Tulipan Tea

it is very wet here in Northern Virginia with back to back days of rain in the forecast…

we certainly had some gorgeous sunny days on our recent trip to Switzerland…

our thoughts keep drifting back there…

train travel is just like you hear…

very clean and it runs like clockwork…

we tagged on some extra days at the end of our Best of Switzerland tour and got to meet blog friend Margaret (and her precious family) in person… which was truly the frosting on the cake for Mr Magpie and myself…

one of the special days spent with the lovely Margaret was in the sweet 18th century monastery town of Einsiedeln … about twenty or so miles outside of Zurich…

the Monastery grounds and Baroque cathedral are jaw droppingly beautiful…

we sat inside awhile listening to the Benedictine monks chanting …

the Black Madonna is enshrined inside the cathedral…

no photography was allowed inside…

you could easily get a neck ache trying to take in the grandeur and splendor of the ceiling and every other surface of that most sacred place…

just across the square to the right was the lovely Tulipan Cafe and Bakery…

 we sat outside with a view of the cathedral and enjoyed a scrumptious pretzel…cheese and pickle sandwich (now why haven’t I had one of those before!)

truth be told I hardly drank tea at all on our trip…

the coffee was SO delicious everywhere we went and just perfect with that gorgeous plum cake…

Mr M and I split the sandwich and the cake…best of both worlds we thought…

Margaret was beyond amazing and so much fun…

she gave us a really royal *Herzlich Willkommen*

(Warm Welcome … Herz is “heart” … Heartfelt Welcome)

she shared so much of Zurich and the surrounding area with us…

it is a time Mr Magpie and I will remember and cherish always…

Happy T Tuesday and three CHEERS for blog friends…

 visit Kimmie at Art in Red Wagons for more tea stops

43 responses to “Tulipan Tea

  1. Wonderful fotos!! Looks like you had a great vaca….it has finally rained here….I see all the rain you are all having on the news over here….that is a lot of water!


  2. Thank you so much, Patty, for taking us on this phenomenal tour! Having never been to Europe, I feel as though I’m visiting along with you as I look at your pictures. I can definitely understand how “re-entry” back home could be a little difficult. But, you can visit any time you want through your photos.
    I’m smiling right now thinking of the thrill of meeting a blog friend, across the pond, in person!! What a delight! Hoping your weather gets better quickly! Thank you, again.


  3. “Jaw droppingly beautiful”, I Love your expression, may I copy it sometime? Perfect sentiment for the right occasion. Love your photos and the pretzel sandwich and plum kuchen. I can almost taste that kuchen, it is drop dead gorgeous! And I want the recipe for the sandwich, what kind of cheese and pickle. Anything else I need to know?HA!


  4. Marilyn Rock

    Oh; the architecture, the food, the photos – just beautiful Patty! I’m so happy you and Mr. Magpie had this opportunity together! Thanks so much for sharing the moments with us! xxoo


  5. Stunning photos and wonderful words as always. I think maybe I should add Switzerland to my list of places to go.

    Thanks for pointing us at Margaret’s blog, somewhere else to go and while away a little time 🙂



  6. Again I can live vicariously thru the travels of others!! Beautiful photos – and Margaret can now count herself as being inside the lucky “inner” circle of those who know the “REAL” Patty ((Me included)!! :>)

    Pouring here also – which reminds me- there are some plants that were waiting to get planted, sitting in the tractor bucket – about now they should be floating – guess I need to go out and rescue them from drowning…….!!!
    Drop by for tea if you get a chance!!!


  7. wow. your photos are amazing, it looks like such a calm place to visit, with overwhelming prettiness. so much to see! what a wonderful trip. all that and you gave us lunch too! thank you for sharing. i’ll be carrying the image of that incredible golden statue around with me all day. amazing.


  8. Being the emotional soul I am your post made me weep. Beauty often does…it awes me so. Your trip sounds perfect…so glad you were able to go. Happy Tday.


  9. preeetty!
    I’ve always wanted to travel by train, but here in the north of Chile there are no passenger trains 😦 My fiancé rides a train everyday, for work, and they’re not nearly as nice as the one you pictured lolol (the train here transports copper and other goods).


  10. looks like a wonderful place and how lovely to have a friend there!!


  11. I’m so enjoying scenes from your trip. And of course, spending time with Margaret made it even more special to see Switzerland through the eyes of a native and a tourist. What a fun and really wonderful post, even though the coffee was so good.

    I sure liked the idea of a cheese and pickle pretzel. I could really go for one of those!


  12. Oh the Monastery…what a blessing to visit there! My husband and I are Oblates of Christ the King Benedictine Monastery that is just north of our town. A group of Oblates vacationed in Germany and I’m not sure where else and were able to visit Monasteries there. That kind of travel just isn’t what we can do now, but so nice to see the places through others’ vacations. I think it’s just wonderful too that you were able to meet Margaret!!


  13. Patty Dearest, how wonderful it was to meet you both! so many special memories of the short time we spent together, Einsiedeln in particular, just the moment of entering the cathedral, talk about knock your socks off! awesome!

    They put gerkins in EVERYTHING! well nearly, I must have been here too long, I take them out!!!

    Enjoy sorting through your pics and savouring your Swiss treasures!



  14. Well, the pictures are outstanding and look just like the Europe I remember. I adore that architecture in Switzerland….clean, white, black roofs.
    And a bonus meeting Margaret. I was on her blog and she said you are ‘camera’ shy. Say it isn’t so! We did get to see a small photo, tho, just to prove it was you. Love the ‘feet’ shot….nice shoes all.

    Thanks for coming over, too. Catching up after a vacation is never ending, but I’m happy you took the time.

    Warm hugs,


  15. You know I can’t get enough trip photos. This one in particular! Hope this won’t be the only post!


  16. Oh..what gorgeous photos! I’m sure they actually pale in comparison to the real life views. Someday…someday…we will travel more. Right now…were paying for braces!!


  17. thanks for the wonderful photo tour. Meeting blogfriends is so special, seems you had the most wonderful trip.


  18. Your trip sounds like a dream! I would love to travel around by train. That is something I have never done before. Hm. What a pretty tea cup, too!
    Happy T on T


  19. Beautiful post! I love seeing all of this. Were the pickles sweet? I had a grilled cheese once with sweet pickles on it and I have NOT been able to recreate it. Glad you are home.


  20. Oh, Patty,
    So pretty! We saw a Black Madonna in Prague, too. Very interesting!
    Sending love and hugs!


  21. What an amazing holiday you have had AND to catch up with a bloggy friend ,as you said , the icing on the cake, I’m so happy for you ( I love Switzerland ). Was amused to see Chinacup doing some train travel, he/she would be very safe travelling on a Swiss train. Your photographs are beautiful Patty, I can see them inspiring you to get creative in some way,shape or form. Happy Tuesday Tea. xx


  22. It looks like such a beautiful place! So clean and pristine! I love the photos where you took turns in front of that cupola. How neat that you got to meet up with a blog friend 🙂

    If you are ever in Seattle …… 🙂

    Cheers and happy tea day! Kimmie


  23. I’m so glad you posted more photos, I just love them 🙂


  24. Perfect travel-log…so clear and clean. The Pretzel sandwich must have included ‘Swiss Cheese’ and sweet pickles. We got 4″ of rain yesterday at my house…small river ran across the field in front.


  25. such beautiful photos patty, it’s definitely other-worldly. train travel is probably my favourite mode, how wonderful that you got to experience it through such pretty places. and so nice that you got to meet up with a special friend.


  26. Oooohhh, such gorgeous photos and lovely memories!!! But can I say I’m glad you’re back on T tuesdays… I like sipping my tea with you!


  27. It looks so very pristine and lovely! And how fun to meet Margaret! Sounds like it was all you hoped for and more!


  28. Okay, enough. I’ve scrolled through these photos, clicked to make them bigger more times than I can count! Time to leave a comment {and then go back and look at the photos some more!!!}. What can I say? Oh my….these photos, this place….EXTRAORDINARY. AMAZING. That crown with the crescent moon and swizzle sun…all of it, actually, right down to the pretzel sandwiches. Thank you for sharing, Patty, what I hope {!!!!!!} will be the first of many shares of your magnificent trip to Switzerland. Xo, Sue


  29. What a wonderful tour, thank you so much for sharing your delicious memories with us … looking at the delicious cake and thinking of the wonderful coffee …


  30. thanks for sharing your trip with us. it looks like you girls had a marvelous time.


  31. what a fabulous looking trip! how wonderful that you got to meet Margaret- she’s so sweet! you’re making me long to get out of here! I was already getting the travel itch and now it’s worse! there’s just nothing like going away and seeing new things. Glad you had a nice trip. xox nat


  32. As always, fabulous photos! Enjoyed it…


  33. looks like a fab trip and meeting M was the icing wasn’t it!! xo ps wet here too!


  34. Hi
    I wanted to say thank you for visiting my Blog, Adorn. Cynnie’s title for me is fabulous, isn’t it – Queen of Romance lol.
    Well I live in Scotland but I have a good crafting friend who lives in Switzerland. This is the amazing thing about Blogs, how it makes it such a small community.
    I’ve never visited but I would love to, your photographs are fabulous.


  35. Thanks so much for sharing these lots of beautiful photos.


  36. Wow – what beautiful photos and it looks like an amazing trip! I love the golden angel!


  37. Looks like an amazing place to visit!
    Fantastic pics of all the Swiss treasures..
    …and wonderful to meet up with Margaret in ‘real’ life too.
    Looks like you all had a fabulous time.
    Jan x


  38. What a wonderful time you had !


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