The Linen Shelf Swap

a while ago the lovely and talented Penny offered up a fabulous swap idea from across the pond…

she discovered a treasure trove of vintage … late 1800’s…early1900’s French papers entitled “La Mode du Petit Journal”

they are packed with interesting advertisements…

lovely images in black and white AND glorious color pages too…

my 9 September 1900 issue even had some swans!

beautiful and not all that petite … the paper measures approx 18 x 12 inches (45.72 x 30.48 cm)…Royal Mail indeed…

Penny sent them wrapped in such a creative way…and made a pretty card using some of the images…all she asked in return was:

“some images that you think I’d like for my artwork
for a comparable price
The copies of La Mode cost £ 5 each.
Or :

A piece of artwork made by you inspired by your copy.”

I created a little something for her and tucked in some vintage goodies … it should arrive in her mailbox any day now…

was it by chance that the song on the music sheet was sung by Madame Adelina Patti …thank you so much Penny for all of the goodies you sent…really lovely of you to offer up your precious finds for a swap …

for a peek at what I sent to Penny you can visit her here

18 responses to “The Linen Shelf Swap

  1. It’s always fun to participate in this kind of projects, they always set a challenge or a goal, at least for myself. I love participating in swaps because that way I get to do themes I wouldn’t choose spontaneously or use supplies in a way I had never thought of.

    Plus, you get happy mail in your mailbox. And everyone loves snail mail that is not bills 😉


  2. Will you make copies of theses amazing old papers or will you cut them up? I’m thinking that anything you send back to her will be with originals, but will they be cut up? It scares me to think of cutting them up, but that’s just me.


  3. Madame Patty, ROYAL MAIL, indeed!!! I have a little stash of these old French publications myself. The graphics are so beautiful! Can’t wait to see what you sent across the sea. The peek of the swan image and the lady in the magnificent hat is just magical!!! Happy and safe trails to you and the Mr. Do you suppose your boy is wearing that “new California footwear” to his classes?! Xo, Sue


  4. I can only imagine how thrilled you were to find these marvelous goodies in your mailbox! And, of course, there were swans!!!!! Hugs, Terri xoxo


  5. That sounded like a good deal you struck up with Penny…what lovely papers!! and she has a piece of your art work,,,coool.


  6. Your swap is a great idea! I’m going to have to think about that because I have a big pile of old ‘Needlework’ magazines dating back to the 1920’s….hmmmmm, pondering now!!


  7. What lovely papers – and such a joyful piece of mail to receive! Happy creating.


  8. coming to a post box any day soon….. TODAY infact !!! I’d just got in from my dog walk & Jess had taken custody of a pile of boxes ( for my matchbox swap ) and your treasure filled package was in there.
    Patty I’m overwhelmed & will have to look again later as there is so much to see…but I noticed your famous birds ‘ nest there ! The tin is a delight & packed so full of wonderful treasures. Thank you dear Patty – I will be doing a post about my lovely gifts received soonxx


  9. Isn’t life grand!!!!!!!!!!!!


  10. Oh you lucky lady!


  11. One of these ‘tube’s arrived at mine as well, wasn’t it just the best swap?!! Penny has such a good eye for what we gals love!! Mx


  12. sounds like a fun swap. and those turn of the century illustrations are wonderful!


  13. That’s incredible — How gorgeous publications were back then. I learned to draw copying drawn illustrations in the paper in the 1950s, but you never see those anymore, which is so sad. What wonderful things to work with, and how very generous of Penny. Great idea!


  14. Swans, beautiful swans. If you received nothing else in your swap, those swans would still be worth it all. What a great idea of friendship and sharing. I’m going to love seeing what you sent, too.


  15. There is nothing like “new” stash! Have to go check Penny’s blog to see what yous sent her! Bet it was lovely! Your envelopes of goodness are treasures inside AND out! 🙂


  16. Neat idea. I enjoyed reading 19th century papers as a part of a work research project–lots to learn.


  17. i love your letterbox!


  18. What a fabulous idea…..loved everything on Penny’s blog too.


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