back 🙂

  19. Patty; Beexwax is so soothing to me and your post is as well. Thank you! Also; enjoy your hiatus – you will be missed! xxoo

  20. I love honey… My favorite is made from Palmetto flowers here in Florida. It’s not flowery sweet like Orange Blossom is… I used to sell Florida foods and one of my most popular items was honey (usually Orange Blossom) with either Key Lime or Tangerine added. The healthiest I’ve ever felt in my life was when I used honey to sweeten my tea every day. While I love it, I switched to Stevia to reduce my calorie intake. Anyway… Happy Tea Tuesday!

  21. see you on the other side.

    (the spider and that stained glass! so cool)…

  22. Have fun Patty!! Thank you for sharing such lovely photos….will look forward to have you back..

  23. Wishing you a grand few weeks, we’ll all be missing you. Love your Bee and Honey theme and all the variations

  24. While the bees and the honey really do fascinate me, I am more attracted to that gorgeous stained glass. I’m trying hard not to be covetous.

    A lot of people in my area like the honey made from bees feeding on the sourwood tree blossoms. I heard that if you eat honey from the area you live in, you can get some immunity to germs from that area. Or something like that. Have you heard this?

  25. I just went back and read the comments and see where Sue has said about the same thing – only it’s allergies, not germs.

  26. I know we all have lives outside of blogging, but I’m worried — you OK? No post change from my almost-daily blogger/visitor! So, I worry. Hope all is well and you are simply out enjoying the beauty of fall — I was going to say early fall, but I think it has turned full blown!

  27. Hi Patty, what a ‘honey’ of a post heheehee 😉 I LOVE honey and I love bees!! Hope to see more of your wonderful art soon, take care!

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