Theresa Martin … Assemblage Artist …

Mr Magpie and I had a lovely afternoon at the Glenview Mansion Art Gallery on Sunday…

it was an absolute delight to get to finally meet the talented and lovely Theresa Martin in person along with the chance to see her latest body of work up close and personal…

photographs cannot capture the depth and heart in each piece she creates…

Theresa is an assemblage artist extraordinaire…

I am the proud owner of a piece of her artwork that I treated myself to the first time I saw her work exhibited at Glenview a few years ago here...

if you live anywhere close…I highly recommend a trip to the Rockville Civic Center Park/Glenview Mansion

there are two other artists showing their work in the second floor gallery as well…

hours and directions can be found here

15 responses to “Theresa Martin … Assemblage Artist …

  1. Thanks so much Patty. It was a joy to meet you and “Mr. Magpie”.


  2. Patty, The piece you bought from this artist a few years back is wonderful! Not hard to understand at all why you were drawn to it. Clicked on her links as well…very talented person! Loved the raven image she shared on her site. Xo, Sue


  3. What a wonderful outing…looks beautiful there…her art looks devine too.


  4. Love the Bluebird piece by Theresa.
    What a nice day you had and I’m sure that your new “Martin-Art” will fit right into your home. Her art is divine and so is she. It is great that you live in an area that you can get to wonderful galleries and shows and meet artists like Theresa.

    Have a lovely day and enjoy your new TM art!


  5. What lovely grounds ~ I felt like I was in a Jane Austen movie! And what a beautiful artist too! I just visited your 2008 post about her art and Wowee! I am inspired ~ Thanks for sharing! Have a wonderful week dear Patty!


  6. I got to see Marlynn’s post about Theresa and followed the link to her art. She does amazing work. I’m totally in LOVE with the pieces that have rusted, including the bluebird you purchased. I can see why you like her art. This is my kind of artist!


  7. You go to the best places, girlfriend.


  8. I wish I lived nearby…


  9. I am not surprised at how much you love this woman’s work Patty. I think Bluebird is stunning. I’m going to check out more of her work. thank u. pen x


  10. Thanks for sharing Theresa’s work with us! truly extraordinary!!


  11. Yes; Theresa produces beautiful assemblages! Thanks for sharing this with us Patty! xxxo


  12. Thanks for sharing this artist’s work with us, and the gorgeous photos of the gallery and grounds!


  13. The grounds look absolutely beautiful, like a step back in time! And Theresa’s work must have shown beautifully there. The piece that you chose for yourself a few years go certainly evokes a feeling of time and history encapsulated … What a fun excursion!


  14. oh boy, what i wouldn’t give to be able to meet theresa! she likes rust and old wood too! and wire, bolts and torn stained fabric! i’m not the only one! what a great time i just had visiting her blog – thank you for the introduction patty! you’re the best!
    p.s., my tail got the second highest bid of the event! who’da thought!


  15. I am so glad that you and Mr. Magpie had this wonderful adventure together. What a joy! And to meet your respected artist friend in person…what a treat !he mansion looks so lovely and a beautiful place to spend the afternoon with the one you love.


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