create with Transfer Artist Paper…we have A WINNER and a birthday

thank you all for stopping by and joining in my book giveaway

I appreciate your good wishes so very much…

now it is time to announce the winner…

I wrote each person’s name on a slip of paper…

folded them one by one and placed them in a colander…shaped a little like a hat 😉

…and picked out one with eyes closed…

congratulations Ellie…you are the winner…

wishing each of you a lovely day…

today we celebrate our youngest son’s birthday…

 LOVE you Sweetie….OXOXOXO

“Twenty years from now you will be more disappointed by the things you didn’t do than by the ones you did.  So throw off the bow lines.  Sail away from the safe harbour.  Catch the trade winds in your sails. 




~Mark Twain {Mutti and Dad too}

25 responses to “create with Transfer Artist Paper…we have A WINNER and a birthday

  1. Now that’s a cupcake 🙂
    Congrats to your winner, Ellie 🙂


  2. Congrats to Ellie! That cupcake looks so yummy. Chocolate and peanut butter…who could think of a better combination!


  3. Happy Day!!! That cupcake is scrumptious looking! Bright Blessings~ kt


  4. Lucky Ellie : )

    Thanks Patty, love the quote ♥


  5. Congratulations go to Ellie. I love that cupcake (YUM) and the poem is even sweeter!

    Not sure why, but your latest posts are not showing up on my sidebar. I’m off to see what else I’ve missed.


  6. Patty,

    You make my day, … mmm.. week… mmmm… year!
    That’s just what I need at the moment! as I said in the original post :

    …… and that book!! I just started on this type of projects, so it will have a good home with me!!!

    Thanks to all of you who don’t mind me winning the book LOL


  7. Happy birthday to your son dear!!! Enjoy the July-boy, these creatures are so special you know 😉


  8. Congratulations to Ellie! She’s one lucky woman. Happy birthday to your son- and now- time to catch some trade winds and art!!!


  9. Congratulations Ellie! Enjoy!


  10. Happy birthday to you son. Hope you have a great time wit lots of fun and presents and cakes.


  11. congratulations to Ellie!!and a happy birthday to your youngest…. :))


  12. good grief that looks delicious! Happy birthday to no.3 too! xx


  13. Congratulations to Ellie! She’s going to LOVE this book! And congratulations and Happy Birthday to your baby too!!! Nothing better than B’day “hugs” from the Birthday boy, I’m sure!!!! Hugs, Terri xoxo


  14. I didn’t know that was a birthday day, Patty. I hope you all have had a joyous and loving time! Congratulations to Ellie. I think she will love it. I think it is one of the most magnificent products I have ever worked with!!!


  15. Congratulations Ellie, that book looks very exciting and brimmed full of luscious ideas!
    And a very Happy Birthday to your youngest son Patty! That little cupcake looks so good and yummy ..:)
    Tina xo


  16. what a festive cupcake and happy day!


  17. Happy Happy Birthday, a day late, to Dear C. What am a Magnifico cupcake, that deserves a WOW!
    Loved his birthday quote too, it’s a famous one and so perfect. Also congrats to Ellie on her nice win!


  18. oooh Ellie creates beautiful pieces… it is ok that she won:)….I will console myself with chocolate I suppose and watch a good movie…..
    have a fab Sunday ……


  19. oh heavens and of course alles Gute zum Geburtstag for the birthday boy…..


  20. oh man i want that cupcake….
    marit left me a comment today on how wonderful we are that we all have july babies! i agree!
    your new posts having been showing up on my sidebar, i need to go see what i’ve missed that you’ve been creating!!
    have a great week. and a great cupcake…


  21. happy birthday to your son and congrats to Ellie for winning 🙂


  22. Happy happy birthday, dear boy! Hope your day was a good one! mx


  23. oH… Happy birthday to your sweet boy! Love that cupcake, too!


  24. congratulations to the winner! and happy birthday to your son!


  25. Belated birthday wishes to the youngest son! Hope you all added some special memories while celebrating the day! Those bluebird dishes….ahhhhhhh! Those have tempted me for years….several different makers have very similar bluebirds. I like them best with the crazing just like your piece is sporting.

    Congratulations to Ellie!


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