Tea at Tech… in the gardens…

…Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University…

or as it is most often called…

Virginia Tech

our son graduated from there in May…

this past weekend we helped move him back home to Northern Virginia…

we have had some lovely visits over the past four years to the Blue Ridge Mountain area of Virginia and the quaint college town of Blacksburg

this time our son steered us to a really lovely spot on campus that we’d never visited before…

the Peggy Lee Hahn Garden Pavilion has a very fine collection of plants and more…

we were so drawn to this delicate “Maid in the Mud” Garden Sprite

and quite amazed to see that it was created by Frank Lloyd Wright…

we could not resist placing our traveling teacup ever so gently on her pretty head…a temporary teacup crown…

this year certainly has been full of passages and milestones for our family…

I guess that is the way for all of us as time moves forward…

so glad you stopped by for tea…

wishing you and yours a lovely day…

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26 responses to “Tea at Tech… in the gardens…

  1. I recognize the names you mention from my son – when he traveled through the States last year. “Blue ridge mountains’ – that name alone wants me to go there… and such beautiful photos! I didn’t know either that FLW had made statues… I only know (pics of) his buildings and houses. It’s a lovely lady! And you are too! Big hug from sunny and hot Holland!


  2. A lovely tour round some beautiful gardens ;0)

    Love Dawn xx


  3. Love the little statue and her temporary cap!! JMU has gardens also – have never been to see them!!!


  4. big congrats on the graduation… i remember that time for myself. a mixture of celebration, excitement for what’s next, adjusting to the change of what was home away from home for years… it’s an interesting time.

    beautiful photos, and of course i Love the teacup on the statue. lovely! 😛


  5. What a wonderful final trip to VA Tech. Seems even more special to both you and the recent grad. Congrats to him, again.

    When I was looking around, I started looking for your tea cup. To see it in a shade garden with a statue by F L Wright made it look right at home with the very contemporary statue. A perfect Tuesday and perfect ways to display your traveling tea cup.


  6. What a lovely garden visit and I Loved seeing your traveling tea cup atop that fine lady in the garden. What a fantastic final visit to VA Tech. All the Best to Colin as he makes his way in life.


  7. Ah, the teacup has found a perfect respite on that Sprite. She’s simply divine. I had no idea Frank LW did sculptures (learn something new every day).
    VATech sure is pretty and the garden, with beautiful plantings and lovely ponds, surely draws you in. So tranquil. I KNOW you loved it.

    Colin surely is one lucky son. You are two lucky parents.

    Happy Tuesday to all of you, my friend.


  8. Beautiful post…. I adore your traveling tea cup…. I’m going to have my photo taken WITH it eventually!!!!


  9. What a beautiful campas and how proud you must be! The photograph of the bridge reflecting in the pool of water is amazing, and what a lovely symbol of moving forward. Happy summer to you! roxanne


  10. What a beautiful area of the country….you captured it well with your beautiful fotos. Have a wonderful Tuesday!


  11. And a joyful milestone it was for your son …. what an achievement!!!
    The gardens are beautiful! I love the statue … F.L.W. was an amazing creative genius … A true renaissance man. I love your traveling teacups postings – so creative 🙂

    Happy Tuesday to you dear Patty! Hugs, Kimmie


  12. I knew when I read Tech in the sidebar I knew you were going to take us on a fab out of town trip! Gorgeous photos Patty, your well travelled tea cup looks like it was just made to be perched the statue, beautiful! Mx


  13. How special to find a space that you hadn’t visited before! What a treasure!!! And I, too, learned something — I hadn’t realized that FLWright did sculptures! I wonder what his thoughts would’ve been to see that teacup perched so regally atop his statue’s head! LOL! Gorgeous post, Patty! Hugs, Terri xoxoxo

    ps Thank you, thank you for your sweet congratulatory comment! You’ve no idea how your words touched my heart! xoxoxox


  14. Beautiful photos Patty! Thank you and congratulations to your son. What beautiful gardens! xxoo


  15. O how I miss my visits to Blacksburg. The waterfall picture reminded me of the Cascades. Did you ever visit that lovely spot? Your teacup looked beautiful perched upon the garden sprite’s head. I visited Frand Lloyd Wright’s house when it was moved to Woodlawn Plantation. He had a brilliant sense of design. Loved my visit. oxo


  16. What a beautiful place!


  17. I so enjoy visits with you Patty – you always take me on a voyage of discovery wherever you go! Tea at the Tech is wonderful – such a beautiful garden and yes I agree she is a lovely statue.
    This must be the must be the most travelled teacup ever!!!!!!!!!
    much love


  18. Patty,
    I love Frank Lloyd Wright’s “Sprite.” He was quite amazing in that he could do so many things (though I think I have heard he was kind of a jerk!!) There is a gas station he designed in Wisconsin. I always get such a kick out of that!

    I love your traveling teacup…so sweet! She is resting very gently on that little head. I just hope there are no winds coming up!!!

    Thanks for being the first to visit my teacup!!! I actually have one nice one…but I like this one better.

    Big hugs,Sweetie!


  19. Beautiful pix, Patty. I have never been to VA Tech campus or even stopped in Blacksburg (except for lunch at Cracker Barrel, somewhere near) so it is a delight to see how beautiful it is.

    Congrats on your son’s graduation. I know you are very proud of him. Our gdaughter graduated W&M in May and left yesterday to begin a 5 or 6 year study in physical chemistry at UC Berkeley. We are teary-eyed because that is so far away from VA.


  20. Love the ‘sprite’ and her teacup crown 😉
    Congratulations to your son on his Graduation!
    Awesome pics Patty!
    Jan x


  21. Someone in our parking lot has a VT bumper sticker, and I always think of you when I see it. Wish I knew who it was! Love the “maid!”


  22. Beautiful photos. Congratulations to your son, it is such a big achievement!


  23. lovely tour, Patty of this garden pavilion! gorgeous capture of the lily pad reflection pond. I was really surprised as well to read that the Maid in the Mud was a Frank Lloyd Wright creation. Never in a million years would I have guessed that…but once you know it, the linear quality of the sculpture lines does begin to look a little “Frankie”!


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