Naiv E Tea

do you know what Evian (the bottled water) spells backwards…


that is an old joke…

we are not in the habit of buying it…but must admit that getting to visit the town of Evian was a thrill…

*the billboard says in French: Welcome to our plant*

our Best of Switzerland tour was led by the fearless and fantastic Trafalgar tour director… Dr Q

he and our super Austrian bus driver…Kurt…guided us around

Lake Geneva to the charming French town of Évian-les-Bains

we had some free time and did a little exploring and found our way to The Source Cachat 1789...

where crystal clear and pure Evian water flows free to all…

we waited patiently  with our water bottle and the Traveling Tea Cup (the saucer seemed to spend most of the trip in the box) while people unloaded their bags and crates of empty bottles and filled them…

we noticed a certain way the bottle filling was done….

fill said bottle(s) a little…

swish vigorously…

dump out water…

fill to the top and screw on cap…


again and again…

we were happy to wait…

it WAS free Evian water after all…

fun hearing people speak in other languages…

mostly French…

the town was very photogenic even with the slight threat of rain…and beautifully situated by Lake Geneva…or Lac Léman as the French call it…

we had a very nice picnic on our balcony with some local cheese…fruit…crusty bread and wine

two lovely tartes from a bakery carefully wrapped in an open box with paper folded just so…a sweet detail in my view…

it was another wonderful day on our tour…

we enjoyed the French flavors of Evian…

along with the lovely waters VERY very much…

be sure and stop by Kimmie’s Art in Red Wagons for more T stops

36 responses to “Naiv E Tea

  1. Thank you for your lovely guided tour Patty! Free Evian … wow. pen x


  2. Your pictures were awesome…felt like I was there. Switzerland is one place that I would love to visit some day. Thanks for sharing.


  3. How beautiful, Patty. I always thought Evian was French! This is so clean and lovely — how fun to fill your bottles! You really do such a marvelous job at taking us along! Love it!


  4. Just like all your blogging friends, I too feel as though I took this trip with you. Lovely village …I’ll never think of bottled water the same way again … ever! A happy rainy day to you.


  5. dot ferrero

    A friend told me about a place in West Virginia where people can fill their bottles with fresh spring water. Your story sounds much more interesting…just takes a little longer to get there.


  6. Once again, SO very beautiful!! Your trip looks like it was such a blessing!
    I’m amazed at the unending “picturesque-ness” of Switzerland! Thank you so much for continuing to share your experience with us, Patty!!


  7. What a gorgeous place to visit- have never been there- but from viewing your photos, would now love to go. The architecture, colors, buildings- water, streets- and of course your hotel all have such an inviting old world charm. Must have been a dream come true to visit! Thanks for sharing your journey with us!!!


  8. This is such a lovely post…well who could have known…;)) Thanks for sharing your travels with us…and glad Mr Magpie and yourself had a great time….while Evian is not my preference, it sounds like fun having one’s bottle filled from the source…. have a good week, dear Patty…..


  9. Was that a swan I saw in the photo from your balcony???? Do tell…..

    What lovely architecture. I really like the hairdressers building….kinda worn and homey.

    I’m not a water bottle person, but who could NOT visit the mecca of water? There is a place about 2 hours from here where people flock to, also. Luckily our tap water is cold and quenching.

    Thanks for sharing your trip…it’s like being there with you.



  10. When I was a child, my parents went to France with me and my brother every holiday… I think I’ve been in Evian too – it looks familiar somehow. Your photos remind me of our wonderful holidays and the beauty of the country. Thanks for this ‘tour’ my dear!


  11. Wonderful images, they make you want to visit! Have a wonderful Tuesday. x


  12. Free is always good and free water is something worth having, especially if it’s Evian. I’m not a bottled water drinker, but seeing the plant where it is bottled made this post extra special. I so enjoy seeing places I’ll probably never visit in my lifetime. And you acted like a tour guide yourself, showing many lovely spots in Evian alone. I was particularly fond of your photo that included the swan, as well as the photos of Hotel de France and that court yard next to Evian water. What a charming place it must have been.


  13. I wanna go back- I miss it 🙂


  14. ooo how beautiful!! i see your swan! the way you have shared makes me feel as if i’ve been there with you!!


  15. What a beautiful treat today, Patty! You just never know when the teacup will appear and where it will be found! Thank you for sharing your pics. I’ve never been to Switzerland (it’s on my list), but now I’ve an idea of what I can look forward to. Love & Hugs, Terri xoxoxo


  16. oh my you had such a wonderful stay! I am just drooling over the food and views and the flowers and stores!! oh my!! you made my tea day, dear one!!


  17. I am noticing that your word for the year is authentic …. And here you are at The Source of that very very special water! How cool is that? I love the pictures. It looks to me that you were in your soulmate place in the world 🙂

    Happy Tuesday!
    Cheers, Kimmie


  18. Oh it looks like your having a super time ;0)

    love Dawn xx


  19. What a wonderful trip! Forget the water, bring on the wine! 🙂 I never really thought there might be a place called Evian. All the bottled waters claim to come from somewhere special but I doubt most do. Glad to know Evian is real! Best wishes, Tammy


  20. Hello Patty. Your pics deliver a wonderful opportunity for ‘seeing’ from afar. They are enchanting, taking us along for the ride. A wonderful trip to be sure. Thank you for visiting and leaving your comment. Much appreciated.


  21. Marilyn Rock

    Thanks so much for sharing these with us! What a beautiful trip and surroundings! I’m so happy you had the opportunity. xxoo


  22. wow! these photos are all so lovely and inspiring! makes me want to blink and be there! sooooo beautiful.


  23. The next best thing to being there is seeing your photos…you have such an eye for the perfect shot. Happy tea day. oxo


  24. what a pret-tea place! (since we’re playing with words here :P)… thanks for sharing, loving all these beautiful photos and snippets from your trip.


  25. Oh Patty, you and Mr. M know how to picnic! And is that a swan on a nest in one photo?! How cool! Lovely trip to Evian. Thanks for taking us along! (you are a great tour guide yourself!)


  26. We really need to go to Europe! Every time I see photos such as yours I feel like we are cheating ourselves by not going.
    What a wonderful picnic you two had. YUM!!!


  27. The architecture…the carvings…the Wizard of Oz trees in that courtyard…the tiles around the fountain…those shutters!!! on the Hotel de France…the romantic picnic…all of it…just lovely, Patty! It must be so much fun to pour over your photos and relive the magic of this place! Thank you for sharing such a splendid post! Xo, Sue


  28. Beautiful photos, made me think, I haven’t been there, I’m sure I haven’t!! love the wine and bread shot, sigh… Mx


  29. What a beautiful and amazing place. Thanks for bringing this to all of us.


  30. Oh, beautiful angel on the top of the statue. I love her!

    I laugh at the reverse of Evian. I think it is a rip-off but if it were free, I would be happy. And the town looks charming!!!



  31. Patti your photos are fabulous! What fun to come visit you!


  32. Oh Patty…you must have had such a wonderful time. Your photos made me want to search for a hotel and flight immediately! Thank you for giving me such an enjoyable half hour 🙂


  33. Danaline Bryant

    Beautiful photos! I can almost smell the lovely spring air and feel the breeze in my hair. Thanks for sharing!


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