Leaf Peeping on Skyline Drive

a favorite haunt of ours just a couple of hours away is Skyline Drive

a scenic byway in the Shenandoah National Park

over the weekend we entered the drive near Charlottesville and headed toward home on the drive after a nice lunch at a favorite sidewalk cafe

I needed more bird nest wire at a great bead shop in Charlottesville called Studio Baboo

my three year blogging anniversary giveaway is a bit overdue…

more on that soon…

lots of the leaves seemed to have already fallen …

Skyline Drive is a fun place to visit…

any time of year…

Fall may be the most popular season according to the park records …

we have enjoyed winter visits with ice and snow…

lots of deer…

feeling safe and protected…

black bears are sometimes spotted too…

“October is the fallen leaf, but it is also a wider horizon more clearly seen.

It is the distant hills once more in sight, and the enduring constellations above them once again.” ~Hal Borland

Hoping everyone is safe and sound after the “monster storm” that hit a big part of the U.S.

we just had heavy rain and some wind

it is unusually humid for the end of October oxo

*Note: I am entering this post in Ana’s Friday Archive Dive here*

26 responses to “Leaf Peeping on Skyline Drive

  1. Marilyn J. Rock

    Patty; breathtaking photos! I love Fall and all it has to offer. Thank you for capturing its essence. The photo with the shadows – fantastic! xxoo


  2. What gorgeous photos Patty! A few just took my breath away, the awesome sunset, the deer, wow! And the poet’s words were just the icing on the cake! Thanks for starting my day with beauty! Many Blessings, Katie


  3. Wonderful shots of a place made in heaven……………..ahhhhhhhhhh


  4. Patty… that one photo gave shivers down my spine… is that YOU (from the back) looking at the hills? It’s like I see a pic of myself, staring at the dunes near my hometown. Same view. Same feeling. Same girl… ??? I will remember to take a pic when I visit my parents… I will send it to you then. Have a nice day my soulSISTER!!!


  5. Ahhhhh yessss………..lovely pictures of you, Patty. Enjoyed the other views, too! hugs!


  6. thanks for sharing your haunt, I can see why, love the photos you really captured the essence of the trip! xo


  7. Loved this visit with you this morning. That drive used to be a favorite each and every fall but we haven’t done it for a while. A good weekend to get some photos as the leaves are going to fall hard and fast very soon. Great Fall quote too!


  8. ooh I love Fall and the sky is soo blue against the changing colors…I so missed it…happy day to you sweet friend….


  9. Your photographs are amazing…
    I think I looked at them a dozen times..
    Fall is such a beautiful season..
    Thanks for sharing


  10. Beautiful scenery Pattsy

    Love Dawn xx


  11. Gorgeous pictures as always, Patty. Was there just a week ago and it was beautiful then. Sure hope that many others can take advantage of this wonderful place to visit. I love your “shadow” pictures!!!!


  12. oh, gorgeous… thanks for the little getaway 😉 (love the photo of the two shadows)


  13. Nothing is as expected in former FALLS..but still beautiful. Gum trees, Sassafras and Dogwood supply the reds while Tulip Poplar and Hickories the gold. Seems the scene changes daily. Such a gentle time of year…while everything goes to sleep til SPRING. Thanks for encluding me in your scenic trip.


  14. Beautiful post.


  15. You always put me in dream land with your photos Patti! I will have gorgeous thoughts tonight!


  16. such a lovely place to visit patty……..


  17. Once again…beautiful photos! We survived here in MN through the storm. We did see sleet mixed in with the rain and brutally cold winds. Our yard WAS free of leaves….now we have a ton again.


  18. what a gorgeous drive and area of our country! thank you so much for sharing these amazing photos! 🙂


  19. What can I say, just gorgeous 🙂


  20. Stunningly beautiful photos, Patty! Well worth the two hour drive even if the peak of the color season had moved along. Loved your link back to your earlier post as well with another treasured photo from this gorgeous park. Also enjoyed listening to to the Heart of Life again…Virginia is a beautiful state…so rich in diversity in its natural beauty, from the mountains, to the ocean and everything in between. Once again, you’ve captured the beauty so eloquently! Xo, Sue


  21. Beautiful photos- beautiful area!! The local paper is running a 3 part series on the families who used to live in that area, before it was taken over by the park. Heartbreaking to think of being forced to leave there – it is so beautiful!
    The little bit of rain in recent weeks brought the colors back to the leaves.


  22. i gotta come and c
    one day….


  23. Oh, Patty, I do need to visit your part of the world one day. And autumn sounds like the perfect time. All the color and scenery was stunning, of course, but my favorite may have been the shadow photo of that couple on the rock. Anyone I know?!


  24. Oh what gorgeous photos!!! I’m looking forward to moving out your way, we had about 2 weeks of fall and then right into winter! Temps in the 30s and snow already!


  25. Checking you out from the archive dive. Thanks for sharing these lovely falls views with us 😉 I don’t see these things here in Florida.


  26. so beautiful. we were driving through the country today, and the trees are turning colours. it’s just so pretty.


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