index card swap with Sandy

the lovely and talented Sandy is back in blogland after a bit of a break…

both she and her creativity were greatly missed…

Sandy got excited when she saw some of the index cards on my blog recently…

so we decided to swap a couple of cards…

here is what I took to the post office yesterday…

be sure and visit Sandy here to see the beauties she made for me…

some fun mail on its way back and forth across the ocean

10 responses to “index card swap with Sandy

  1. Patty, I´ve missed my words. Your cards for me so lovely.
    Gosh I´m so happy that you send to me.
    Thanks, thanks, thanks sweetie.


  2. Glad to see Sandy back too…..will go have a look at her cards…your two above are stunning……..have a wonderful Wednesday!


  3. These are lovely Patty! I, too, am happy Sandy is back; I love what she is doing with her journal pages. xxoo


  4. Beautiful! You work so well with blues and greens.


  5. Yes…you do work well with blues and greens! Love these. And I looked at Sandy’s and you are getting some gorgeous pieces back! Great swap!!


  6. OMG, today Sandy told me on the phone what she expect for terrific cards from you! I’m really jealous 🙂 They are very special, dear Patty! Soooooooo beautiful!


  7. Wow, two fantastic pages. Great colors and images.


  8. Such lovely cards! Sandy is going to LOVE these cool, blue beauties!!! Hugs, Terri xoxo


  9. i love what you do with those index cards recently! one is more beautiful than the other… gorgeous colors and images, i´m in AWE!!


  10. Beautiful cards Patty, love the images you’ve used. I popped over to Sandy’s blog, gorgeous colours she has going on there, fab! Mx


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