Six Players: Mexican Folk Art Theme

as promised … here are the tip in pages I created for Dianne’s Mexican Folk Art theme … each player has chosen a different theme and varying page sizes…

lots of paint and gesso went into my pages … I printed a skull image onto transparency paper … highlighting with a white pen … I placed it behind the opening I cut in the front cover … the final step was using Golden brand Gold Mica Flake (Large) around the edges of the page … it gives nice texture and shimmer…

*these pages measure 8 x 16 inches*

it wasn’t hard for me to decide to go with Frida…

I created a tin foil frame by rolling and smooshing foil together … stitching it onto the page with bits of colorful fiberthe  flower  is rubber stamped and hand colored…

on the left hand side I used assorted papers to help affix the skeleton transparency dry brushing with gesso and adding a loteria game card at the bottom … el corazon means “the heart”

I painted the back page with blue paint and used a piece of torn wax paper that I had used some time ago for making mono print pages … glad I saved it as it made a perfect layer under the shrine stamp that I used as a frame for the black and white Frida image … white gel pen helped add interest to the stamped frame…

Frida has a lot of powerful quotes … I chose

“I paint myself because I am so often alone and because I am the subject I know best.”

I used black fine marker to accent the pages too…

here is the tag I created to go along with my tip in … I certainly did enjoy this theme …

next month I will be working on “Trees”

17 responses to “Six Players: Mexican Folk Art Theme

  1. Love your pages Patty. You have inspired me since this is the theme I tackle next. You really caught the subject in wonderful colors and images. I love all four layouts, hugs


  2. Awesome art!!! You are inspiring 🙂


  3. Very cool pages! Love the colors and use of metallics and sparkley yarn…


  4. sounds like a fun theme, and your take on it is gorgeous!

    looking forward to see what you make with trees : D


  5. fun theme and you nailed it right down, love the quote you chose and your pages are wonderful! xox


  6. Your pages are amazing, Patty! I’m particularly fond of the way you’ve crumpled the foil and attached it with threads – a stroke of genius! So many wonderful details in these gorgeous pages. Your always pour your heart out into your beautiful art. Hugs, Terri xoxoxo


  7. I love these pages….what lucky recipients! I’ve been planning something with foil myself! Get’s me excited just thinking about it.


  8. I’ve just been catching up with your posts since you returned, and as usual they all so vibrant and full of life.

    Your Mexican pages are superb; so much detail, yet it all ties in so well 🙂


  9. Awesome does’t say it all Patty. I don’t do skulls BUT I love the lady and that quote is perfect as well as the colors and how it all went together, and so much detail.


  10. Wow, it’s a great work, dear Patty. I love Frida and skulls


  11. Your Mexican pages are superb, the colours and all the elements you used work so well with the theme.


  12. Now that skull is SERIOUSLY creepy! Cool — but creepy!


  13. Oh, Patty, that are fabulous pages, they all look fantastic.


  14. I don’t think I’ve ever heard the term ‘tip in’ and I assume it means that the pages are loose at this point and then get put together later. No matter, I really like the skull and the crumpled foil frame was a stroke of genius!


  15. You are incredible Patti! Thank you for sharing your work and processes!
    This is really so beautiful, it’s chilling to me.


  16. It’s great to see these pages finished. Rich in detail and vibrant in color, they convey Dianne’s theme perfectly. Well done, and thanks for sharing your process.


  17. Patty- thank you SO much for these pages!! they are stunning, and I love the Frida images and the skull, and just everything about them. they have color, sparkle, texture and quotes! looking forward to what you do with the theme “trees.”


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