Wordless Wednesday: a visit to the lily pond

*COPYRIGHT: A FRIENDLY REMINDER TO PLAY NICE*  I try to give credit where credit is due. Do not copy or borrow any art work or photographs without asking first.
~*Stealing is bad Karma*~

22 responses to “Wordless Wednesday: a visit to the lily pond

  1. I agree.xx love the dragonfly imagex lynda

  2. Wondrous photos. Just love that dragonfly- that is a dragon fly, right?? 🙂

  3. Lovely!!!!! thanks for sharing. Judy

  4. Beautiful! Love the blue dragonfly!!

  5. Well, Patty, I see that everyone loves the dragonfly, as do I. This must be the definition of “on gossemer wings….”. Just beautiful.

  6. Peaceful and lovely! Thank you Patty! xxoo

  7. now that is some lily pond….wow, your fotos are fab too….and go on over to artseebloggers.bs and put your blog on the list …..it is a great new directory….you need to be there Q-.tee………………….have a great Wednesday!!!

  8. Gorgeous pictures, Patty! And I totally agree on the ‘copyright’ infringement!!! Hope you’re somewhere in the shade or air conditioning enjoying a cold glass of tea or lemonade!!! Hugs, Terri xoxo

  9. LOVE the second photo Patty, tho’ they’re all good.

  10. Fabulous photos Patty. I love the dragonfly. Quite some Lily pond too.
    You already know I respect your photo ownership! pen x

  11. You know I’m giggling over the dragonfly coincidence!!! The colors on this little guy are spectacular!!! What gorgeous blue’s…these kinds of captures can make me smile all day. And the bee shadow on the lily pad…looks like she’s making a snow angel with her wings…! Lily ponds are just the best…something so special about them as long as no tubular shows up. Had a incident with one of those this week. Ick. ICK! ICK! But your story on the porch has cured me of going barefoot outside EVER AGAIN! Seriously. Xo

  12. superb photography!! loving the details….”bee shadow” and I love that dragonfly!!! the colors are glorious!!! thanks for sharing, Patty!!

  13. Patty,
    Those are incredible pictures. I love the lily. We have used a lily for our Katsui cards and I have always loved them. Dragonflies scare me! (I know they are safe ;-)) The picture of the little guy is really pretty.

  14. I do love the dragonfly!!! You live in a photo rich environment.

  15. oh, my oh my!!! Wonderful pictures, Patty.

  16. A beautiful simple post as always. The dragonfly is glorious, but the white of the lily is just so striking and pure.


  17. Love the photos. You always have such a great command of your camera. And the copyright infringement message is “right on!”

  18. Thanks for sharing your wonderful photos. I#m allways impressed, nature is full of magical being.

  19. Kathy Kristinnson

    So beautiful and serene.. that dragonfly is gorgeous… thank you for the lovely photos…have a great day..

  20. You capture the best pics Patty…the detail of that dragonfly is stunning…so are the shadows on the lily pads 🙂
    …and I agree…stealing is bad karma!

  21. Awesome photos!!! I just love dragonflies! What an absolutely gorgeous photo of him!

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