‘sew’ much fun…

thanks to Robin-Marie Smith (and Terri at Pringle Hill where I first saw the video link) I have had lots of fun stitching sandwich bags into little gift bags and hangers

darn if Robin-Marie didn’t inspire me again…

this time stitching on layers of dress pattern tissue paper

which I just happen to have plenty of…

old patterns so often look like they could use rescuing when I see them stuffed into boxes in thrift shops…

priced for a song…

you know how it goes…

pattern tissue does make great gift wrap…

it’s a super texture layer in collage…

you can rubber stamp on it and more…

here is an example of how easily I get distracted…

came across my rubber stamp carving supplies while looking for something else and just had to get busy on a little heart stamp…

quick and easy…

I have been “thinking” about stamp carving again for a while now…

but back to sewing…

my “Sally” Singer…as I’ve just named her thanks to Jean’s brilliant suggestion the other day…

has been around for many many years…no big bells and whistles compared to today’s machines…

just perfect for me…

she sits on an old Singer wooden cabinet…

the metal treadle still in place..

my Mutti got it for me…

she said that every household can use a sewing machine…even if it is just for mending now and then…

wise words from an expert seamstress and creative genius…

have you seen any of Robin-Marie’s videos…she happens to do so many things so well and generously shares her passion to create…she inspires me again and again…

I must admit I do not always sit still for written instructions…

it happens to me often with magazines…

I have the best intentions to go back and actually read them…but find I get inspired by just looking…

watching someone create is always special…

remember the German lace curtains I cut up and tea dyed…

I have been using bits of the lace here and there…making postcards and hearts that I still need to show you…

it is nice to feel more in the swing of things again…it took me awhile to catch my balance after the holidays…

I am happiest when I am making something…it is also great fun to share things with you here…

wishing you a lovely day full of what makes you happy

31 responses to “‘sew’ much fun…

  1. wonderful use of curtains and bags! just lovely! xo


  2. What a terrific idea and thrifty too. I will make some Valentine treats to give friends.
    Thanks much for sharing. Amy


  3. really beautiful !!!


  4. Beautiful, beautiful, beautiful………………………gorgeous! I had to change the word 🙂


  5. What a great idea for upcycling patterns and old lace. I’ll have to check out Roben-Marie’s videos…thanks for the information and sharing how you made all these lovely things.


  6. All so wonderful! I love pattern tissue, too! You know that yesterday I was making a version of Roben’s lunch bag items…I’ll show you soon. Love em….love her tutorials…love your stuff, too! Feel the love!


  7. Patty…I love the little bag you sent me Christmas..glad you are back sewing. I’ve worn out two sewing machines in my 80 yrs. Hopefully my Viking will last me…so far so good. My grandmother made all my clothes…even in college. During WWII, fabric had to be purchased with clothing ‘stamps’ so you could have quite a wardrobe if you sewed. When I sew, I feel I honor her (Creacy Ann)


  8. Dear Patty ~
    You inspire me! I am home today on a sick day and have already dragged out more art projects than I could get done in a week. Still I am my happiest when I am surrounded by all the possibilities to create some new art. You have used the pattern pieces so well in your creations. I am always picking up little scraps of lace and tissue here and there and thinking “What could I do with this” all because of you! Wishing you many happy moments creating! Love and Blessings ~ me ❤


  9. I’m thrilled for you now that you are back on track. And I love all the sewing you’ve been doing here. Just had to stop by for a quick hi and to tell you how much you inspire me, no matter what you do.


  10. Gosh Patty you’ve really spoilt us with this inspirational post.
    The bags and postcards are beautiful – who wouldn’t want to receive one of those?! I can’t wait to play with some pattern paper, lace and buttons I won in a recent giveaway!!!
    You’ve given us so many amazing links to visit – I’ve done a few already but my computer is on “slow” as my darling son has already used our monthly data allowance and we’re back to dial up speed…rrrrrrr!!!!
    I’ve bookmarked them all to go back to, for 2/2 when we start afresh again!
    Until then I’ll try and stay calm…
    Shane !!!


  11. Holy Cow!!! I’m sooooo happy that I stopped by today! You are an inspiration, Patty! Thanks for the “honorable mention”. I adore Roben-Marie’s videos – Always so well done that it’s easy to watch and learn. Somehow I missed the “sewing on pattern paper” . . . . . hmmmm . . . . I’ll have to revisit some of her posts.

    LOVE those fabric postcards — soooooo exquisite. And I adore your sewing machine base. My darling Grandmother taught me how to sew on her Singer treadle when I was a child . . . . . wonderful memories!!!!
    Happy weekend! Hugs, Terri xoxoxo


  12. I have Robin-Marie’s website in my RSS feed reader too! but mainly to go “OOW!” and “AAAH!” everytime she posts something. I cannot make the sewing machine work for me : (

    Your creations are always amazing. I too have been toying with the idea of custom carving my own stamps! (and screen-printing, and letterpress, and a bunch of other stuff, lol!).


  13. oh Patty, these are beautiful as always….I love laces and they look soo pretty …I’ve been playing with laces too and will be showing them soon…My mother in law has a Singer machine like yours too…simple but yet very reliable….happy weekend!!


  14. oh Patty, these are absolutely beautiful, you have such a lovely ‘softness’ to your work and it shows through even with your fabric 🙂 I have loved these tutorials from rm , and have been making lots of things myself using using this technique,. im suprised that with paint that it is such a strong material.
    Need to get more patterns though …..another visit to the op shop 🙂


  15. o your little bags! i just love em! i especially like the addition of the lovely pinks, greens and all the beautiful laces….and i am sooo glad for you that all sally needed was a little routine check-up!! you two are quite a team!!!



  16. As usual, Patty, I love your sewing and your creations. You inspire me and I thought of you yesterday when I broke the needle in my sewing machine! – LOL – yes, I was pushing way too much fabric and paper and stuff. This reminded me of you how? When Mr. Magpie had to clean out the dust bunnies – I was laughing out loud – I don’t dare even look for the dust bunnies in my machine because I am sure they are the one’s who broke my needle! Hugs, girlfriend!


  17. josephine mahoney

    once again you outdid yourself. Beautiful creations.


  18. Oh, my!
    Now I have new places to visit, Patty! It just doesn’t end, does it? I so love your first picture done with the dyed German lace curtain. And I must go visit Roben Marie!


  19. Love your stitching and every little details. And I love Roben Marie, too, she so inspiring!


  20. You had quite the productive day! Love the old sewing machine stand. My dad used to have his drill press and grinder attached to one like that in the basement. Reuse, re-purpose…I was born into it.
    Love all the tips you gave to dressmakers tissue.


  21. These are beautiful … And it is so true about how one thing leads to another!


  22. As always Patty, you bits & pieces end up being beautiful works of art…I really enjoy seeing what you are creating….keep it up. Have the latest creation you sent to me during the holidays hanging in the dining room…can’t put it away just yet. Thanks!!!


  23. Beautiful sew-pieces !!
    Really nice if put on wall.


  24. Wow wow wow wow wow Patty your latest work rock. Absolutely unique styles and a big fest for my eyes. You inspire me again and again my dear friend. Hugs.


  25. Ooo, looks like fun! But I use so much of mine for wrapping (stuff I sell on etsy) that I could not spare a sheet!

    Your lace cards are just lovely. I unburied my machine the other day for some mending (both events of note!) You have inspired me, Patty, to sew some ART. 🙂


  26. These are just beautiful, Patty!!!


  27. these little gift bags are gorgeous! thanks for the link. and love that red & white postcard in the previous post, too!


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  29. Oh I love these! I’m going to have to go check out her tutorial! I just love to come visit your blog! Big hugs to you my dear!


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