Wednesday Stamper: At least one rubber stamp…one last time

the Wednesday Stamper/Mittwochstempler challenge blog began back in July 2006…the brainchild of the talented and free spirited Belinda of Bel’s Nook

my first time participating in WS was back in 2007…I was crazy about arches then and still Love them…

Belinda is the one that got everyone in mixed media blogland going on those…

in November 2008 I was invited to be a WS co-moderator along with Belinda and Hermine which was the beginning of a great adventure for me…

participating in these weekly challenges has been a wonderful way to meet artists and creative souls all around the globe…

it truly has been an honor to be connected toBelinda in Luxembourg

Hermine in The Netherlands and

Linda in Norway

a nicer and more talented bunch of artists you will not meet…

Belinda actually taught me how to create a photo sampler in Photoshop Elements all the way from Europe by email…

she is not only talented but VERY patient too…

 on this 5th anniversary of Wednesday Stamper/Mittwochstempler it is time to bid farewell to the first tri lingual challenge blog (German…Dutch…English…most recently Belinda has added French too)…

I have learned so much and have been inspired by all of the participants and moderators again and again…

my heartfelt thanks to each of you…

and as Belinda says: “Rock your rubber stamps again one last time”…

using photocopies of one of my postcard creations I got busy on some paint scraped pages to create a spread in my art journal…

wish now that I’d taken a before picture of the pages as no two ever turn out alike…

when I finally cleared a spot big enough to work on my art table…I got excited and dove in…

I pulled out some old wooden mount office stamps that I picked up at junk shop…a foam stamp…some unmounted rubber stamps along with other stamps too…

the stamped village border on the lower left hand page was torn from an envelope I had sent to our son when he was away at school…he handed it back to me saying he had hung on to it as it was too nice to throw away…we like recycling 🙂

I will probably be tweaking these pages a bit more…but wanted to get my post up while it was still Wednesday overseas … OXOXO

27 responses to “Wednesday Stamper: At least one rubber stamp…one last time

  1. Love your pages, Patty!


  2. Patty! Oh how I love these pages of yours! I particularly like the way you did the nest, too! Luscious – spread that is so cohesive and beautiful! xxoo


  3. Gorgeous Patty, love the colours of your journal page and how cool is that little nest.
    Jan x


  4. Patty, I always love seeing your pages and hearing how this came to be! I equally love seeing your work spot and supplies… what is it about supplies that dazzles us?


  5. oh this is wonderful. love the little nest of names, so sweet! and that your son saved you his envelope! that is special for sure. i recently found out that my daughter, my sweet little girl…had a mermaid that i had drawn on one of her first college care packages when she was homesick, actually tattood on her self!! yikes – i’m still mulling around my feelings on that….she liked my art enough to tattoo it, great…..she did what???? jeekers. i believe your son is more sensible than my daughter…


  6. Beautiful pages. I know you will miss Wednesday Stampers Challenges though! But you still have those wonderful friendships made through it… that is a joy to treasure!


  7. Like everything you do, this is fantastic. I especially love the way you put the names on the paper for the nest. Really special touch!
    I think I ‘found’ you thru WS and I’m so glad I did. You’re a permanent resident on my sidebar. 🙂 Thanks so much for everything you’ve shared via WS and throughout your wonderful blog!


  8. Love the bird – where did he come from!! Another example of your talent shining thru!!!


  9. Your pages are pure joy, Patty!


  10. Fabulous pages Patty…just gorgeous. I have to say that Wednesday Stamper was the first challenge I ever found in blogland…seems like a long time ago and that was how I found your blog actually. I remember always going there every Wednesday morning for my creative “fix” of the day.
    Thanks for being part of one of the best challenges on the web….I will miss it.


  11. Ohh this is adorable page,this is so wonderfull,i love he birdie and the wonderfull backruons,i love,love,love this so much,its perfekt!!!

    Hugs Jeannette


  12. Gorgeous pages Patty,
    love the birds!


  13. Wow – this is great Patty.
    Love your colour palette and use of borders.
    I especially love the little birdie on the left and her sweet little nest of paper.
    The blue border of buildings at the bottom looks good – is this a stamp or
    scrapbook paper.
    Im sure you’ll all miss your Wednesday Stamper challenge.
    What ever are you going to do on Wednesdays now???
    Will this be Mr Magpies day with you?!!!! OR/
    you could run a little Wednesday class for us on the internet…


  14. Absolutely love the colour combinations. Such creative work.


  15. Love the bird and the colors are among my favs, nice job!


  16. Patty, two wonderful pages, great colors and images.


  17. Dear Patty.
    I saw this the night before on the main blog. I was so sad this was the last one because I thought it was such a great idea…and a great idea to get me going on something! Sigh! You were another wonderful group (like my admiration for the QB5) but I know that groups like this have a natural ending. I will miss all of your creations!
    Greetings from South Dakota, where the Reaney’s are going through the family home and I am scoring some terrific ephemera! I have been told there is a pile of old bead-up tablecloths in the basement that I can “cut the lace off”…woohoo!!!
    Love and hugs,


  18. love the names in the nest… a nice way to finish it off…xox


  19. Absolutely gorgeous rpead as always. Love the blues. And thank you for everything especially your firendship. We’ll keep in touch.


  20. Five years?! Wow! I adore the way you added the names to the shredded bits of nest. But your son saving the envelope is just the best!!!! We were up in the mountains for a long spell and in my favorite shoe store {in which i resisted all temptation} they had a collection of those rubber toe shoes your son was modeling in a post way back when. So fun how little things like this make you think of someone else. Likewise, I’m sure there will be lots of little reminders for you of these sweet friends from WS as time marches forward! Xo


  21. Oh this is so cool!


  22. wow love the birds and the pages….I’ll be missing your posts…..


  23. No, don’t tweak! The pages are perfect. What gorgeous brilliant colors. And Patty, again your creativity shines through on your art here. It is just gorgeous.

    On another subject, I have used your lovely little cherub again. I hope that I have understood correctly that it is ok to use it in my art posts. Please, if I am not correct, let me know and I’ll remove it. Thanks.


  24. Just gorgeous. Love the way you incorporate your designs with color and interjected the words how you did. The soft curves of the bird coordinate so well with the geometric patterns surrounding it! Such a creative idea with the names underneath the bird as well. Ever so wonderful! Thanks for sharing this!


  25. WOW WOW WOW absolutely stunning Patty, wonderful pages.



  26. oh my patty, what an amazingly fabulicious spread for the grand finale. i’m slow at catching up, but getting there finally. 🙂 thanks so much for everything!


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