Spread Your Wings by Patty Szymkowicz

the talented and inspiring Lesley Riley has a new book out by C&T Publishing and I am thrilled to have something that I created in it…

this has been in the works and kept quiet for over a year…

as some of you may already know Lesley is the queen of transfers and most recently TAP (Transfer Artist Paper) …

TAP was voted the winner of the 2011 Innovations Showcase...

I have been a big fan of Lesley’s since I took a fabric board book class (two of my pages above) from her back in 2003 and a transfer class a couple of years later at the Rubber Chicken…enjoying every minute of time spent with her …

Lesley is an excellent teacher and generously shares her passion for creating…

back in February of 2010 she invited me to be a contributing artist to her CREATE WITH TRANSFER ARTIST PAPER book…

as you can imagine I was over the moon about that…

it is such a big thrill to see my creation in print as the book is now available in both softcover and ebook  here…

it is loaded with inspiration and how to’s on using TAP not only on fabric but lots of other surfaces as well..

Lesley also gives great tips on editing your images before transferring them… 

for my part on pages 44 and 45 I decorated the cover of one of C&T Publishing’s blank board books with a transfer done on canvas paper…

I got excited and did a couple of spreads inside also…

here is a closer look at those…

I used TAP for a favorite Swan image and transferred it onto sheer White Unryu paper with gold/silver flecks which I liked very much…

I transferred the rubber stamped and colored hand onto some vintage sheer fabric…because the fabric was so thin it made a second image on the piece of cardstock I placed behind the sheer fabric to protect my work surface … double transfers!

another favorite artist of mine…theresa mARTin has a beautiful piece called “Grace” in the book…

what an honor to be included amongst so many talented artists…

many thanks to Lesley for this brilliant opportunity…

heartfelt thanks to each of you for supporting me along my creative journey…you know who you are

***as soon as my second copy of the book arrives I will be having a little giveaway***

45 responses to “Spread Your Wings by Patty Szymkowicz

  1. How timely your post is! I’m taking Leslie’s TAP class at Art and Soul next year! Oh, and a book!?!?! And you are in it?????
    Exciting news to share and just a lovely piece you made with that swan!
    Looks like I’m really going to like the class seeing that you have gotten so much out of her techniques!
    If you’re having a give-away, I will sign up! And if I won, I’d have her sign the book at A&S! Along with YOUR signature, of course.
    I believe I could TAP along with Leslie nicely!

  2. What fabulous news you give us….this is great!!! The book looks delicious and I think I will have to add it to my vast library of wonderous reads.
    Congrats on being included….all the pieces you show are wonderful!

  3. Ooh Patty, congratulations on your inclusion in the book which looks fantastic as do your beautiful pieces. The product sounds great and totally tantalising! love pen x

  4. how exciting! how well deserved! 🙂
    congratulations, sweet Patty!!!

  5. Congratulations, dear lady! You are are a star…. you always have been …. nice to see it in print though! (again!!!!) You rock!

  6. congratulations dear one! your work is wonderful and how exciting to be asked to do work for her book!! you deserve such sweet success!! xox

  7. Congratulation Patty ! I’m more than happy to see your art piece published.

  8. Congratulations! Your work is beautiful!

  9. Oh Patty! I wish you could see my big smile at reading this delicious news!!! What an honor, and well deserved, I might add. Those of us who love your art creations aren’t surprised one teenie tiny bit tho…happy? yes! but not surprised! The creations you made are absolutely stunning!!! They are all beautiful, but the swan and nest spread made my heart skip an extra beat. The good kind of heart trouble!!! So happy for you!!!!!!!! Xo, Sue

  10. Congrats Patty! Your pages in the book are most wonderful.

  11. Oh Patty! Congratulations! What a beautiful piece – so well deserving! I am so happy for you! xxoo

  12. This is great – congratulations!! You must be so excited. Can’t wait to get my hands on a copy!

  13. Special congrats to you wonderful gal!! Can’t wait to see it in real life! What a blessing! ~ Katie

  14. A hearty congratulations Patty, beautiful work! I can’t wait to go to Borders and check the book out in person. How thrilling and exciting for you!

  15. Patty!!! I am so happy for you!! They (book publisher) are blessed to have you participate in their book!

  16. Congratulations!!!!
    Lesley was so lucky that YOU agreed to have your work in her book!
    They’re beautiful pages Patty and could grace any publication.
    I always love your elegant swans.

  17. You are amazing, Patty!! I’m so happy for you, what an honor to be recognized by a top artist! Your work is beautiful and I also want to comment on your tribute page from yesterday’s post…I love your bird and nest…such a poignant tribute! I’m sure there’s some sadness attached as well, in saying “goodbye” to a challenge you’ve been involved with for so long. Hope you and your family have a lovely holiday weekend!

  18. Congratulations Patty! Published in a book – WOWZAH!!! You know I love transfers, and yours is very beautiful and special! Enjoy your weekend dear one!

  19. Ooowww Patty, how exciting to be in that book, congrats! So well deserved, your work is always wonderful
    xo Dymphie

  20. that is sooo coool!! congratulations patty! your book is gorgeous, stunning and inviting, makes me want to get some of that TAP!!! xo jean

  21. CONGRATULATIONS TO YOU PATTY. This is a WOW event and I Love the pages you’ve shown us.

  22. Wow! Congratulations Patty! So happy for you!

  23. Congratulations Patty. This is just wonderful. Your contribution is absolutely beautiful.

  24. OMG, I know you and am going to run and buy the book and then get you to autograph your pages. wow wow wow – I am really impressed. I am so transfer-handicapped it is just downright sad. Hugs and xoxo’s ….. me

  25. Just gotta say – that was way too easy to order! Hooray! It should be here next week.

  26. Dear Patty, What wonderful news! So happy for your work in print in such a wonderful book. Transfers are my next area to explore and try out so this is perfect for me to see. Your work is super- just love the layered details, that gorgeous swan- and to have so many pieces included is wonderful. Never heard of TAP so this is very enlightening for me. Again- what an honor for you- and I’m absolutely thrilled – you’re work is so deserving! Enjoy your holiday weekend- what a great time to celebrate!

  27. I knew you were working with TAP last year, but have never run across it here. You are in a group of some pretty impressive names. I can assure you, I’d be over the top to be asked to be in a book with all those big names, too. Congratulations are definitely in order!

  28. CONGRATULATIONS!! dear friend!!! your work is amazing and to be amongst the gurus in transfer art….I am soo happy for you!!!

  29. Hi! Congratulations on being in the book!! Your pieces are very beautiful 🙂

  30. Congratulations my dear Patty! You have deserve it! I love your art and I always get new ideas from you
    Have a nice weekend my friend
    MARTINA oxo

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  32. How have I missed this? This is simply incredible news! I cannot wait to buy a copy, if I don’t win yours ;-). It looks like a beautiful contribution, my friend, and you can indeed feel very honored. It is an amazing product and you were so “gentle” when you suggested I use it for a swap. You are really something, Patty. So talented and so very dear!

  33. Patty, this is wonderful! Congratulations!

  34. Congratulations Patty! Your work is sooo lovely and you really deserve being published. Gorgeous spreads in the little book and the swan is stunning! thanks for your inspiration…as always.

  35. Linda Newcomb

    Congratulations, Patty! How delightful. The book looks so great…I’d love to win a copy. Keep up all your great work. Such inspiration for the rest of us.

  36. Kathy Kristinnson

    How did I miss this post” oh congratulations Patty.. this is fantastic.. and your art in it is amazing.. as always.. what a wonderful feeling to be included in it.. no one deserves it more…

  37. What fantastic news! This book looks very interesting… Congratulations on being included…Which of course is no surprise as.all your creations are just gorgeous!-and deserve to be in print. 🙂
    Jan x

  38. Congratulations again Patty, I’m very proud of you, your work is beautiful!! love your swan spread, such delicate colours! fab Mx

  39. Wow, wow, wow what fabulous creations , and Congratulations , these are beautiful stunning pieces , I love everything about them , the colours are gorgeous , I apologise its ages since i visited your blog,,,,,,,,I will be back again soon I promise 🙂

  40. OMG, OMG!!! I’m doing the “happy dance” for you, Sweet Patty!!! I took a little time away from the matrix to reboot my creativity, and just look what I’ve missed – BIG NEWS!!!! Good for YOU! Your work is stunning!!! Believe it or not, I just purchased my very first package of TAP and can’t wait to experiment. I am absolutely THRILLED for you!!! Hugs & love, Terri xoxo

  41. oooooooo the swan!! How gorgeous is your artwork. Fabulous. Inspired.

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  43. Patty, your spreads are absolutely beautiful. I am enchanted, as always. But even more than that, congratulations! I have always been impressed by Lesley’s work and to be included is such an honor. Transfers sort of scare me — I think this is a book I need to add to my shelf! No, not the shelf… the kiss death, once it gets on the shelf!

  44. Patty, on the swan image, I’m assuming there are several layers. Could you describe what goes down on each layer, please? THis

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