a host of angels

the sweet and talented Katie of Ragamuffin Gal’s Studio had a giveaway in January and I was the lucky winner….

the most precious angels and I got to pick one…

I confessed that it was impossible to pick and that I would be delighted with whichever one Katie surprised me with…

and surprise me she did…

not one but all three angel creations arrived in my mailbox…

so beautifully wrapped…

each one so dear…

with really lovely details…

I still cannot pick a favorite…

each one has its special charms…

thank you dear Katie for being your sweet…talented and generous self…ALL ways…

* * *Katie will be giving away pieces of her beautiful artwork each month this year…YES…it’s true…you will feel like a winner just stopping by for a visit* * *

“These things, I warmly wish for you-
Someone to Love,
Some work to do,
A bit of o’ sun
A bit o’ cheer
And a guardian angel
Always near.” ~Irish Blessing

20 responses to “a host of angels

  1. Marilyn Rock

    What precious angels you received Patty! That was so sweet of Katie to send you all three! They are really very special for a very special woman! xxoo


  2. Wow ,these are just beautiful. You must feel blessed.
    Hugs, Amy


  3. Congratulations! Patty!. these angels are simply adorable….Katie is soo sweet to send them to you….enjoy….


  4. These are very cute. I will have to hop over to see her blog.


  5. That girl is an angel herself!!! How thoughtful and sweet she is. I’m glad we are all friends. You’ve seen my picture of us together, right?


  6. Lucky you- and what beautiful giveaway angel gifts to receive. The angels must have been looking out for you!! 🙂


  7. so sweet, each one…indeed, difficult to chose a favorite…perfectly patty


  8. How lovely. I’m so glad you won these Patty.


  9. Katie’s work is simply gorgeous and I’m so glad you won — you need extra angel vibes right now. Hugs!


  10. so beautiful. i think i’d have a hard time choosing as well.


  11. Congratulations! Patty! You lucky girl! I love Katie`s art so much!


  12. what a lovely giveaway you wonx beautiful angelsx lynda


  13. Each and every one are unique.
    Love them all.


  14. Well, it seems appropriate to me that you would be thrice blest …. Beautiful winged company 🙂


  15. The angels are so sweet. What fun!


  16. Such beautiful pieces of heart…hope these wee angels bring you peace…


  17. I was so excited when I saw you were the winner, Patty. I was also excited when Katie sent me an angek, too. Just out of the goodness of her heart…and Katie has a VERY GOOD heart! So now I own a “sister”angel to your chorus!
    P.S. Thinking of you a lot, Patty. Wondering how you are doing and hope your sadness is easing a bit. Grief is hard work.


  18. Katie is a dear….I love her work and have a small piece myself!

    Lovely angels! Lovely girl.



  19. I love stories like this…what a kind and generous soul. One can never have too many angels, esp. when they are arrive wrapped in so much kindness. And they are beautiful to boot!


  20. How wonderful that you were the winner! You are a very lucky gal, and so very deserving! What cute art pieces, too . . . I love them!


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