“Mystic Mango” T

another very hot and humid day here …

just right for something cool…refreshing and uplifting…

*if you click on the photo a few times you can see a super size view of the frosty glass*

stop by Kimmie’s to find out what everyone is up to…

and here is July’s quote from my “Angel Spirits” The Art of Sulamith Wulfing 2011 Calendar:

“Within the fertile soil of your imagination are planted the seeds of change. Tend them well, and whatever you envision will blossom and grow.  What transformation do you want to see in your world?  Let your spirit reach for the skies like a summer garden in full bloom.” ~Spirit of Imagination, July 2011


15 responses to ““Mystic Mango” T

  1. That really IS a frosty mug. Reminds me of my tea pot from last week. All that goodness and it’s organic, too. I would be soaking the label off that bottle for all those inspirational words (grin). Have a great Tea Tuesday and I’m like that quote: ready for a change and transformation.


  2. Your “tea” looks so healthful and refreshing!! And the frosty glass is so elegant!

    I love the queen anne’s lace too 🙂

    Happy Tuesday! Kimmie


  3. Is this something that makes you smile, too?


  4. What a beautiful picture, Patty. I love that shade of blue and it looks so nice with the rest of the colors. I think I could use a gallon jug of that tea. It looks like it would give me many of the things I need right now! Thanks for sharing your lovely things, my friend. It is cold here! How odd is that?


  5. What a lovely glass 🙂 mango is delish in any way, shape or form!
    Happy t day 🙂


  6. I love kumbucha! I “brew” it myself. But the commercially made stuff with exotic favors is AWESOME. Mango sounds yummy!

    Queen Ann’s lace is the most beautiful weed. 🙂


  7. Gorgeous picture accompanying a superb quote. Love the look of that bottle- I could have a drink right now while sitting on a blanket in a park under a full leaved shady tree!! Enjoy your day! xo


  8. Oh that looks yummy!!


  9. My favorite juice and my favorite flower!!!!!


  10. Wow, that looks delicious! My husband is a mango whore, if it says mango anywhere on the label he is all about it! he would love this, I am sure. Happy T on T


  11. What a beautiful quote, Patty! Oftentimes I’ve said to my kids, “Plant a seed. You never know what will grow!” — so this had a very special meaning for me. Stay cool!!! Hugs, Terri xoxo


  12. beautiful wish for the world, miss patty….and your tea looks fabulously refreshing…yummmm


  13. Looks delicious and perfect for the hot day! It is unbearable here! There is hope for tomorrow for cooler air!

    Love the quote; thank you for sharing! xxoo


  14. one of my favourite fruits….it looks refreshingly delicious!!! Happy Happy day to you!!


  15. Oh yummmmmm…to your expertly stylized photo {great colors!} and to mango’s. Now I’ll have that on the brain as I love, love, love those messy things. One of my favorite chinese dishes has prawns, mango’s, walnuts, snow peas…

    Are these synergy drinks from Trader Joe’s, Whole Foods? Beautiful quote too, Patty!


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