ana’s friday archive dive: favorite post

all are welcome to join in…this week’s challenge is to show your favorite post

I found this one VERY challenging…how to narrow it down to just ONE favorite…gosh…great idea from Estivalia

here are a few that came to mind immediately:

our trip to Philadelphia’s Magic Gardens in 2008…

and later that year we got to see a Chihuly installation at the DeYoung Museum in San Francisco…

a beautiful spring time post also came to mind…our visit to the Cherry Blossom Festival in nearby Washington DC…

finally I decided on a post about something I created…you can see more of it here…

*one of my favorite Photofunia frames*

each week Ana gives a different theme for her archive dive…

it’s fun and a nice way to visit new blogblogblogs…

check it out

…can you pick a favorite post?

12 responses to “ana’s friday archive dive: favorite post

  1. Patty; this would be a very thought-provoking challenge. Love your selections of your favorites. I probably would have to go with ones I’ve posted about Sophia 🙂

    Have a great weekend! xxoo


  2. umm…thinking…..:)


  3. tee heh, I knew the favorite post would be a tricky topic for everyone 😛 But it helped me look back and really lok at my posts. Of course, I’m not such a prolific blogger as you are, so it must have been a much more difficult task for you 😛

    btw, love the post you choosed as your favorite, so insightful and beautiful : )


  4. yeah the whole disco thing was a great event! perfect choice! xo


  5. Well, my dear friend, I have missed so much here! I have been in Mesa with Jud’s family and just started down the list of my Google Reader. I realized today that you were nearer the bottom…it’s all about alphabetical order ;-)…and was shocked to see that you had written four entries since I was last here!

    I must go check your favorite entry. You have me thinking about what my favorite entry would be, too.

    Hugs to you, sweet friend,


  6. You did pick some beautiful blogposts from your archive Patty! I haven’t got the time to dive into my archives (I would spend hours re-reading I think) ’cause I’m in the middle of ‘busy writing month’ again… but there’s always time to visit you dear! Enjoy your weekend!!!


  7. Morning Patty.. love the post you chose.. so beautiful.. don’t think I have a fav as yet.. haven’t been doing this long Internet is acting up.. can’t check out anything else today.. sigh…
    have a lovely day..


  8. hi patty – i think you chose the perfect post, it was just beautiful. our children can be many things at different times, but they are always inspiring, aren’t they? funny little creatures ;~)
    also – i’m loving fotofunia – thanks so much for sharing that with us! too fun!


  9. I wish I had joined this one. I didn’t care for last week’s theme, so totally forgot all about it. I could have used a post or two this week. I’m where you were in Dec. I just can’t create anything of substance and when I make something, it’s like I’ve put a gun to my head to get it finished.


  10. Patty – loved your post and the photofunia gave it such an instant believable old world feel but the art gave it the funky modern twist…I will go back to the photofunia and “play” myself!
    PS Your “word” has stayed with me and is like a friend poking at me to go do it to!


  11. Ihad to pick three to submit to Words of Wisdom last year and it was the hardest thing I ever did — so many really meant something personal. I don’t think I’m up to the challenge again! Nice, though.


  12. I loved the photos in your post! Fantastic!

    I’m stopping by from i made it so’s friday archive dive “favourite post”. (I know, I’m a week overdue!) I hope you’ll do the same! You can find mine @

    Sofia’s Ideas


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