Woolly Blooming Heart

Ana’s Friday Archive Dive theme of Woolly this week is the perfect time to show you the gorgeous heart that the sweet and talented Hermine sent to me as a surprise gift…

pictures do not do it justice…the heart itself is about 4.5 inches (11.43 cm)…

when I saw Hermine’s blog post here…I had no idea she was actually sending me the heart…

imagine my delight in opening this surprise all the way from The Netherlands…it is SO amazing and beautiful…

the colors of the wool along with the textures…tiny seed beads each stitched on by hand…

the attention to detail…on both sides is splendid…it is not flat…it blooms on both sides…with the little wool heart hanging freely in the opening…

Hermine was kind enough to share her wool heart tutorial…in Dutch AND English…her creativity is not limited to wool felting…she does SO many kinds of artwork so brilliantly…she’s even a cover girl on a magazine here...

* * * * * * * * * * * * *

please accept my thanks for all of the precious cards…gifts and kind wishes…

blogging used to go pretty smoothly for me…

now I am finding it challenging…

I miss getting around to visit everyone…

I look forward to returning to that “happy” place…


” If your heart is broken, let it be broken open.” ~Alan Cohen

24 responses to “Woolly Blooming Heart

  1. VERY beautiful, my friend!!!!
    Many hugs,


  2. What a fabulous piece of felting! As someone who has done a lot of felting I know there is a lot of skill in that heart. Hermine is very talented and you are very lucky.


  3. What a beautiful gift! no wonder your so happy with it I can imagine it IRL just super

    Love Dawn xx


  4. Priceless Patty,just priceless!
    Hugs, Amy


  5. A beautiful gift made with love! Thinking of you……Love, Marilyn xxoo


  6. i love felting! popping those sharp little needles up and down is like a bit of private therapy…
    as for the challenge of blogging~ you need to give yourself permission to step back, and find a warm fuzzy place all your own. after my dad passed away very suddenly, i felt like every ounce of creativity had been sucked out of me. i spent an entire year (and this is embarassing to admit) doing nothing but reading cheap romance novels…you know the kind with the rediculous covers….i don’t really know what snapped me out of it. either the overdose of paperback love or failing eyesight from reading too much…but i knew when i was ready to pick up the needle and thread again. you will too. give yourself all the time you need!


  7. you are a lucky girl..it is beautiful. I have tried several times to get the tutorial up but for some reason we are unable to get it down loaded. you don’t have a copy do you..please?xxlynda


  8. beautiful, you’re so lucky Patty!
    oh, and as soon as I get to make prints of my artwork… you’ll be getting one! ; )


  9. Hey Patty, take all the time you need, only you will know when the time is right.
    What a sweet gift, i love how the little heart hangs so freely…Hermine is very talented and a good friend… cheers Jenxo


  10. So pretty! Hermine is so talented and generous. This little heart just blooms with her creativity. Hugs, Terri xoxoxo


  11. Beautiful heart and I love the story about how you came to see it first and then actually receive it! What a generous and lovely surprise for you. I can’t help but think about her making that heart to send to you halfway around the world.


  12. Peace to you sweet girl ~ beautiful heart and tutorial. Blessings, Katie


  13. Patty,
    I am going through a similar time. I have been unable to make anything for months. I struggle to find things to blog about, as I want to keep up my friendships. I don’t even know WHAT I have been doing with myself but not much is productive!

    Now that I have made this “all about me”…what I am trying to say is allow yourself to have a break. We will be here waiting with open arms!

    Big hugs and healing thoughts,


  14. That is a beautiful piece of work!!!! Many lovely sparkles in there!


  15. Wow, sooooo beautiful heart from Hermine for you. Ich freue mich mit Dir, liebe Patty


  16. what a beautiful gift Patty, the colours are totally you, mxx


  17. Patty, what a wonderful gift for you. You will find your way back, my friend. Time can be a good thing.
    thinking of you,


  18. The heart is georgeous! What a wonderful surprise to brighten your day.
    Love the beading that she put on it, too. It makes it perfect!


  19. This is so beautiful! I’m off to check out the tutorial!


  20. Those colors are stunning, and I’m thinking that arrival has good timing.

    Patty, dear, take your time. One day at a time. Your healing is important and it isn’t done on cue. But you know that already. Just hold it in mind. Hugs.


  21. I couldn’t agree with you more – everything Hermine touches turns to magic. What a beautiful beautiful gift Patty! xox t.


  22. This is a lovely gift. The time and effort put into it is priceless!


  23. this is just beautiful patty. very cool, and warms the heart. thank you so much for sharing.


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