July local “what do U see”…girls just wanna have fun…

Fran Podlesney’s cereal box tag called me this month from her bag of goodies…

I decided to go a little different way with her china doll image (not quite 5.5″ tall 13.97cm) by scanning it and printing out three smaller versions (each about 3″ tall 7.62cm)…

I was pleased with how the yellow and green ‘ruffle’ turned out at the bottom…

that was a piece of paper towel that Fran had wrapped a tiny glass bottle in…

the dotted pattern of the towel showed up nicely when inked…

I cut the string of “pearls” apart and put them in the glass bottle sealing the top with string and beeswax…

I added some pretty dotted fabric from my stash to the back of the tag…

can’t wait to see all of Fran’s tags together …

les filles veulent s’amuser = girls just wanna have fun in every language

also can’t wait to show you the wonderful smooshed tin Linda Yeatman made for me

19 responses to “July local “what do U see”…girls just wanna have fun…

  1. these tags are soo cute, Patty….a clever idea indeed to scan the doll
    happy week to you dear friend…


  2. That is so very cute, Patty! I did my first collage this weekend. I had loads of fun but it has way too much pink!!! I am trying to think of what to do next…besides save is for Pink Saturday 😉


  3. Patty; you are brilliant! Love the way you decided to use the doll! And; the ruffles are awesome. Wonderful! xxoo


  4. Simply amazing! At first I thought the original was a Charlotte doll, then read it again that it was an image of the doll. Really enjoyed how you married the cupcake holder to both sides of the tag. Simply stunning. But I want to know how you got those very evenly spaced yellow stripes in the paper towel.


  5. This is really cute and I just love the theme,so summer!


  6. Adorable tag! It turned out soooo cute! Can’t wait to see what you got!


  7. What a gorgeous tag, dear Patty! Great idea and beautifully created!
    Have a wonderful week my friend!
    MARTINA oxo


  8. Three little french mademoiselles – what could be prettier!!
    Lovely Patty.


  9. Hi Patty, thank you for calling by and saying hi. I have been a little out of touch lately, both with correspondence and creatively…….haven,t done a tea post in ages, so it was really lovely to hear from you. I love your tag !! What a clever idea to scan those cute little dolls, love their hats and skirts…..and the title, perfect ! xx


  10. These tags are terrific, this is such a fantastic idea to scan the little doll – just brilliant.


  11. This is so cute and so summery!!


  12. Adorable!


  13. Girls just wanna have fun indeed!
    Wearing nothing but frilly aprons over their nethers and lettering across their flat little chests. heehee!

    Great tag! Love all of your details!


  14. oh my gosh patty, i can’t hardly stand how cute this tag is!!! the little skirts! their little hats! it’s too much. i have the most rediculous grin on my face right now…


  15. love these Patti – adorable tags and very very clever! Hope you have a wonderful week! 🙂


  16. Oh this is awesome Patty! It’s really hot here too! Guess I’ll stay in the house all summer! LOL!


  17. Girl’s just wanna have fun! How sweet! Leave it to you to think of scanning the frozen charlotte doll! Their little dainty skirts are adorable! The detail work in this little tag…wow!wow!wow!

    Is DC having this stifling humidity/heat too? I think I’ve heard heat indexes in the 107 degree range in our area. Ridiculously hot.


  18. FUN!!! Love how you used the elements in such unique ways. Cutting the pearls apart was brilliant.


  19. Oh my! how did I miss this?? gorgeous Patty! love the little gal, so cute, even cuter with her new clothes! Mx


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