Six Players: Sunflowers for Marlynn

here we are at our last turn in the Six Players swap…

Marlynn from Honeysuckle Breeze chose Sunflowers for her theme….

you may remember the wonderful India pages she created for me last year…

here are my first and last pages for her theme…

the cover page I created for her sunflower theme is my favorite…with the arch…and Paper Whimsy sun face…

I even found sunflower written in Japanese for the top right along with other languages too…

the lady on my last page is from the NYPL digital library

a wonderful source for copyright free images…

I used sunflower seed stickers … I like the quality of them very much…

I really liked the sunflower stickers too!

…it seemed that my center pages were in limbo for a good while…

I was getting a little hung up on the flowers and needed to think beyond that a bit…

like what goes with sunflowers…

quotes are always good inspiration…

and birds like seeds…

thanks once again to Karen at The Graphics Fairy for the wonderful bird image…

a piece of snipped parchment paper cupcake liner made a nice frill and layer along with other bits of paper and faux greenery…

and a favorite of mine…


where would the world be without bees…

I found the perfect little metal bumble bee pin from Japan in my stash and attached it with gel medium…

one of the most versatile adhesives I know of…

here are my center pages … I used a twill binding that came with the round metal bits attached to add some interest across the center of both pages…

I created a tag with some of the extra bits I had on hand too…

nothing better than when it finally comes to you what you’d like to make…

then all there is to do is to get busy and do it…

“The earth laughs in flowers.” ~E.E. Cummings

I could have sworn that this quote was also credited to Ralph Waldo Emerson…there must be a story there somewhere?

25 responses to “Six Players: Sunflowers for Marlynn

  1. Marilyn Rock

    So beautiful to see Patty! xxoo


  2. Beautiful, fun and sooooooo creative.
    Hugs, Amy


  3. Gosh wonderful items based on sun flowers I can imagine getting stuck on the flower and not being able to move a way from that, you did so beautifully while still including the desired flower just stuning

    love Dawn xx


  4. Hello, my friend! SO SO beautiful creations! Love them!
    Have a nice weekend!


  5. Wonderful pages. I love these, Patty. I love sunflowers too…..if ya ever need to know that. hee hee! You know who else likes sunflowers seeds? Baseball players!!! (but not sure they lend themselves to art beauty…ha)


  6. Beautiful work. I know I haven’t visited for a while, but I check out your creations when I can 🙂


  7. Just beautiful, Patty…you continue to inspire this novice artist with new ideas. I especially like the snipped cupcake liner! Thank so much, I’m sure Marlynn with love these!!!


  8. The seeds are a great idea!!! And you even attached a Dutch word (‘zonnebloem’) … I love the yellow brightness. The bird and bee are a great touch!


  9. loving the sunflowers! I remember we had those on the “old” house, they were big and bright and always brought a smile to my face. Beautiful work Patty, and thank you for taking me on a ride down memory lane 😉


  10. I LOVE these pages, Patty!!! and not to mention…sunflowers too…..happy weekend!! hugs steph


  11. Great pages 🙂 the cover is awesome


  12. Patty,
    Your book looks so cheery it would brighten any day. Lovely compilation of textures and colour. Sunflowers do brighten a moment.


  13. Every single detail is FabUlous!!! I adore your e e cummings quote too ~ so perfect with this post! Blessings ~ Katie


  14. lovely quotation, ee cummings, a man after my own lower-cased heart 😉

    beautiful. that red boot is a hoot!
    happy weekend patty!


  15. the earth laughs in flowers, beautiful quote too….

    love your sunflower art, all very springified….:)


  16. these pages turned out terrific! love all your layers, textures & embellishments!


  17. Patty this is delightful. I’ve spent ages looking at your lovely pages.
    I’m having fun on a postcard swap at the moment ( on The Linen Shelf Blog )
    Your book is inspirational xx


  18. Lucky Marlynn! And the bee is the perfect addition to your sunflower creation. Don’t you just love those little guys?

    Marlynn has had a challenging year but this treasure from you is a huge smile!!! Sunflowers DO make one smile, don’t they?



  19. As always, delightful — and thank you for the link to the NYGraphics Library! That will be a treasure!


  20. I’m in awe of these pages. I was blown away by the beauty of the two outside pages, and loved it when you worked outside the box and used the bird image. It just goes to show how wonderful art can be once you start thinking in a different way. I’m super impressed and love those stickers, too. You did an awesome job with Marlynn’s pages. They are simply super.


  21. Another set of fantastic pages.


  22. gorgeous, gorgeous, gorgeous! oohing and ahhing over the sun-faced lady, the stuffed cowboy boot, the different languages you speak, and on and on!


  23. AND me, I feel so lucky to be the receiver of your beautiful pages, Patty. They are more gorgeous in person than photos can do justice to. I love the glitters all over the sunflowers! Thank you, thank you, xoxo


  24. Yummy – Yummy! Love each detail!!


  25. Love the tag ! The girl in the cowboy boot with the sunflowers surrounding her is very unique. I like her!


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