Ana’s Friday Archive Dive: Inspired

another fun Friday over at Ana’s I Made it So … I searched my Posts for this week’s theme of INSPIRED...

and decided on this post…too good to miss and such fun to revisit…for the whole story you can visit here

why not join in Ana’s fun Friday Archive Dive here…the button for that is on my sidebar…

wanted to share my March 2011 calendar quote with you…we all have trials and things to get through…so here you are dear ones:

“Though the way may seem fraught with dangers, remember that within you lives a dauntless spirit of courage.  You were born with this courage, as a baby is born with the desire to stand and to walk.  Walk forward bravely, my child, and I will catch you if you fall.” ~from Angel Spirits, Sulamith Wulfing 2011 Calendar

15 responses to “Ana’s Friday Archive Dive: Inspired

  1. This was a very special piece you Queen Bees created…and I agree, it’s a good one to share again! Beautiful quote, too Patty! Can’t ever hear enough words of encouragement. Xo, Sue


  2. Have we been through this before? I thought I was the only person who still remembered Sulamith Wulfing. That is a great quote.

    That QB5 group…wow! I love them!!!



  3. Marilyn Rock

    Beautiful stitchery with a lovely post! The quote is amazing! Thank you Patty! xxoo


  4. Just hopping in to wish you a most relaxing, beautiful Sunday! (The quote is lovely!)


  5. Stunning! There’s something special about collaborative artwork. No matter how much heart you put into your work, it’s much better when somebody else has added theirs too.



  6. I love “My Heart’s Desire”…so dainty. So many talented friends..Thanks for the quote.


  7. Patty,
    Well, I missed the original post so this was new to me. As I was reading how your piece transpired, I was touched at the loving details that the other girls put into it. And laughed at how your center photo had a mind of it’s (her) own. Sometimes you just go with it, right?
    What a treasure this is! Extraordinary! And what nice memories you have from your friends. I’m not a great embroiderer so can appreciate the time and effort and detail. So divine!
    Great quote…I should print it and post it on the ‘fridge. Seems like it’s something to visit often.
    Sending warm Spring hugs on this Sunday. We forgot to set the clocks ahead, so I’m catching up!



  8. Thank you for sharing your Heart’s Desire piece…it is spectacular. The quote I just what I have been searching for …my friend is devastated because her husband has left her for a 23 year old student in his class. Courage is something she needs to reach down inside of herself and hold onto. Spring is coming. Imagine and Live in Peace, Mary Helen Fernandez Stewart


  9. I love the “Tuesday Tea” corner 😉

    What a fun round robin!


  10. I’m soooooo happy that you brought this lovely piece back for an encore performance, Patty. It surely deserves a 2nd (and even a 3rd) look. The quote is so thought provoking. A great reminder of the strength and determination we all have inside. Blessings & Hugs, Terri xoxo


  11. inspired, and inspiring. i remember it the first time as well, and i’m with terri, thank you for bringing it back. lovely little stitches.

    beautiful quotation…


  12. So precious in its loving details, so delicate in its beauty.


  13. …that stitchery is just so gorgeous, I could have kept it here and not returned it to you!!! Are you going to add more to it? x


  14. Oh that’s beautiful! What a fun group to belong to!


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