More Over a Teacup

last Tuesday I shared some photos from three friend’s and I having a special tea prepared by the talented Julie and Susan of Julieanna Over a Teacup  in Broadway, Virginia

as that post got a little long…I thought I’d save some to share with you again today…

this vintage cup and saucer winked at me the moment I walked into the shoppe…

after tea I tried the cup on for size…

I like to be able to put my finger through the handle…

it was a perfect fit…

I have already enjoyed several delicious cups of my favorite Harney & Sons Earl Grey Supreme in it…

there is so much to catch the eye and delight the senses at Julieanna’s including special touches like their hand painted bags and ribbon wrapping…

along with our tea and conversation there were gifts…

Judy made everyone really special fabric covered tea journals…and she knows I enjoy postage stamps from around the globe too…

a yummy and delicate treat from Lennie … along with a tea pot spout drip catcher (say that five times quickly) that she bought for me at Julieanna’s as a thank you for driving…

a pretty bag full of gifts from Pat which included one of her “fairy umbrella” photo cards … her hand crafted heart scissor keeper … and two very special India inspired gifts…she knows me well..

some time ago I had found a bag of vintage sewing-needle books

what to my surprise when I opened the bag to find that there was one to fit each of these gals perfectly…

a horse theme for Pat McNally...

“Broadway” brand needles for Judy Post who has a Broadway address…

and a gardening theme with a Maryland Bank logo for Lennie Stimpson who used to work in a bank…

certainly the best gift of all was time spent together…

we survived THE hottest July on record here in the Washington DC Metropolitan area…

wishing you and yours a very happy August…

you can visit Kimmie for more T Tuesday stops and loads of inspiration…

30 responses to “More Over a Teacup

  1. Such a gorgeous teacup and so many lovely treasures!


  2. Patty; thanks for sharing all of this with us today. A great start to my day! What a lovely teacup; I couldn’t have resisted it either. All the other treasures are just beautiful! Hope it’s cooler for you there. We’re a bit better, humidity-wise, but it’s still very warm. Sending cool thoughts your way…………xxoo Marilyn


  3. oooh what a fun filled day you’ve had, dear friend..and all the lovely gifts….love love them the tea cup is so pretty….


  4. happy and hot tea day! so glad you finished up your tea post… lovely tea cup and great pressies… it was a fun day… obviously! xo


  5. I’ve had a horrible time getting here today. I keep losing my internet connection and have rebooted three times in the process. Maybe it’s our weather, since I think we also have had the hottest July on record, beating the daily record several days last month.

    It was fun seeing all the gifts that were shared last week. And that tea cup you purchased is really lovely, too. I could be happy with it. Well, actually, I would probably break it, so it’s a good thing it’s in your hands, not mine.

    Have a lovely tea Tuesday and keep cool under the AC.


  6. Great photos -I love my gifts!!!! blogger refuses to accept the rest of my photos from that day in an upright position – so today’s post is about my tea with friends yesterday!!! Drop by , if you get a chance!


  7. Beautiful teacup and lovely gifties.. what a lovely day you had… those are gorgeous needle holders… very hot and humid here again… hard to get motivated for anything..
    have a wonderful day..


  8. Oh, this sounds so lovely. Spending time together is always so precious.


  9. A Lovely Post today, Dear Patty. I am enjoying all my gifts. Have my little scissors in my sweet handmade scissor keeper. Word has it that the secret ingredient in this project was a piece of a pop tart box I believe. Love that thought! And it is made heart shaped, one for each of us gals. Mine is in my favorite color ,,, Blue! I am still showing off my treasures! to anyone who will look with me! A Wonder-filled day in the country for all of us


  10. Wow Patty! That does sound like a wonderful get together with sweet friends. Friendship and the sharing of gifts over tea! Fabulous! Have a great rest of the week. 🙂 Tammy


  11. I thought last week’s post was such fun, but I think this one is even better. Like you, I think the true test of a tea cup is whether you can fit your fingers in the handle and this one looks like it would be perfect. Sharing of special gifts like these means so much because it’s obvious a great deal of thought and caring went into each one. Lovely!


  12. Tea with you is always a pleasure. Your cup and saucer find is beautiful. The needle books are a treasure. Your tea post made me smile to the very last sip. Happiest of tea days to you! oxo


  13. Great treasures for sure! You always have such fun wherever you go!


  14. What a lovely day you ladies enjoyed! Thank you for sharing the beautiful pictures and all the goodies given and received! Aren’t “girlfriend outings” the best?!!
    Have a lovely week, dear Patty!


  15. andrea gilsdorf

    Looks like you had a fabulous time Patty.
    Awesome treasures and wonderful company, wow i am jealous ;).
    Thanks for sharing beautiful pictures that really gave the feel of your day.


  16. Lovely photos and sounds like a very lovely time!


  17. It looks like you had Christmas in July! What a fun get together with friends! The needle books you found are so sweet – and the thoughtful gifts from all of your friends are so cool!

    Happy Tuesday …. Hope it’s cooling down for you now!


  18. Sounds like you had such fun! And what wonderful gifties!


  19. The teacup you chose is gorgeous! FYI, your finger is not supposed to go through the handle– proper tea etiquette is for you to merely hold the handle between your thumb and finger (and your pinky thrusts out naturally for balance- I kid you not!)

    It was hotter than HECK here too. The rain we had over the weekend is already a distant memory since the blistering heat returned immediately!

    All of your gifts, both given and received are just lovely. Squeal!


  20. You are so cute. I love that tea cup winking at you!!! It is a beautiful cup, too!!! This whole party sounds wonderful, from the hand-painted bag to the clever gifties from your friends. I think you were rightfully blessed!!
    Bug hugs,


  21. Wow Sweetie what for lovley gifts and the teacup is wonderful.
    You are a lucky girl.
    The photo from the sunflower brings sun in the hearts. Love it.

    Have a sunny day my dear.


  22. O that vintage cup and saucer is divine. I think I am in love. Can yo be in love with such a thing ? I think so. Happy late T on T to you!! I had to skip out this week but feel free to drop by with your tea today to see what I’ve been up to .


  23. I have loved scrolling through your blog this morning, all the colors, the tea cups and your tea-stained fabrics. And your photograph of the robin in the birdbath is priceless! roxanne


  24. Loved your post..made me feel thatI was right there…finally summer in BC..I know you have had it so hot!


  25. There’s nothing better than getting together with a pal and sharing lovely gifts 🙂 Thanks for visiting my blog with such sweet comments! I enjoyed viewing your flickr images for the July 2011 photo challenge!

    Sandy xox


  26. Sounds like a lovely time. I missed having tea with everyone…we were on vacation.


  27. Oh what a fabulous tea party! Love your needle books!


  28. What a grand celebration with a perfect fit for all! Your teacup is darling and so perfect for you Patty ~ Blessings!


  29. Beautiful post.
    Love the vintage look of the needle book.


  30. beuatiful pressies and cant believe how hot and humid its been for you…..


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