tea and he …

our youngest magpie and I headed to a favorite garden spot of mine recently and I thought it would be fun to take our traveling teacup along…

with thoughts of each of you…

Oatlands Plantation is a National Trust Historic Site with a grand restored 1811 Greek Revival style house …

it is the 200 year old walled garden which includes 4 acres of terraced and formal gardens that always call to me …

I’ve only gone into the house once for a lovely December candlelight tour as a birthday treat from Mr Magpie…

their greenhouse is the second oldest propagating greenhouse in the United States and just celebrated its 200th birthday this year…

the two Japanese Threadleaf Maples are a wonder to behold in any season…

click here for some photos of them in their Fall splendor…

I would Love to see them in the snow sometime…

because of the greenhouse we can enjoy exotic plants like this Duranta

thank you Google for helping identify the plant…

I bet my friends in the Southern Hemisphere have it growing in mass quantities…

we were absolutely charmed to discover a pair of bushes doing their thing  in the garden…

the volunteer gardeners paused from their work to tell us about an interesting plant with long stems and pretty pink blooms with no leaves …

they were scattered everywhere…

“Common Name: Naked Ladies
Scientific Name: Lycoris squamigera
Blooming Dates: Summer
Comments: Scattered throughout the garden, this fragrant lady flaunts herself without wearing any foliage.” *taken from the Oatlands website*

Elizabeth and Bleubeard just happen to have a wonderful BED of naked ladies in their garden…

if you haven’t already you’ll want to visit Elizabeth’s recent post about them here

getting out in nature is always a delight…

taking time to enjoy a refreshing pause…

with the chatter of birds …

and a cooling breeze …

time spent with my man child

all priceless…

with just a click you can visit Kimmie for lots of fun stops around the globe…

for anyone living in Northern Virginia I cannot recommend a visit to these gardens highly enough…

they have a nice little gift shop in the carriage house with very friendly and helpful staff…

you can even make reservations for traditional afternoon tea while you are there…

wishing each of you a very happy T Tuesday..

28 responses to “tea and he …

  1. OMG Patty! You have melted my heart again with your narrative and beautiful story here, and of course the photos! These are dreamlike!


  2. this garden is so pretty, thanks for showing us around
    Happy T-Tuesday xo


  3. Patty; what gorgeous gardens. I am loving that gnarly tree! Hope you’re staying dry there. We have had pouring rain for two days. xxoo


  4. Beautiful gardens. That plantation house is gorgeous. Thanks for taking us on the tour with your man-child. I love that term…will have to remember that.


  5. Gorgeous, my dear, and time spent with your man child, absolutely priceless!
    Big hugs,


  6. mm mmmm mmm what a magnificently beautiful post dear one and those photos are just superb! each one better than the last! I so enjoy your traveling t cup and happy t day… xox


  7. Patty, your photos are really magnificent! Beautiful…all the wonderful adjectives. And I am also in love with the gnarly tree. It’s grand! Hope you are well.


  8. Just a beautiful post and love taking this special walk through these lush and lovely photos of the gardens. My favorite pic is the one with the eye glasses- just love reflections- visual and thought provoking ones! Thanks for this wonderful trip!


  9. So very beautiful pictures, dear Patty, thank you for sharing. Have a nice Tuesday


  10. What an amazing place! I would much rather visit that garden than any war memorial or monument. Places like this should be what represent our heritage more that any statue or obelisk could. Truly an amazing and inviting place. Thank you for sharing!!


  11. Wow, their Naked Ladies are much more prolific than mine! And the rest of the gardens are very charming. I adore the photo of your “man-child” in sunglasses with the house showing. I bet you knew it would be a favorite when you took it. And I loved visiting jut to see where YOUR traveling tea cup would be. So much fun to follow you around. I should grab a cup just in case I went someplace fun. Have a great rest of your tea day, dear friend and thanks for mentioning my Naked Ladies. They are still pretty splendid. Now I must return to working in my basement. I’m FINALLY on a mission!


  12. That definitely looks like a wonderful place to visit. Love that you took your traveling teacup along. I’ve not heard of the Naked Ladies but I do like the music of Barenaked Ladies. 🙂

    My oops recipe was supposed to be baked doughnuts. I came across the recipe on a blog and they sounded great. Should have just popped out of the pan and then been dipped in a butter/sugar/cinnamon mix but as I was putting the dough in the muffin tins, I really didn’t think they would turn out and I was right. I even greased the tins first but the mixture was too runny and you see the result. :/

    Hope you are having a great day. Tammy


  13. I’m late, I’m late – for afternoon tea!!! I do so miss Oatlands!! I remember when we had tea there!
    Thanks for the tip on the Naked Ladies – they are everywhere here – and I keep meaning to knock on someone’s door to ask what they are and where I can get them!! Now I know!!! Beautiful photos as usual……..
    Drop by, if you get a chance.


  14. Catching up bit by bit as I venture back into the blog reading world, where I am finding great solace and comfort in such lovely images as these. I’m doing my best to post regularly, to be a regular visitor. It’s nice to be back!


  15. What a lovely gnarly tree! I could spend hours sitting in the shade under that tree with a good book (oh, and a cup of tea – hot or cold!)


  16. Your superb photography skills are enough to make me want to visit the place personally!! Thank you for sharing….flowers ahhh i simply love them!!


  17. What a beautiful post…and your dear man child!!! hee hee! I love just seeing that people on this continent can actually get outside and walk around without melting! Amazing!


  18. Oh Patty what a beautiful tour ! I loved and enjoyed every bit of it….your photos are fabulous. I would love to visit here…maybe one day, fingers crossed. Thanks for sharing your garden adventure with us. xx


  19. I couldn’t think of a better way of visiting a garden than through your eyes Patty!
    I love Naked Ladies too – I had them growing in our old rambling garden – before we moved to a small townhouse!
    How nice to enjoy it with your son – special!


  20. What a gorgeous plantation……..and check out that tree…omg..what a shot!


  21. My single “naked lady’ bloomed a while ago. It’s leaves appear in the spring and disappear til the bloom appears in August. Mine does not bloom every year. In Texas these are bright red lilies. Thanks for the photo journey.


  22. Wonderful, Wonderful photos of a most Wonder-filled day in one of my favorite spots in the whole wide world and what a fantastic day, the weather surely did cooperate for all of us yesterday. Thanks for sharing your day with Colin with each of us.


  23. Such a beautiful spots and wonderful photos. Looks like you had a wonderful day!


  24. Love the shot of the cup with the dog. And that old tree is incredible. Makes me want to climb.


  25. Those trees!!!! I love gnarly trees and those are so perfect..all of it is!


  26. Just look at this long list of beautiful comments — and every single one of them is well deserved, Patty! You captured your day beautifully!!! Your pics are gorgeous, and I LOVE where you placed the teacup! Thanks for sharing your special day. Hugs, Terri xoxoxox

    PS If I feel that I need a bit of “serenity”, I’ve bookmarked this post so I can revisit the gardens!!! 🙂


  27. tee heh, “naked ladies” sounds so kinky! but they sure are beautiful 🙂

    thank you for sharing your trip with us, I always appreciate your pictures full of trees and flowers, that I don’t get to see as much in this desert 🙂


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