what do you see…a Swiss bloke…

here are the bits that Margaret sent for our Queen Bee “what do you see” swap…

I fell in Love with the blues…the piece of black netting…such a pretty blue and white napkin in the background and that lace…ooo…

a rusty nail came my way…thank you Mr Magpie… I tucked it away with Margaret’s bits knowing it would make the perfect hanger for my bingo card creation for her…

I used a medallion behind the gentleman’s head…

a piece of peeled napkin from my collection carried on the rusty look I was after…

really fun distressing the bingo card by tearing and inking…

didn’t really want to send Herr Blauman back home…such a fun swap we’re having…

for a closeup view you can click on the photos

19 responses to “what do you see…a Swiss bloke…

  1. Marilyn Rock

    Oh; the luscious blues Patty! Gorgeous! I so love what you did with this! Herr Blauman is surrounded by beauty! xxoo


  2. Two Words: Love It! Fabulous Blues too!


  3. Herr Blauman has waited all his life {and beyond} for this day. To be the rock star centerpiece for the whole world to see. The nail mounting is just the best. [i get this vision of mr. m driving to work holding a metal detector out the car window!!!!] Love the distressing of the card, the gorgeous medallion…etc. The print on that blue napkin…yum. Xo, Sue


  4. Love this Patty. The color blue is so pretty and the medallion is great.
    Hugs, Amy


  5. what fun! love the medallion! xo


  6. Well Herr Blauman has come to just the right place, he’s totally at home surrounded by mountains and has his feet well and truly under the local Stammtisch. Gorgeous piece Patty, thank you! Mx


  7. Outstanding – love it!


  8. What a hunk! Love the masculine touches! {sigh}


  9. My mister isn’t much of a ‘handyman’ – in fact, he has two left hands when it comes to ‘fixing’ (he has golden hands on the computer though…!!!) Where was I going? Oh, right – I wanted to say that I might come across a rusty nail in our storage. It’s a great idea to use it as a hanger! LOVE your piece, the blues and the rusty colours!


  10. I’m enjoying seeing what is coming out of the challenge – it’s fun to see the raw materials and then see what you turn them into. Great!!


  11. Hi Patty,
    just love Herr Blaumann – so cool.TFS.
    Have a great weekend.
    XO Marie


  12. your posts are so much fun. i Love seeing the pieces come together. the medallion behind the head is perfect!

    happy friday!


  13. Mr Magpie ROCKS! Or, nails…as the case may be!

    BINGO….your swap piece is georgeous in blue with Mr Swiss featured!



  14. Bravo once again, dear Patty!!! Herr Blaumann is brilliant!!!! You are so inspiring!


  15. I hope that Herr B. had a lovely trip! I’m sure you’ll meet again someday! (It can be hard to part with some favorites, can’t it!)


  16. Amy McDonald

    i love the skirty man.

    Herr B.



  17. I am so behind looking at the reveals. And you are SO good at using a lot of the enclosed materials! I seem to ignoring about half of them. 🙂


  18. Oh how awesome!!! What a fun swap!


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