take flight…

it was my pleasure recently to swap canvases with the talented and generous Nigel of Freebird’s flights of fancy in the UK …

truly a man of many talents…

not only did I receive this brilliant 4×4″ butterfly canvas…

with wonderful depth and detail…

Nigel also tucked in lots of other goodies as well…

a generous array of tempting teas…

an interesting tin full of treasures and pretty Italian paper…

this handsome Queen’s Own Yeomanry (QOY) pin really peaked my interest…here is the story from Nigel on that:

QOY is an armoured regiment, part of the Territorial army (reservists, a little like your National Guard). I have a tin with various badges I acquired during my service, and that was one of them. I figured it would make a unique addition to the swap so picked one at random, and that was it.”

I am very honored and pleased to have it…

a  super assortment of book pages and cards….

you know my heart leapt when I saw the swans…

both sides of the bird pages are beautifully illustrated…

again I am reminded of how special it is to be able to connect with talented artists and like minded individuals around the globe…

 thank you so very much dear Nigel for a really special swap…

 before April gets away from me and Mr Magpie and I take flight (more about that on my T Tuesday post)…

I want to share this month’s quote from my “Angel Spirits”, The Art of Sulamith Wulfing 2011 Calendar:

“You are uniquely you, yet within your being dances the essence of all those who came before you.  Your ancestors live again through your actions in the world.  Do us honor by joyously accepting your destiny and by being all that you are meant to be.” ~Angelic Ancestors, April 2011

14 responses to “take flight…

  1. You are very spoilt indeed – that must be one of the best swaps I’ve seen!!
    I especially adore those little scissors.
    I’m sure your swap didn’t disappoint Nigel either!
    I’mm off to check him out!


  2. mmm nice stuff:)….great swap…..love the quote too. Have a great trip!!


  3. Marilyn Rock

    What a beautiful exchange! Can’t wait to read about your taking flight 🙂

    xxoo Marilyn


  4. Such great posts on both sides of The Pond! Loved reading both blogs this early Tuesday morn. And, I learned something too, all about The Queen’s Own Yeomanry.


  5. Patty, What an awesome bunch of goodies you recieved !
    I love the quote and will save it. I have done many years of genealogy research and will tuck this one in the Family Tree.
    Hugs, Amy


  6. What a great swap. I can tell the swans were a favorite. Can’t wait to read more about your trip. I know it will be fun.


  7. Great swap – I collect foxes- love the one you got!!!! Hmmm, did I actually beat you to tea on Tues?? You must be busy packing!!!


  8. truly a beautiful gift, Patty. The canvas is extraordinary and I’m sure you’ll create many beautiful things with the accoutrements!!


  9. Wow! You really got some good STUFF, Patty! What a nice swap! I love my blogging buddies!


  10. How LOVELY of Nigel to share so many wonderful ~ and thoughtful ~ treasures with you. Can’t wait to see how you use them in your future projects. And you have plenty of tea to drink while creating!

    Taking flight….sounds like a great idea.

    Thank you for sharing the quote. Profound.



  11. Very glad that you’re happy with your goodies, but I think I got the better side of the deal 🙂


  12. Does sound like the ultimate swap — Nigel rocks! Really, what a marvelous collection of treasures! Simply lovely.


  13. I totally agree bloggy friends are the best! Fabby swap good on Nigel

    Love Dawn xx


  14. Wow! such a fantastic swap. That canvas is amazing!


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