what do you see…this house is made of Love and Dreams…

here are the bits that Linda sent to make a house for her in our Queen Bee “what do you see” swap…

after covering the plain cardboard house with music and book pages…

the next thing I wanted to do was cut out some windows…

saving the pieces to use as shutters…

two cute Paper Whimsy kids are looking out…

a piece of one of my golden flimmers made smoke coming out of the chimney…

I changed the white leaf ribbon Linda sent to green with a stylus and some stamping ink…

and I never miss a chance to use one of my handmade wire bird nest charms…

the rusty bird hanging with the sari ribbon loop at the top is from my stash…I just couldn’t seem to make Linda’s cute rusty rabbit work with my design…

the word festoso in the left hand corner… a happy coincidence that it is showing… means:

festoso m. (f. festosa, m plural festosi, f plural festose)

  1. festive, merry, joyful, joyous
  2. playful

pretty nice for any house…

I colored the little wooden oval piece and wrote Peace on one side and Light on the other…it says LOVE on the back of the number four…

I tea dyed the hankie bit at the bottom … it was from my Mom’s house…

completing the house to measure about 9.5 inches (24.13 cm) tall…

this house is made of Love and Dreams” is what I wrote on the back of my house for Linda…

17 responses to “what do you see…this house is made of Love and Dreams…

  1. Marilyn Rock

    This is wonderful Patty; love the rusted bird touch! Your mother’s hankie is so meaningful for this! Beautiful! xxoo


  2. Ever so delightful. I could move right in!
    Hugs, Amy


  3. Amy McDonald

    I can’t come here without getting inspired.

    Someone sent me some die cuts of houses and I had No Clue what to do with those guys…

    now i do.

    i love, and thus, must copy…


  4. Such a wonderful piece Patty!


  5. More lush goodies I love the birds nest (yummy) as well as all the other details

    love dawn xx


  6. This is oh so Linda perfect!!! I love the way you added the hankie and the rusty bird, giving it a “Patty touch.” I adore the art you create and learn so much from you. Happy Spring Day! ~ Katie


  7. Precious! Ilove the “skirt!”


  8. Oh, Patty, unbelievable — she is going to be thrilled! Love the blues she picked and how you integrated it with the papers! Bravo!


  9. I really love this beauty. There is so much to see and appreciate that I will have to look at it several times before I will be able to take in everything this house has to offer. It is super.


  10. This is beautiful…you’ve inspired me to alter some art….:))
    Take care dear friend..


  11. Your house, is a very, very fine house, with two….{courtesy of Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young}! So many adorable touches, Patty! Great saying for the reverse too! That lucky little Linda! Xo, Sue


  12. Wow…so clever! Love what you did with it!


  13. I didn’t realize the hankie was from your mom’s things! wow! I do so love it, Patty! I really need to send everyone to your blog to read about this….my blog post doesn’t do it justice. I just tend to gush. ha!


  14. darling! i love all the sweet patty touches!


  15. Shutters are so cute…and the PW girls looking through them are just right. I am so glad you could use some of your mom’s stash. I think she would be happy!


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