a Deb ‘sea’ surprise…

everything about Deb Christensen’s surprise package to me recently charmed the socks right off me…

she had me with her fish tail magic islands card…

and goodies galore…

her fresh water pearl and delicate sea glass necklace is beyond beautiful with its pretty silver chain…

I put it on right away…as I just happened to be wearing a pair of green sea glass earrings I got some years ago…

they are in no way as delicate as Deb’s jewelry creations

a glass vial of fresh water pearls she carefully tucked in reminded me of mermaid’s tears…

or precious babies teeth…so very sweet…

the last packet of treasures I opened totally wowed me too…

how kind and generous of Deb to share some of her treasure trove of perfect rust and patina with me…

with touches of salt and sea and time spent on Alaskan shores…

a place I have only dreamed of…

if you have not yet had a chance to see the fish tail creations she’s made the last several years for a Kodiak Alaska Community Art Auction…you’ll definitely want to take some time to check them out here

each one is a marvel…

be prepared to get sidetracked by her photography…storytelling and art posts…with SO much to enjoy!

Deb is a mixed media artist extraordinaire

when I visit her blog and read about her life I am always entranced and feel richer and happier for it…

she’s a great cook and does that professionally in a really special setting each summer…

her absence in blogland for those months always makes my heart grow fonder awaiting her return…

BIG Yay for blog friends and art mail and wonderful surprises!!!

“i hope when you wear the necklace you will feel our misty cool sea breezes and smell the green cucumbery smell of the beaches!” ~Deb Christensen, Dy-ing to be yours

thank you dear Deb for sharing your talents…your art and your heart…it is people like you that help make blogland such a great place to be!!!

20 responses to “a Deb ‘sea’ surprise…

  1. Lovely gifts from Deb and I appreciate you sharing them with us! xxoo


  2. What a wonderful bundle of goodies, have fun with them. I too Love the fish tail!


  3. That is a wonderful package you received!


  4. You definitely got lucky today Patty. I really like the necklace with that sea green and pearl. What a treasure…..all the way from Alaska….what a paradise she lives in.Have a great weekend!


  5. What a lovely surprise from a lovely friend! And speaking of SURPRISES ~ guess what what delivered to me yesterday?? Your amazing art package! When I saw it was from you, I couldn’t wait to open it and when I saw your beautiful art collage my heart skipped at least 5 beats ~ I turned it over and read your inscription and I am over-whelmed that you would give me your lovely art that I had admired so much. THANK YOU dear Patty!
    I truly adore it and you! I have it placed on the blue door so everyone can see it first thing when they enter my home. Love you to pieces ~ me


  6. WOW….just beautiful! She is SO talented and you are SO lucky to have had such sweet surprises in your mailbox.
    Don’t you love Sea Glass? The colors are so divine!

    Alaska….you need to see it. We missed Kodiak but have heard it is beyond beautiful. Next time we go we will do the cruise thing and see that part of AK.


  7. Oh…gorgeous things Patty! I especially love the necklace……..
    What a lucky girl you are 🙂


  8. Oh a wonderful and dreamy package ;0) thanks for the links to I will be off to look Dxx


  9. Oh, so beautiful and so artfully done! I am just sitting here in awe and amazement!


  10. What a great gift! You are indeed blessed to have such a sweet blog friend. I can feel the misty sea breeze just by looking! (well…okay….maybe it’s the ceiling fan above me going really fast)….but still…. love it all!


  11. Deb is an incredible friend to have sent so many beautiful memories of Alaska. I am almost envious of all that rusty metal, too. What a treat! Thank you for the link to her blog. Those tails are amazing, and the one she made this year is even more gorgeous than the fabric covered ones. Of course, my first love is now and always will be paper. She does wonderful work on that tail from collaging to soldering. Of course, I had to go back and forward to see what else she offers. Her digital art is wonderful. Thanks for sharing the link. She gave you a gift, and you left all of us a gift in the form of her blog! Everybody is lucky who reads this post.


  12. What a beautiful sea themed packli! love everything about it and the link is gorgeous! what talent! fab Mx


  13. What a wonderful sea-goodies. They make me curious to see Deb’s work, so I’m off to find out. Thanks for the link, enjoy the present!


  14. Absolutely wonderful goodies, and it’s great to receive a surprise parcel from somewhere mysterious overseas 😉


  15. What a talented and gifted woman she is! And how very lucky you are to have such a generous friend! Things like this so motivate me!


  16. What an extraordinary packet of lovely treasures, Patty! The sea glass necklace is truly a keepsake, and the little jar of pearls is exquisite! Hmmmmm . . . .I can’t wait to see your creative use for your new “vintage” supplies! Hugs, Terri xoxo


  17. well here i am all teary eyed again! you are far too sweet for words my friend! i am just back from a week at the cabin and came to visit…what a surprise! thank you, for a lovely introduction to blog land. we livi in a wondrous time, don’t we? that we can be cozy with so many wonderful people, sharing sights and ideas…
    now off to download photos – i made friends with a particularly sneaky little cross fox last week…he gave duffy a run for his money 🙂


  18. What a lovely and thoughtful gift!!


  19. Beautiful !!
    I love the fish tail card !!


  20. What a generous and wonderful gift to receive. It must have been so much fun to open!


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