Six Players: Tree of Life…remembering Gina Wise

Duane’s theme for his book is TREES…I was inspired by Gustav Klimt’s 1909 Tree of Life and decided to draw my version of a Klimt tree…

I am not one to draw much…a bit of doodling is usually it…

my tree was created on 9 x 12″ piece of 140lb watercolor paper washed with walnut ink…

I went over my drawing again and again using pencil…paint…metallic markers…chalks and gold krylon pen…

as a finishing touch I added one of my wire bird nests…I was pleased with the results…

because of playing with this piece for Duane…I was inspired to create a Klimt dress for Margaret’s November Dress Up challenge earlier this month…

had to wait until Duane received his tree to tell you the rest of the story…he will be folding the page and adding it to a star book he is creating for his Six Players swap pieces…


on a somber and very sad note…one of our Six Players…the very creative and talented Gina Wise passed away suddenly…even though I only knew Gina through our swap group and the wonderful pages she created for my India theme…I have not been able to stop thinking about her…

she has reminded me of the impact that our creativity can have…

touching people we’ve never actually “met”…

enriching them with generosity and kindness…

this is the tag she had sent along with my India pages…

front and back…

her theme for the Six Players swap was WHITE…

my heart goes out especially to Gina’s Mother and family…it is so out of time for a parent to have to bury a child of any age…

Gina touched my life ever so briefly and yet…

I will not forget her…

prayers and healing to all those left behind…

this life is so very fragile and precious…

tell someone you Love them…

Peace * Love and Light to all … Be Well oxo

32 responses to “Six Players: Tree of Life…remembering Gina Wise

  1. What a wonderful and meaning project Patty! I was so sorry to read of Gina’s passing and will keep her and loved ones in my prayers and positive thoughts.

    Yes; as we know – life is so precious and fragile and on any given day we don’t know what’s ahead. We just have to trust and seize the day as best we can.

    Peace and love to you and yours! xxoo Marilyn


  2. Your projects are just beautiful! I am sorry to hear about your loss. While I did not know Gina in the art world, I know she touched many lovely ladies. May she rest in peace. HUGS!


  3. Hi Patty, love your tree. What sad news about Gina! She was so young! Your tribute to her is beautiful.


  4. I Love you 🙂
    I am so sorry to hear about Gina, I didn’t know her personally but I know she inspired so many, and I know how close her passing hit’s home for you dear Patty, so I am sending you all my love, right now….

    Back to your incredible Tree, I am mesmerized by it, absolutely amazing work for someone who says they don’t draw 🙂


  5. your tree is wonderful. before i scrolled down, i thought to myself how cool that would be as a stained glass… and then that bit of sparkle you added was just perfect.

    i am sorry to hear about gina. it sounds like it was unexpected and well before her time. sweet of you to pay tribute so beautifully…


  6. Loved your tree, it is wonderful and I am always thrilled to see yet one more of your little wire bird nests show up in your work. What a beautiful tribute to Gina and how sad for a life cut short. You are so right, life is precious and oh so fragile.
    I LoVe YoU, dear Patty.


  7. Love your tree of life – and can’t wait to see more…… I like you have had a tough time dealing with the passing of Gina. I am so happy you did this quiet memorial to her. May we all realize that life if fleeting and we need to live every single moment to the fullest. Hugs to you,


  8. How very sad to read about your friend, but I’m sure she’s pleased with your tribute – not only the tree of life, but the sentiment.


  9. Beautiful work! And what a beautiful tag by Gina. What a nice tribute to her, Patty. I didn’t know her, but she was in the In This House and Garden Yahoo Group with me. I never received any of her work….but I better go look and see if I did. Thanks for sharing. Love the sideview mirror!


  10. I have tears in my eyes. What a beautiful tribute to Gina…


  11. Oh that’s tragic – I’m so so soory Patty.
    Please know that you and Gina’s family are in my heart and prayers at this very sad time.
    You are a dear friend creating this tribute for Gina.
    May she rest in Peace.
    Thinking of you
    Shane x


  12. Well. I’m sitting here wondering what art to begin to do today and read your post, loving how you work on something all the time….I’m so sorry about your friend, Gina. It is amazing how we are touched by someone with their artwork.


  13. Beautiful post, beautiful tribute to Gina. Mx


  14. Patty, your tree is fabulous! Love the gold highlights and your little nest embellishment.

    I’m so sorry to hear that Heaven has called another creative angel home. How blessed you were to be touched by Gina’s life and art. Prayers are being said for her family and friends. Blessings & hugs, Terri xoxo


  15. Thanks for sharing. Klimt has always been a favorite of mine, too. Such beautiful color and design, I know what inspired you.
    Always sad to hear of the passing of someone so very special
    The creative network is everpresent and a blessing.
    Your photos speak volumns.


  16. A very touching post and tribute to your friend Gina. Life is sometimes so fragile and harsh. Take care. xx


  17. I’m so sorry to hear about Gina’s passing, Patty..Indeed life is so fragile and people around us are precious….take care and warm hugs… steph


  18. I love the tree you made for Duane. It is wonderful. I am always in awe of your art.

    I took time today to create a small memorial for Gina, too. I’ll be doing it tomorrow. As I sat reading your words, I bawled like a baby. Thank you for this deeply moving tribute to someone who touched both our lives.


  19. your tree is beautiful Patty ….. and the heart shaped walnut shell …. and your words and her art – for and from Gina – what a tragic loss – and a shock too – yes, I would not be able to stop thinking either. How very sad.


  20. Oh Patty, what a sad story, and a beautiful tribute. My heart goes out to you and all of Gina’s loved ones. roxanne


  21. Well said… I didn’t know Gina, but it sounds like she was a wonderful person… So sorry for your loss…


  22. josephine mahoney

    that was a sweet tribute to your friend Gina.


  23. Sorry to hear about Gina–my prayers are with her family.

    I like your tree creation.


  24. I am so sorry for your loss Patty. I know Gina touched you, and thankfully so, and you will always carry her with you now.


  25. i am so sorry Patty, you are very lucky to have some of her beautiful art .
    Your tree is just beautiful too…..
    hugs to you…xxxxo


  26. Love your tree! Sad news about your friend;o(


  27. oo dear, i am so sorry…your klimt tree is amazing


  28. I am so saddened by the loss of your friend Gina. I read the beautiful tribute Elizabeth wrote, and with your words and tribute also,amongst this despair and emptiness, the soothing warmth of friendship, kindness and compassion radiate. Ginas’ loved ones will take great comfort from this. I am sending you a hug to have with your tea today ‘O’.


  29. How terribly sad to have lost Gina. Your post was so touching…..she’ll be missed by SO many of us. And how lucky those of us that have a piece of her art to hold dear.



  30. Oh, Patty — I am so very sorry for the loss of your friend — as you know, our friends don’t have to be physically present in our space, but in our world and heart. I know Gina will remain in yours. I’m glad you have some of her beautiful work to help remember her by.

    Your Klimt is gorgeous — as are those colors. Tree of Life. Fitting for this post. Hugs.


  31. Patty, It’s telling how it causes a huge pause {and pain} in our spirits whenever we read about the passing of another…even when you don’t them. I do remember the beautiful artwork she sent you for your journal and went back and revisited those pages. No doubt those pages now speak even more to you…{and become that much more precious }

    This was so sad to read. My heart and prayers do go out to her family.

    Your tribute to her speaks from your heart and is quite touching. Xoxxoo, Sue


  32. I would like to thank all of you for remembering Gina and her family at this time. I am her mother and believe me it has all been very touching. Gina’s was an organ donor and we know that her kidneys went to a 51 year old and a 47 year old. Another 109 people will be helped by her wish. Our family has been overwhelmed by the show of kindness by all who knew her. She loved her art groups. Thank you all so much.

    Cecilia Wise


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