this beautiful bridge…

blogging continues to surprise and delight me…connecting hearts and minds…

all around the globe with opportunities to enjoy so much creativity and fun conversation…

it feeds my wanderlust nicely…

here we are all dancing under the same moon…

more alike than different…

wait until you read what my sweet soul sister Marit in The Netherlands wrote…oh my…SO precious…

here is just a peek at the journal page she created about “Connection”…you can see her entire page here

*thank you’s overdue to Pat and Lynn and Dot and Jean for the gorgeous swans*

thoughtful gifts of all kinds from so many generous friends…

*many thanks to Marilyn for the beautiful encaustic canvas and card*

Estivalia in Chile has done it once again…this time she set up my Word of the Year link on my sidebar for me…

she understands computer code like nobody’s business…her English is impeccable and she is quite the artist too…thank you so much once again E!!!

here is a peek at a wonderful postcard Terri just surprised me with…it certainly did brighten my day…

I have spent a good bit of time on this post and still have more thank you’s outstanding…

my thanks to each of you for one of the greatest gifts…whether you have a blog or not…

the gift of your time    oxoxo

25 responses to “this beautiful bridge…

  1. isn´t the land of blogging something……………..


  2. You’re very welcome dear sis… it’s time to go to bed in the Netherlands – sweet dreams to you too!


  3. a very sweet post patty……


  4. Patty you have done it once again…our desire to reach out and connect with one another fills our spirits when we need it most. The act of trusting and sharing takes a form of courage that is rarely is recognized. Thank you for showing us all the way with your authenticity . Imagine and Live in Peace, Mary Helen Fernandez Stewart


  5. just beautiful. beautiful photos, beautiful sentiments.

    you do know that you attract that which you put out, right? : -)


  6. Awesome post, Patty! Yes, indeed, blogging gives us all many beautiful ways and opportunities to connect. Enjoy your beautiful gifts! Thanks for sharing!!! Hugs, Terri xoxox


  7. Oh, Patty, how wonderful!!!
    I especially like your word for the year and how it looks on your sidebar. So much niceness in blog land!


  8. Enjoy your gifts Patty….you are loved! I know each time I am visiting Blogs,enjoying our connections, it’s like one huge hug to start my day!

    Thank you for sharing your lovely gifts! I also love the photo of that moon! WOW!



  9. sandra de marchi

    such beautiful gifts and thoughtful post.


  10. You get GREAT stuff, girl! Blogworld rocks!


  11. We are all one at heart here!
    Beautiful gifts Patty!


  12. So beautiful gifts, dear Patty. I love the blogworld too


  13. Yes, blogging friends are the best! RAK’s are sweet treasures, too! It warms our hearts to have found such dear friends through this techno world….who would have thought it could be so divine!

    LOVE your hand mannequins ~ and swans, too! Oh, and you, too.



  14. Patti ~
    Bless your thankful gracious heart ~ and bless your friends. You are surrounded by treasures. I hope you enjoy your day and week very much. Here it is finally warm enough and dry enough to send our children out for recess. To see them run and laugh freely is such a gift too! It brings such a smile to my lips! Thank you for being thankful ~ it is contagious!


  15. Fantastic post…great photos…really enjoyed my visit today!


  16. it’s not surprising that you are so loved, dearest…i love the hands and did your youngest have anything to do with the “hang ten” pose?? or is for longhorns…ggg…i see you have 2 swans to make a heart! cool! so many lovely, lovely gifts for an authentic sweet heart…


  17. Dear Patty,
    What a perfect post. I am totally with you, believing we all live under the same moon and are more alike than different. I know you like swans but where did that start? Is there a story? I have seen so few in my life but think they are one of nature’s most perfect creatures.
    Sitting under the same sky and sending you love!


  18. It just goes to show how much you have touched the lives of others, with your kindness, generosity, photography, and art. It also shows how much people care about you in return.


  19. My swan, now yours, looks so content amongst her fellows!!! Her forever home!!

    LOVE those hands- I need to look for one!!!!!!
    Happy tea tuesday………………..


  20. Beautiful post Patty, such lovely treasures, beautifully photographed. Mx


  21. What a beautiful post, Patty! The piece Marit made is so touching. Even the colors remind me of you! Maybe someday your little wanderlust shoes will have to walk to The Netherlands! Actually, all of your little treasures from friends far and wide are precious. And you are right, despite all of our uniqueness, preferences, etc. there is much common ground to embrace, appreciate, and build upon. Xo, Sue


  22. How I love your little “hands” in all the positions — and what wonderful gifts. You are so right — blogging is indeed a bridge, filled with wonderful people who are generous in thought and deed! (As are you!)


  23. Patty your photography is so beautiful!!!! And always inspires me! I see you collect hands too! Gosh, we have so much in common – wonder if we’re long lost sisters? 😀


  24. AMAZING! And what a wonderful circle of “grateful to know you” friends you seem to have!


  25. oh, i remember the moon in this one! and your sentiment, “under the same moon” got me again 🙂 i often think about the moon and sun in that way, how it’s one of the few things that is the same for all of us, all over the world. it’s a big world, but blogging seems to bring it all in a little closer. thank you patty. add me to jo’s ‘grateful to know you’ bunch.


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