what do you see…my first kipper tin has landed

back in February I sent out packages of these bits to each of the Queen Bees for our latest “what do you see” challenge/swap

including a smashed and grilled kipper tin for the base (there is a tutorial on my sidebar on grilling tins)…

no actual kippers were harmed in the process…

I like saying “kippers” …

pilchards” is another catchy fish word…thank you Nigel

the only guideline was that we try and use at least half of the items sent to us including the main piece we would be creating on…

adding bits from our own stash as we saw fit…

Linda’s creation was the first altered tin to return to me…

isn’t it beautiful…

pretty enough to wear as a necklace with the velvet ribbon…

well it would be a 7 inch (17.78 cm) long necklace including the dangle…

all the way from Texas…

Love how she layered the golden flimmer after she removed the foil wrapped chocolate center adding the round ‘Bass tag’ I sent…

the pearl drop dangle at the bottom is a wonderful touch of bling from her stash…

so cute how she lined up “the girls” I sent…they look like little sardines…I mean kippers …

here is one side of my Live Love Laugh tin that I altered for myself… along with Linda’s lovely creation…

held together with a black jump ring…

what a fun metal book I’m going to have when the other three tins arrive from around the world…

23 responses to “what do you see…my first kipper tin has landed

  1. just love your “kippers” – ah heck, i love sardines! Beautiful creation that both you and Linda did there. Yummy! Hugs


  2. Oh, fantastic, love this!


  3. So fun Patty and both beautiful. Can’t wait to see the others.
    Hugs, Amy


  4. Magnifique!!!!


  5. looking forward to seeing them all so far so goodie ;0)

    love Dawn xx


  6. ooooooooo! I just had an idea! Thank you so much for posting these pictures! This is a splendid piece.
    We eat little Polish pates (since we are Polish, ha ha), which are about 3″ in diameter, and even though the containers are not real metal, just very thick aluminum foil, they should be just perfect for “smashing” and to create a frame or base of some sort. Thank you for the inspiration!


  7. So glad you are happy with it! It was so fun to make! The girls were going to be cheerleaders and I originally had two above the three…like they were making a pyramind…but just didn’t work. ha!


  8. This is such an awesome idea…a tin book! It will be beautiful, I’m sure.
    Funny, whenever I see a tin I look at it differently and think about how it would look grilled and altered! Can’t wait to try this technique. Thanks, Patty!


  9. Linda did an AWESOME job! Those girls look less creepy when there’s five of them… These will make a neat book- –around your neck. 🙂


  10. Awesome! For a chick who let out a little squeak on the front end {weird supplies!} she sure found the wind beneath her wings to deliver on the back end! Both sides are just yummy! Adore the zipper…the QB5 insignia….Can’t wait to see your complete metal book. WAY FUN! Xo


  11. This tin book is a great idea! My to-do list is growing 🙂

    Have a wonderful weekend my dear.
    MARTINA xxx


  12. That is just awesome 🙂


  13. NICE!!! Linda did a MARVELOUS job!!! 🙂
    Hugs, Ashlyn


  14. Fantastic altered tin, and thanks for the mention.

    I still think Pilchards sounds better than sardines lol


  15. what fun you have, you and your friends from around the world!


  16. really beautiful !


  17. aww tooo cool, an altered book from Kipper tins, who’d have thot ! its going to be wonderful and love that image of the little kipper s lol


  18. Oh, she did a MARVEY job! How cute those girls look inside the tin. Actually, you can’t tell it was a ‘kipper’ tin at all! Love how you are joining them together, too! If you wore all of them together as a necklace, you’ll need Mr Magpie’s help to walk!!!!!

    You Queen Bee’s are awesome!



  19. Very kewl!! Can’t wait to see the rest as they arrive.


  20. Kippers is a fine word! And Linda is a fine artist, too (but we knew that!) Love the shrine-quality of tins. This is lovely.


  21. Very cool…what a great idea.


  22. You need a kipper tree this Christmas!


  23. Loved your unique Altered Kipper Tins and linked it on Pinterest c/o Magpie’s Blog. Fabulous! x0x Peach c/o Rubber Road Adventures E-Zine.


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