what do you see…just a peek for now

our latest Queen Bee swap was quite a challenge…

early in the year each of us gathered approximately a dozen or so items along with a substrate…all going in completely different directions with our ideas…

we sent the same surprise package of bits to each player so they could create something and return it to each of us…

I was inspired by kippers for my substrate…

Yes…Fish…a good source of calcium and iron…

funny…when I was a young girl I would run in the other direction when my parents ate sardines and such…

Love the long shape of the tins (about 6.25″ . ..16.87cm long)…way too good to throw away…

I grilled them and smashed them with a wooden mallet…punched a hole in one end so they can all be put on a metal ring when they are returned to me here in Virginia…

these are the items I sent to everyone…some of the gals said I sent strange items…hmmmm…

here is a peek at one side of my kipper tin that I made for myself using some of the same bits that I mailed out to everyone…

our mission was to try and use at least half … if not more of the items sent to us…

adding a few bits from our own stash…

this post is a small peek at what I created for everyone…

first was Linda’s house from Texas…

next … Nathalie’s Asian coaster from Missouri…it says one…two…three in Japanese … created before the recent tragic events…

Margaret’s bingo card from Switzerland…

and Carole’s wooden hoop from New Zealand…

this swap proved good therapy for all as we coped with death and earthquakes and more in our group…for me it felt good to know I still had some creativity that I could tap into…

thank you to all that inspire me on a daily basis

the next step is to get these packaged up and in the mail to everyone…

when they arrive at their destinations we’ll be doing a full reveal on each of our blogs

24 responses to “what do you see…just a peek for now

  1. Gosh ….what fun and such a challenge.
    Isn’t it amazing when you can make something creative from nill.
    Hugs, Amy


  2. Sardines! *shudder*

    Nearly as bad as pilchards!

    Your collection of items looks “rather interesting” (said in best BBC English), and please remember “Keep calm and carry on”. 🙂


  3. Patty, this swap is fantastic and I don’t think your items are strange at all, I love them – especially the idea with the sardine tin. You really gave me an idea here, thank you so much for this … would you mind me using it? Have a great weekend, Petra. x


  4. Amy McDonald

    suh-weeet. This is a neat swap – and I am sort of excited to see what they did with the sardine tins –
    *whispers* because I have a ton of those things…


  5. LOL! I thought you meant you smashed the fish with a wood mallet and poked a hole through them!!! LOL! I had to read that over several times. I’m still trying to fend off the flu that my daughter still has – it must be settled in my brain! 😀


  6. Gosh this does look inspiring, and yes when you thing of all the natural disasters all over already and we’re only in March!
    I am sure this swap your all doing will be a much needed distraction. This group sounds so much fun, How do you join or is it be request only?

    Looking forward to seeing these items in full and to see what you get back with your sardine tins lol (you must have hair of silk with all that fish oil) ha ha

    Love Dawn xx


  7. Marilyn Rock

    Really fun and challenging exchange! Love all the sneak peeks. Can’t wait to see what everyone does with the fun items. xxoo


  8. Anxious to see each person’s results..interesting substrates.
    Hope you can join us at Leslie’s Tuesday…always new ideas and inspirations.


  9. One of the first posts I read on your blog was about grilling tins. Instant adoration I tell you! As a child, my family also ate sardines in a can. Can’t speak for all my siblings, but I loved them! Half the fun was using the key to open the can. Do they still have the key? It will be fun to see what each of the QB’s came up with…all 25 pieces! The comment about some of your stuff being strange cracked me up!


  10. Can’t wait to see the finished creations, they will all be so very different to reflect the mind and personalities.


  11. Kathy Kristinnson

    Great stuff and so inventive.. yum.. haven’t had sardines for years..lol.. have a great day Patty..


  12. What a great idea for a swap! I look forward to seeing the end results and seeing how everyone utilized their inspirational pieces. Should be fun!!


  13. When you said grilled them and smashed them I thought you meant the sardines LOL… hey I just woke up.
    You are so inventive. I never thought of keeping those tins, my hubby eats them, and I run away.
    Fun and very creative swap, I will be back to see the reveal and I am so happy to hear this has helped a lot of you with healing through your own tragedies. Art has a way of doing just that 🙂


  14. Can’t wait to see the full reveal… the sneeks makes me curious! Precious little peeks… gorgeous colours! And you didn’t send strange items, at least not in my opinion! (I guess I would send ‘strange items’ too then… *teehee*) I hope your weekend is as sunny as mine – Spring just arrived in Holland (but I think it’s only one or two days to tease – the cold will return I guess… but this day is to remind us that Spring and Summer are really on their way!)


  15. I had to think for a minute if you were grilling and smashing the kippers and then I remembered that you do that to tins usually!!!! What a challenging swap this is ….. I will enjoy seeing more!


  16. Ha I see you used my paper umbrella! I can already see that my coaster is WONDERFUL! 3 is a good number.


  17. I’m so going to do my sneak peeks like yours!! you are a tease Patty my girl!! Can’t wait till they all come home, this was a fun challenge! Mxx


  18. I could do with a bigger peek at mine!!! Your’s is the only one I’ve finished and your things were strange because they didn’t go together AT ALL! ha!
    I should be working on this swap instead of reading blogs….


  19. You QBs have more fun than anyone! Love all you showed. What a treat to be on the receiving end of that!


  20. cannot wait for the reveal, and to see what you all did for one another… xoxox


  21. Anxious to see what fabulous creations evolve from this inspiring and challenging project!!


  22. gorgeous!
    great project creaitive and awesome!
    Wish you a fantastic new week Patty!

    xxx Susi


  23. I am oh so very curious! Can’t wait to see the full views…


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