Strawberry Tea

it is VERY hot and humid here in Virginia…

there are heat advisories for today as well…

I already miss having the windows open and being able to hear the birds sing…

but with the air conditioning on …

thank goodness we have it…

it IS enjoyable to drink a hot cup of tea again…

strawberry season is upon us…


juicy and delicious…

Mr Magpie found out that if you bite just right the green ends are left looking like sun bursts or halos… a favorite shape of mine…

I put some in the flower press just for the fun of it…

Erdbeere….. fragola….. aardbei….. fraise….. truskawka….. ***fresa***….. jordgubbe…..

***correction frutillas in Spanish***

in any language…

a delicious treat

won’t you join us today…you can visit Kimmie at Art in Red Wagons for more Tea Tuesday blog links

28 responses to “Strawberry Tea

  1. Those strawberries looks so deliciously sweet! And your red bird and lovely cups are great companions. What a lovely post sweet friend. Here’s hoping you can find a cool spot to enjoy all your cups of tea this summer! Now I’m off to find a strawberry to take a bite out of ~ Blessings, me


  2. Our strawberries are just coming in from California. Like you, it’s one of my favorite seasons (corn, being second).
    Your cup is quite cute….and Mr Magpie is very talented! Seems that he sees fruits and veggies in a different way than most (clementines!).
    Keep cool my sweet friend. Yeah for A/C!



  3. Oh so yummy!! My former kitchen was decorated with strawberries. I love them.


  4. I doooo love strawberries. The bottom of that cup is delicious, too! We never open the windows in this part of Texas….. I’m not sure how many of mine will even raise!


  5. You can’t go wrong with Strawberry’s so yummy

    Love Dawn xx


  6. oh my yes a heat theme whew!! love your berry post and that clever Mr. Magpie! xoxo


  7. Oh the lovely ideas you magpies stumble upon! Of course, they should be flower pressed! And then incorporated into some lovely pretty piece of art! It is a good thing that you have AC …. I am still tempted to turn on the heater where I live. Low 60’s! Want to trade? There must be a happy medium somewhere 🙂

    Happy Tuesday dear Patty!


  8. Such a yummy tea today, Patty! Your luscious strawberries are making my mouth water. And, believe it or not, my daughter has the same mug!!! Seeing it on your post reminded me to give her a call and a ‘hug’!!! Happy Tuesday! Hugs, Terri xoxo


  9. Happy Strawberry Tea dear one, miss you too! Hugs and good wishes Christen


  10. First of all – lovely photography !! And yes strawberry season is upon us. I to0k mom and sis strawberry picking and we came home with 11 pounds of berry that we are struggling to finish. Made strawberry milkshake a couple of times – and my mom has mad strawberry jam..and we have a new rule – whoever enter the kitchen must eat at least 2 strawberries


  11. l am just sitting down to my evening meal and my pudding will be strawberries grown inUK…enjoyxxxx


  12. Gorgeous berries and the perfect cup! Happy T on T


  13. Marilyn Rock

    Patty; your tea sounds luscious. And – yes our a/c is pumping out, too, here. It’s 93 and humid!



  14. It was a cold and rainy day overhere… it never is exactly right now is it? (Oh well, yes – it sometimes is. But we ‘humans’ like to whine a little) I love your strawberrie pics! I will try the ‘halo’s’ next time I eat them! Enjoy, enjoy, enjoy June my friend!


  15. Oooh ! What delicious photos you have today, I can almost smell those strawberries. That’s one of the good things about the hot weather…beautiful sweet, ripe fruit. No tea post from me today, just thought I would drop by and say hi though to you tea gals. XX


  16. lovely post! I look forward to see how the strawberrie’s ends look like when dried 🙂

    BTW, in spanish these are “frutillas”, while “fresa” is a more general term (like berry) : )


  17. This is the ONLY way I will eat strawberries. I won’t even eat them if they are cut in half. There is something pure about holding the strawberry by the green portion. I often have those same halos, but NEVER thought of pressing them. Now I must get some strawberries just so I can press the green “stems.”

    Sorry to read it is hot and humid in your part of the country, too. Like you, I’m so thankful for AC. It’s after 10 pm here (yes, I’m running late today) and the AC is still running hot and heavy.


  18. mmmmmm! Our strawberries from out local farm are to die for. Love your pictures. Stay cool, my friend.


  19. Patty,
    So pretty! That is a beautiful cup and you made it into a lovely post. It will be interesting to see the halos that JJJ helped invent!
    I had some great big strawberries at the wedding that actually tasted like strawberries. Usually I am suspicious of them.
    Middle of the night. I should be sleeping, huh?
    Sending big hugs to my friend,


  20. what a darling cup! I love strawberries – and this is just the sweetest! Happy June to you m’dear! 🙂


  21. sweet, juicy, delicious and lovely tea post as always dear Patty.. and I’m sure your son will bring back loads of beautiful memories from his trip….

    happy week to you…:))


  22. OMG! Your strawberrys are AMAZING and your photo styling is impeccable. I can’t help but smile and be cheered (in spite of the heat and humidity!)


  23. I love your “styling” on Tuesday Teas…always so inviting with lots of creative eye candy. AND ONLY YOU would think of pressing those strawberry stems. I think we need a video on how to bite just right….where is the suggestion box for this blog?

    We’re hovering near the three digits in temp as well with no relief in sight. I feel your heat! Xo, Sue


  24. we are not quite there yet, strawberry picking is end of june here… maybe later, it’s been a chilly spring. but we planted our own plant a couple of days ago, and we’ll see if it gives us any lovely fruit.

    such pretty things to see and read here always! thanks for that patty.


  25. super shots of the RED strawberries….true, what don´t we understand about a juicy strawberry…a strawberry speaks all languages………yummy


  26. Wouldn’t those strawberry ends be neat pressed? (as in a book, like pressed flowers?)


  27. Perfect tea post — those strawberries just POP!


  28. I just read on bluebeard and elizabeth that you had pressed these…I came back and read a little closer….maybe I read it subliminally and then made my previous comment. Sorry for being a goof ball……


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