Over a Teacup @ Julieanna

lots to share with you today…

my long time friend Lennie and I headed far away from the city to meet up with two dear “old” friends and meet their two “new” friends…Julie and Susan … co owners of a really great shop and soon to be tea room in Broadway, Virginia…called Julieanna Over a Teacup

to find out more about the talented and energetic Susan and Julie…you can read an interesting article here with thanks to Lennie for the link…

they opened this sweet shop a couple of years ago … it is a classy blend of “something old and something new”…

the amazing canvas mural in the photo above was painted in 1901…the gals rescued it from a local small town theatre …

there were photo ops at every turn…co owner Julie designs gorgeous jewelry pieces…

our very own Pat of Ooglebloops has lots of her special upcycle pieces in the shop too…

with all the excitement and the heat I do not have any pics of Pat’s creations to show you (can you see my photos are a wee bit blurry too … the heat and I are not getting along!)

Pat arranged for us to have tea in the soon to be officially opened Over a Teacup tea room in the back of the shop…

in fact Pat surprised us by actually treating us to tea…how sweet and generous was that…

we oohed and aahed over the beautifully set table…no one sat down until we’d had a chance to snap some pics … and talk and talk…

fresh flowers…pretty linens and a gorgeous array of china pieces really got us going…

since we were among friends and all of a curious nature (you know inquiring minds and all) we read the bottoms of all the tea cups and got a good laugh about that and how it might not be acceptable in all circles…

we all obviously felt right at home at Julieanna’s with Susan and Julie’s pampering…

so many special touches…even handmade teacup pins as a surprise on each of our napkins…

Julie and Susan certainly outdid themselves on their “Celebrating Friends” menu for that scorching hot day…

starting with delicious Chilled Pear Soup…

the array of scrumptious tea sandwiches…Tomato Basil Rounds…Cucumber Sandwiches and Egg Salad Pinwheels…oh my…

the tea selection was extensive…

I enjoyed many cups of a delicate Lady Grey tea…

what would tea be without a scone…

a gorgeous Apricot Scone with Devonshire Cream no less…

and extra pretty paper doilies…

you know those had to come home for collage…

we almost needed to run laps around the table to fit in this last lovely treat…

Key Lime Trifle…

the perfect quote from the “Celebrating Friends” tea menu:

“Come, let us have some tea & continue to talk about happy things” ~Chaim Potok

what a delight it was from beginning to end…

many thanks to Julie and Susan for doing what they Love …they will be having their grand opening of the tea room this November…you can keep abreast of that here on their Facebook page…

next week I’ll show you the pretty new tea cup and saucer that I could not resist along with the goodies Pat, Judy, Lennie and I shared…

thanks as always for stopping by…

be sure and visit Kimmie at her Art in Red Wagons and of course stop by Pat’s for tea too and an update on the traveling tea cup

27 responses to “Over a Teacup @ Julieanna

  1. Such an enchanting post Patty ~ what a lovely magical place! Hope your week continues to be a blessing! Happy Blessings to you!


  2. This looks like a lovely place, even though the heat must have been very uncomfortable for you. I saw Pat’s post before I read yours, so I already had a idea about the day. What a wonderful time all of you must have had. Such fun over tea and lunch, as well as wonderful conversations and a few remembrance gifts. It must have been magical!


  3. What a wonderful visit to this tea parlor- feel as if I have just had the most wonderful afternoon with you guys. And I love that you looked at the bottoms of the china to see the company that made them. That’s all part of the glamour of a lovely tea set! What a menu too. One day- I hope to share tea with you! That would be an over the top experience for me. Thanks as well for all of the links. Will pop over to them this afternoon with a cup of green tea in hand!!


  4. Looks like it was a wonderful way to spend an afternoon. Everything is so sweet and comfortable looking. Love it!


  5. How lovely! A time spent with good friends enjoying such a timeless tradition. Lucky you!!


  6. Just lovely and that key lime trifle looks sooo good. Happy tea day. I always enjoy your posts.


  7. Beautiful post as usual, and that looks like a wonderfully elegant and sophisticated tea room. Oh to be able to indulge right now, instead of sitting in a stifling office.

    I hope the tealeaves told you something wonderful 🙂



  8. You must’ve had a wonderful day…. it all looks so lovely. I especially like the looks of that trifle! Nice to see a blog update here….I have missed you!!!


  9. Time for tea with friends is time so well spent…and what a proper tea this was. The surroundings were lovely…zinnias are such happy flowers. Everything looks as perfect as I believe it must have been.

    Happy tea day…oxo


  10. It was a wonderful time shared with awesome friends…thanks for your posting…it is beautiful.


  11. LoL and OMG!
    Artistic bloggers getting together for tea!
    Snapping photos BEFORE sitting down.
    Examining the china markings. Really!
    And everyone too modest to allow themselves to be photographed.
    HaHaHaHahA. LOve IT!


  12. What a great idea your friends have in putting a little tea spot in the back of their shop! They have no end of props and tea themed novelties …. I would love discovering a little spot like that! I love the mental image of reading the bottoms of the teacups …. Your tea time looks wonderful – as I told Pat – that key lime trifle has me drooling 🙂

    Happy Tuesday! Kimmie


  13. Great photos- I knew they would be!! LOL A little correction -Julie makes the jewelry, and one of my upcycled pedestals did make it into a photo- the 2 tier one with sandwiches on it!!:>) I will have more pix in a day or so – tired of resizing and rotating!!!


  14. YIKES, thanks for correcting me Pat. I will make the change in my bbb text pronto about Julie being the jewelry designer!

    My aerial view of your two tiered plate did not do it justice 🙂


  15. I love to peek into your life! It felt like I sat right next to you for a tea with good friends! I don’t live in ‘circles where certain things aren’t acceptable to say’ so I didn’t mind you all turning over the teacups to read the bottom… Thanks for sharing dear soulsister!


  16. Patty; everything here is so beautiful! Great time and thanks so much for sharing.


  17. Sounds like a fun day was had by all….and oooo those goodies on the table….yummy!!


  18. How wonderful it all is…. and those yummy eats!!! If only I wasn’t on the other side of the world!


  19. wonderful t post dear Patty and so fun to meet up with blogger buddy for tea… and such a sensational tea time it was! xox


  20. Oh how fun!!!! Love their shop and all the little “extra touches.” I have finally found scones that are made right – not too cakey! Oh and the key lime dessert sounds fab! Looks like you had a well deserved fabulous day!


  21. oooh i would to a sample of everything , it all looks delicious.. what a great shop, hope the heat is abating a bit…jenxo


  22. Thanks Patty for doing such a nice blog about our shop. We truly enjoyed having you and friends with us. I, too, always look at the bottom of the teacup- it’s a compliment to the cup 🙂 Hope you can come back soon! Blessings to you!


  23. What a wonderful time, Patty! And such a beautiful place. Your pictures really tell the story. I sure missed doing tea tuesday yesterday. No fun teacups around!


  24. Ohhhh! What a beautiful tea you had! Nothing is as special and fun as sharing a cup with good friends. Thanks for sharing your memories and all of your gorgeous pictures, Patty! Hugs, Terri xoxo


  25. What a fantastic entry you have made about our “Destination Teatime”. It was magical and remains so in your photos and I must say that your entry as well as Pat’s entry really compliment each other. You both get Gold Stars! Love them. Your traveling friend over teatime , Lennie


  26. Oh WOW…what a place!!!!!!
    I am SO envious 🙂
    (Your photos definitely did justice to the place).


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