July 2011 in Photos…always lots to learn

being a heart on my sleeve kinda girl…I oftentimes show the whole/big picture…

here is an example…

for Day 5 of the July 2011 in Photos Challenge

the prompt was “In your refrigerator”

I imagined a photo with carrots and their greens still attached…beautiful beets…corn in their husks…which is how our fridge can look sometimes…

but here is what I came up with for my one photo…

just ONE photo is a very good challenge by the way…

a note/comment on my flickr image from an artsy photographer really got me thinking…

if I hadn’t wanted to show so much…

my photo could have been cropped to look like this…

or as suggested by mythicalbuzzard who said “this is a pic in itself”… below…

that was the part of my photo that I liked best from the start…with the onion keeper reflected inside the fridge…

so much to learn…for some great photo inspiration you can visit the Flickr July 2011 in Photos here

21 responses to “July 2011 in Photos…always lots to learn

  1. Amazing what a good “crop” can do, Patty! You elevated your original shot into a work of art with a quick click of a mouse! I’m off to Flickr to explore! Hugs, Terri xoxo


  2. I have to agree that the crop function is my best friend. Love what you are showing and LOVE what you are learning. Seeing the results of your photos and what you are learning is helping me, too.


  3. fabulous composition, Patty!!! loving these posts….


  4. Thanks so much for letting me know about the photo challenge! I posted!


  5. I was taken from the start with the reflection….I am a reflection/shadow freak so wow…inside a frig..is so mega groooovy cool….me thinks I must partake of a little paint and “try” to paint the inside of my coooool box!!!
    coooooool…………….was interesting with the crop too. And what to my wondering eyes did appear but a GERMAN Thomy product…omg!!


  6. You know I love it. It’s hard to edit one’s self, isn’t it!? I like them all.


  7. dot ferrero

    Today I cleaned out the refrigerator…removed everything and discarded a lot. Should take a photo as it won’t look this neat for long.


  8. wonderful result Patty!

    (note to self “point shoot crop”)


  9. Terrific shot! I love the reflection! Very cool! xxoo


  10. Kind of like a shot from outer space to me. I have never seen an onion keeper, nor have I seen Thomy brand. I am so into all that reflection, though! Back to the sixties!

    (signed by “anonymous”)


  11. It’s all about cropping, isn’t it? Your photo went from so-so, to sublime! The last photo is mysterious and makes your fridge look like an exciting place to hang out!


  12. I’m with Cynthia on this one Patty! all that refection INSIDE your fridge, makes me want to go and clean! (or read that photoshop mag I bought a while ago) My Thomy’s in a tube!! Mx


  13. I should make more photo’s myself… the prompts look do-able but I have a lot on my plate lately so I better not put this on it too… instead, I enjoy looking at your photos! This ‘refrigerator’ one is awesome! Especially the cropped one!


  14. Great photos! I love the end result …how the everyday can become beautiful and unrecognisable at the same time. Very clever Patty. pen x


  15. yup it is just fabulous, great shot! xox


  16. I have a hard time cropping out the junk as well. Just as I have a hard time deleting photos down to a manageable chunk especially when they are from an event. It’s not like every photo is even that good but deleting them is permanent! YIKES!! Gives me heart palpitations just thinking about it.


  17. You really are rising to the challenge again Patty – this is stunning!


  18. I do love to crop a photo too! I think this challenge you’re doing would be a lot of fun.


  19. Thank you. All I can say is thank you — because really, my fridge — well, let’s just say it’s stacked and I feel perpetually guilty. So thank you!


  20. Actually, for very different reasons on each, I like all of the photos…even the first one! Now I’m going to have to fly over to Flickr!


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