Charm City Tea …

sort of…

we thought about having tea or coffee…

I’ll explain…

on Saturday we headed to nearby Baltimore to visit a favorite museum…

more about that cool spot here

it was the perfect opportunity to also visit a favorite eatery in the Fells Point historic district which is where The Wire and the crime drama Homicide: Life on the Street (1992-1999) were filmed…

the menu is very appealing…portion sizes are generous…homemade soups daily…everything is prepared fresh and oh so tasty…

even Mr Magpie didn’t miss the meat in this raw taco…it was really delicious with some seasoned nut meat to give some crunch…

there is a nice coffee house atmosphere with changing art displays…coffee and tea are special here as well…

we opted for one of the fresh juiced blends…not easy to decide on just one…

we went with the Red Pearrot…made with organic carrots…pears…red delicious apples and pomegranate…

we learned on previous visits not to succumb to the temptation of ordering two juice drinks…they are so satisfying…you might not have room for lunch…

there is always a slab of live wheat grass on the counter…not my cup of tea 🙂 but full of healthy properties…

we were happy to see they are remodeling…surely a good sign in this economy…they were busy at 3 in the afternoon…

be sure and stop by Kimmie’s for more Tea Tuesday bloggers

24 responses to “Charm City Tea …

  1. OMG! seriously~ Liquid Earth. I think I have died and gone to heaven!!! lucky girl. A pilgrimage to Maryland perhaps.
    I am going to go drool over the link for awhile . . .
    Happy T on T!!


  2. Sounds and looks wonderful. Liquid Earth is such a cool name. Happy tea day.


  3. oh this place sure is charming and I’ll definitely enjoy that wholesome juice and art….Happy T Tuesday dear friend….


  4. I love the aquarium in Baltimore. This restaurant looks so yummmy….my mouth is watering as I have not had lunch yet. I need that sandwich:) with some of that wheat grass on top….
    Only one more Easter Art Market to goooo….yipeeee. It has been a good Easter scene this year. People are really throwing the cash around this year:) I actually did the Wed. Stamper…took me three days to finish it:) but I just posted it…felt good too. See you soon on a regular basis,,,I miss you!!


  5. amazing place love, and you look so pretty in blue!! xo


  6. Looks like a great area to visit. I have not been in quite some time – harbor Place and the Aquarium were the last visits. I guess I need to get back there!! Love the Pyrex server!!!LOL


  7. I can see why you would have the desire to glue beads and mirrors to something. Just the thought of hearing that tree in action is wonderful. I can see the appeal.

    I remember the show “Homicide” and how much I enjoyed it. I remember the “cast” often ate in a restaurant that served egg white omelettes, something I had just started enjoying. Now you show a wonderful place where raw, vegan, and vegetarian co-mingle. That taco looked like HEAVEN to me. Now I’m famished, and it isn’t even close to lunchtime.


  8. Love the name of the place. Some people are just so darn clever! I have a juicer but don’t use it much because it a pain to clean…
    You go to such fun places.


  9. I love places like that. There was something similar in Laguna Beach and I used to stop in there on the way to work for my morning carrot juice. If you drink too much of that stuff, the palms of your hands turn orange! It looks like a wonderful outing! A real tonic I am sure 🙂


  10. What a great place! Is that a little dog in the last photo?


  11. yummy. I love Liquid Earth, fell’s Point and Baltimore. I live less than an hour away from there and it is a place I love to visit. Haven’t been there this year yet….I think it’s time to go. Thank sfor the reminder.


  12. What a darling restaurant. I love fruit drinks, they’re almost and I said “almost” as good as a real dessert ; ) I could almost smell the warm earthiness of Liquid Earth. I love that name too. Thank you for taking us along with you.


  13. Looks like a wonderful place to eat! I’ve never had wheat grass, but I’d be willing to try it. 🙂


  14. That sure looks delicious!!! Wow! And such a nice place – not too big (as far as I can see from the outside) I like small ‘cafe’s’ like that!


  15. ooo yum! what is the sauce on your taco? it looks delish!!! and i really need to dig out my juicer, that looks fab…so glad you had a nice outing…love your tree too!!


  16. That tree looks fabulous… almost a shame if it were to get leaves! You have managed to give the essence of the lovely Liquid Earth and it all looked lovely.


  17. We haven’t been to Baltimore in ages . . . . . Hmmmmm . . . . . I think we should plan a nice, long weekend away after seeing your pictures!!! Thanks for sharing your special day!!! Hugs, Terri xoxo


  18. Looks like a great little place….even the outside has such appeal 🙂
    I love a nice veggie meal and juice once in a while, especially carrot juice!
    Happy T day Patty 🙂


  19. Marilyn Rock

    It all looks and sounds wonderful Patty! Thank you for sharing with us.

    xxoo Marilyn


  20. Very cool place to go! Looks like you had a great day! Happy Tea Day!


  21. And it all started with a birthday weekend where we ended up eating at Liquid Earth 4 times!!


  22. Amy McDonald

    hm, wordpress wouldn’t let me comment yesterday.
    It must have Known that I was dogging the wheatgrass.
    I am allowed to do because I will do basically Anything to feel like I might Possibly be healthier than my husband (we are competitive and I WILL outlive him if it kills him…) right, so the Anything includes growing my own wheatgrass, juicing it and drinking the
    I have Never adapted to the taste, but I do always feel
    so superior to him after I choke it down.

    I bet that is why you drink it too 🙂 I won’t tell.


  23. Bright and early Tuesday morning my sweetie severed our internet satellite cable while tilling a new herb bed for me…so I didn’t make it to tea.
    I would love to have a little spot to eat and drink like the one you shared. Were those collard leaves in Mr. Magpie’s taco?
    Have a beautiful day. oxo


  24. mmmm yum!


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