Halle’s Tip Ins

awhile ago Halle and I agreed to a swap…she had a quotes altered book in the works…

very special thanks to Elizabeth for getting us together on this fun exchange…

here are the two tip ins I created for Halle

each measuring approximately 5.5 x 8 inches…

I am a big fan of quotes…picking just two was challenging…but oh what a lovely time I had creating with paper and fabric and more…

while I was getting my creativity going again Halle sent me THE most beautiful fabric collage piece…

she used some of her neat Citra Solv papers creating wonderful layers with fabric and paper…

every detail so very special…

that piece of coral colored clip on jewelry reminds me of a bunch of currants…

a perfect touch…

the magnificent tree speaks to me of wisdom and strength…

I thought the German text was especially wonderful too…

you can click for a closer look…

as if that wasn’t enough…

she also made these super 4×4’s for me…what a great swap…

Halle’s Hobbies is a fun place to visit with her Friday Freebies…lots of inspiration and more…she has an Etsy shop too!

23 responses to “Halle’s Tip Ins

  1. They are both just beautiful,love the layers.
    Hugs, Amy


  2. Marilyn Rock

    Both are awesome; love that magnificent tree! xxoo


  3. Love Halle’s blog – she does lovely work!!!


  4. So, so beautiful 🙂


  5. What a wonderful swap … all pieces are so artful and inspiring.


  6. BEAUTIFUL Pieces!! both yours and Halle’s….


  7. Just wonderful, Patty! Both of you did a beautiful job. I am going to go back now and enlarge so I can see the details. I have been thinking of you. I hope your days are getting easier but…no rules!


  8. Once again thank you for the wonderful tip-ins. Also for this post…I’m glowing. 🙂


  9. ooo they are all gorgeous!


  10. i especially love the safety nest pin…


  11. I, too, love them all. What a great swap! Gotta go click on them and examine close up! I’m feeling very inspired…


  12. I’m delighted you and Halle had this wonderful art exchange. Glad you love quotes, because I thought you might enjoy this one.

    Everything is wonderful, including what you sent to Halle. I really love how you combined paper with fabric, too.


  13. Kathy Kristinnson

    This is absolutely wonderful.. you both made such beautiful art.. . I’m always amazed at how many quotes you have.. and always love them..
    Have a loverly weekend..Patty


  14. Wonderful swap Patty! I love the coral colors in Halle’s pieces …. Lovely job!


  15. just lovely for both of you!! xo


  16. “what do you mean? a lampshade? really?” lol!!

    thanks for the laugh. lovely as always.


  17. Love your tip-ins, especially the quote “the universe sings to those who listen.” What a fabulous quote! And Halle is a very generous person. Everything is beautiful!


  18. Oh I love your gorgeous pages Patty and your lovely quotes…. and how beautiful is the fabric collage and papers that you received… what an awesome swap….

    Have a happy week
    Jenny x


  19. Unbelievably cool! A terrific swap — I think both of you got the good end of the stick — isn’t it nice when both ends are delicious?!


  20. Beautiful pieces, Patty! Always so inspiring. Gorgeous details…the way you framed the lady on your blue piece… On your first pic, is that a transparency print? LOVE the effect…! I’m with you on the quotes…just need to organize my huge collected file I’ve accumulated. Why don’t you come up with a brilliant plan for me?! Lovely piece from Halle as well! Xo, Sue


  21. I’ve never heard of a ‘tip-in’ before ……well yours are lovely Patty …. 🙂
    I always learn something when I visit you.
    And Halle’s fabric collage is a delight!
    Linda x


  22. Wonderful swap for both of you (and yes, those beads DO look like currents!)


  23. beautiful pieces, such lovely textures and colors…


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