the heart of life is good…

the outpouring of Love and Support around the anniversary of our son’s death has lifted our hearts in so many ways…

we are shimmering in the glow of kindness extended by each of you…

so many thank you’s…so much gratitude…

I feel blessed and proud to be amongst so many sharing and caring people here in blogland…

I think sometimes it is impossible to know how much a word or gesture affects the lives of others…

heartfelt thanks to each of you for being you and for reaching out to me and my family…

it is a beautiful thing and most appreciated…

~* Brightest of Blessings to All * ~

18 responses to “the heart of life is good…

  1. That’s what friends are for! Sharing the good times and the bad ones along life’s way. Your blog always reminds me of how technology has expanded our circle of friendships around the globe while sharing our feelings with each other, each one of us in our own way, no matter where we live. Awesome!


  2. A strong support system is necessary in our lives and that is what friends are for and do. We all are so vulnerable, in this world, and we don’t know from one day to the next what is in store for us; I guess I don’t want to know. Our faiths and beliefs can help us for hope and all I know is how important it is to express our feelings and be there for friends through smooth times and rough.

    Thank you for your beautiful expression, Patty, and always know that you are loved and have all of us, out here, have you forever in our thoughts.

    Love, Marilyn xxoo


  3. You are loved!!!


  4. One has to have a ‘support group’ that stand besides us and comfort us in sad times – I’m glad I am one of the people that has the privalige to stand around you when you need it! Love you, soulsister!


  5. This thoughtful post is just another example, Patty, of why you’re so dearly loved. The world needs more souls with Patty hearts. Xo, Sue


  6. Oh my, Patty, I haven’t ‘known’ you that long but I admire your courageous honesty, though I cannot fathom the journey.
    Blessings to you on this – and every day.


  7. What can I say? I have no idea, I guess our loved ones live in our memories no matter what. Hugz – Janice X


  8. only yesterday I gossiped about you. 🙂
    I talked to my blog friend and she said that you seem to be incredibly popular and loved in the blogland.
    I told her: no wonder.

    and just like Marit said – it’s a great privilege to be around you.
    one can only be grateful for the invention of the Internet. 😉
    lots and lots of Love, sweet Patty!


  9. Dear Patty,
    I had no idea you had a son who had passed away at such a young age. My heart goes out to you and am overwhelmed with your strength and ability to speak about it so poignantly. Just looked at Alex’s picture and he is beautiful. These are the times when we can thank our memory for allowing us to hold on to that which is precious to us and will be so- forever. I’ll keep a piece of your strength with me from your posting. A treasure forever. Best wishes with love for a creative healthy and joyful 2011.


  10. I am so glad that all the comments helped you and your family get through the day…….you are so strong.
    Love to you and your family.
    Have a wonderful Sunday Patty.


  11. Dear Patty
    At this difficult time for you, remembering your darling Alex, I’m sending you love, support, hope and blessings from 12,000 miles away in the Pacific.
    Your beautiful image of the tree stripped bare, symbolises for me our vulnerability, yet it also shows strength in it’s structure. And in time it comes back to life and is clothed in beautiful greenery.
    We are all fragile, and it is comforting to know someone out there thinks of us, mourns with us, supports us, prays for us and when the time is right celebrates with us too – we are a community of like minded souls caring for one another as best we can.
    Blessings and very warm hugs to you and Mr M
    Shane x


  12. Dear Patty,
    I feel so pleased that you could take in the love and caring that was surrounding you on the anniversary of Alex’s death. I hope that it some small way, it helped make the pain and sadness easier to manage and that you could look back on your years with Alex and find things you could smile about. You are often the person who is comforting and caring for another. Certainly you have been that person for me. I keep thinking of this saying. I am not sure from whence it comes but it goes something like this, “What do we live for if it is not to make life easier for others.” I am glad that I could be a part of the group that helped you feel the “shimmer of kindness.”
    Much love,


  13. Patty
    I wish their were words that could be said to comfort you. I am so sorry about your son (guess I didn’t know) and I am glad that you shared the post with us. His memory should live on. Sending hugs and prayers your way as you remember him. “Those that know the Lord, never see each other for the last time”….this is what is on my Dad’s headstone…and it brings me comfort.


  14. My dear Patty, I don`t know what to say …. I`m with you in my thoughts and I feel with you. I am so sorry about your son and I pray for you and wish you much strength.
    Love and Hugs
    MARTINA xoxo


  15. Patty, I have been away for a week, and consequently away from the blog. Oh, yes — every year. You have my heart — for I know that even though the day is the “marker,” the feelings are every day. Hugs across the states to you and to Mr. Magpie and your son.


  16. You are welcome…it’s what friends do.
    Sending an extra loving hug to you today,


  17. Your posts are what keep me going on bad days. Your posts are what strengthen my good days. Your comments on my blog brighten even my worst days. It’s only fair that I should reach out and in some small way acknowledge what you are experiencing. Even though I have never lost a child, I can always feel your pain, especially this time of year, so close to Christmas. You have so many loving friends whose lives YOU have touched. Now it’s our turn to find words that often don’t come, to cheer you. We love you, Patty!!


  18. I feel for you, what you have experienced is the worst thing that can happen in your life. A big hug for you xoxo


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