India from the heART land

another pass in the Six Players group swap…

Elizabeth‘s tag…stitched with golden thread…really set the flavor of her inspired elephant pages for my India theme…

she knows I have a thing for elephants…to see more of my elephant posts…you can type the word elephant in the LOOKING FOR SOMETHING Search block to the right on my sidebar…

the addition of the marcasite elephant beads…just perfect…

marcasite and rhinestone jewelry trumps diamonds for me every time…

being able to touch these pages is definitely part of the enjoyment…

so many great details…I discover new things each time I sit with the pages…

her post today gives super details of her creative process which always fascinates me…her close up pics are brilliant too…

Elizabeth is a natural…the way she layers and collages with her sewing machine is inspiring…

last and certainly not least…the heart of India to me… Mahatma Gandhi…loving called Bapu or Father…Elizabeth dotted her “i”s with perfect marcasite moons…she totally outdid herself capturing the heart and essence of India…

here are my India pages so far…I am going to have to come up with a really special cover to house these amazing pages…my original idea of using a Simple Abundance cover is not going to work as these pages are already so bodacious…

I was amazed when Elizabeth’s bulging envelope arrived with extra goodies galore…

the ceramic teacup made the journey perfectly in tact…

as if these beautiful India pages were not enough Elizabeth created one of her stitched journals for me…

the really special denim journal cover was stitched by Halle

with a great pocket sewn in the front cover to hold pens…

it is impossible to show you all of Elizabeth’s sewn pages…

there are two signatures packed with goodness…

again so much to discover on each and every page…

I will have to think of something very special to do with this wonderful journal…

for now I am really enjoying just turning the pages…

many many thanks Elizabeth and Halle too!!!

17 responses to “India from the heART land

  1. What a beautiful journey this is to view these journal pages! I keep going back for seconds and thirds! Just awesome Patty! xxoo


  2. I did remember you were making an Indian theme journal…and packed some “mandala” charms in your pack…I love these pages and the journal E made you…they’re too pretty to do anything else, isn’t it…happy weekend dear one!


  3. You told me Elizabeth’s pages would be wonderful and they are! And I know how much you love things related to India! Marvelous in every way!


  4. Wow, wow, and wow, incredible art work, and a real treasure 🙂

    Hey your blog looks even better on my new computer.


  5. What beautiful pages to take you on such a dreamy journey. The India theme and elephants are wonderful. Just love the Gandhi page! Thanks for taking the time to share these wondrous pages!


  6. Your blogpost brought me right back to that magic land India – where I traveled/backpacked (twice, once the south and once the north) when I was young… gorgeous pictures capturing the essence of India! I’m proud to say that my birthday is the same date as Mahatma Gandhi’s was! Enjoy the gorgeous journal Patty – it fits you so well! I can almost see you flipping through the pages!


  7. What beautiful pages! I love the bells you’ve sewn on one of your pages to send…those are going to be incredible!


  8. Actually, these pages look even better than mine. At least people get an idea of the size. I’m so glad you left a link for the marcasite, because I had NO idea what they were when I used the elephants and moons. The irony is, I almost sent them to you in our matchbox swap, but they didn’t fit. Now I’m glad I kept them for just this perfect occasion.

    Thank you beyond belief for your wonderful words about my swap pages. I am glad I could make something that you can appreciate. Of course, that link to NYPL digital collection helped a lot. Those images really MADE the first two pages.

    Glad to know the tea cup made it in one piece. Sorry I forgot the tea. My mind is not in the gutter, but it IS under water (grin).


  9. I know (hope) you’ll be bringing that to tea to share with us!!!!


  10. The India pages are totally fantastic. I’m very jealous after seeing all the wonderful pages being exchanged in your swap.
    So glad you liked the cover for the journal. Aren’t Elizabeth’s sewn journal pages awesome!?! I’m enjoying my journal. Much easier to add to than a blank slate.


  11. I love the color and life that is India…this certainly does it all justice…and more. What a visual treat!

    Thanks for sharing your swap, dear one! I love your tag on the next entry very much, too!



  12. these swap pages are so amazing! E really did outstanding work, and isn’t the journal just so cool!? she really has a talent for putting together interesting combinations that will inspire creativity. lucky you–especially with all those lucky elephants!


  13. So unique and beautiful!


  14. Elizabeth did one heck of a great job with your India pages. She and i discussed our problems with the India and Mexico pages. I can’t believe the job she did! Wow oh WoW! I read her post and yours on this and as still a little speechless which I am so not use to! LOL, hugs


  15. I am so glad to see your love for India…and though I cant do the art-work I am pretty sure there are interesting material I can supply you with – I am definitely know what to get you when I go back home 🙂
    Really beautiful India scrapbook ( I am not sure that is the right word..but I hope you know what I mean!)


  16. What beautiful work ladies!!!
    Hugs from ME


  17. Loud clapping for Elizabeth! I can almost feel the awe and excitement and wonderment and surprise and your heart swelling as you opened this package. Very special!


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