gesso play and sweet surprises

Gesso is one of my favorite art ingredients…

it is really more like a tool

such a tool

looking at a stack of book pages that I paint scraped some time ago I realized they could use a little something more…

the perfect chance to play with plastic doilies …

paintbrush …

and gesso

with endless possibilities…

as I got lost in play I was a bit shocked to see how much gesso and paint my left hand caught…

my jar of gesso above is ancient…

I have added water to it several times to extend its life…

a nice bit of color and decoration for envelopes and finally a use for my very thick dauber paints…

I also wanted to share a sweet surprise that arrived in my mailbox earlier this week….

the lovely and talented Dymphie in The Netherlands generously gifted me with some wonderful postcards that she made…

Love those great heart world postage stamps too…

I had commented on a blog post of hers saying how I am crazy about all things medieval…

so generous of her to think of me…

just because…

she also included a couple of her folded corner bookmarks

one is already in use …

blog friends sure can make opening the mailbox fun!

35 responses to “gesso play and sweet surprises

  1. very pretty and looks like it was so much fun too!

  2. andrea gilsdorf

    Hahaha Patty your not the only one who comes out their playing room looking like that, believe me. Love the plastic dollies thing. Wonder if i can cut some with me cricut..hmm…gotta try it lol.

  3. the messier, the merrier, isn´t it so? at least i feel so:)
    love your doily stenciling… that will make fantastic backgrounds!

    thanks for your comment on my blog, patty (and your spelling is absolutely right…)

  4. A wonderful Gesso playing, dear Patty. Great result

  5. do you mix your gesso with paint to add the color? if that is the case, I had never thought of that : O! genius!

    and yes, blog-buddies are the best. Not only for the constant inspiration and sharing, most people are also incredible generous 🙂

  6. o all my favorite colors!! looks like you had a lovely time playing!!

  7. I love my gesso! You had such a good time….. it looks wonderful…. love the plastic doily…. yes, blog friends rock our mail!

  8. Gorgeous gorgeous gorgeous- love the colors and feel and your pics!!! Wonderful. Goiing to florida for 2 weeks so don’t think i’ll be commenting for a little while but will try to catch your super posts when i can. They aways bring a smile to my face. Funny, in my post today I mention using gesso as well. In sync! Jilly

  9. Awesome! So glad to see that you get as mess as I do!! I tend to paint with my fingers a lot and spread gel medium with my fingers as well. Very messy but effective! I just have to be aware of what I’m wearing…I’ve ruined several good things not being careful.

  10. love your doily stencilling, such a wonderful idea, gesso can go a long way 😉 The hands are remotely common to see, love those
    How fun to see my links here on your blog, thank you Patty ♥

  11. Awsome doily stenciling – love it! Beautiful colours too!!

  12. Rebecca Buchanan

    What is gesso and where does one find plastic doilies? This looked like so much fun it makes me want to play!

  13. Gorgeous results with the gesso Patti…so beautiful in blue!

    I sure love your wordly gifts also, blog friends are the best!

  14. Hey Patty, you have been getting down and dirty…….aren’t doilies fun and so pretty. I love your envelopes, what a great idea.I also love those tags from your previous post, just beautiful. Have a great weekend. xx

  15. LOVE those doily impressed cards Patty.
    I’ve got a v busy day out today but come Saturday I’m going to have a go!
    I’ve only got paper doiles but they will have to do!!!
    Aren’t blogger parcels wonderful – finding different things that I normally wouldn’t buy makes it interesting!!
    Friday here so have a great weekend dear Patty!
    Shane 🙂

  16. Patty; love your gesso and stenciling. Plastic doilies are one of my favorite stencils! xxoo

  17. They say you learn something new every day but today you’ve helped me exceed that – first of all I didn’t know you could add water to gesso AND your idea of plastic doilies for ‘stencils’ is inspired. Now I can relax for the rest of the day!!

  18. These pages are unbelievably fabulous. You know how much I love your work, but this may be my favorite of all the things you’ve shown!

  19. Oh how cool! Where did you find plastic doilies? I’ve used the crocheted ones, but plastic would work much better.

  20. What a fun way to play. I often get my left hand as messy, too. It’s always good to have a rag around, something I never think of until it’s way, way too late. Aren’t you the lucky camper. You are SO blessed with people who love you and want to make something special for you. BTW, those bookmarks are to die for! Gotta run. I have company and was just posting for the first time since Tuesday.

  21. Oh, yes, Patty. I love those. Are you using gesso as a resist? I have this desire to make backgrounds and backgrounds. I picked up some paper doilies but the plastic ones make so much more sense. I will have to keep my eyes open at rummage sales. Where are they when we need them, huh? 😉 I just looked down at my fingers today and spotted yellow paint on them. Yikes. Thanks for your very nice comment on my blog!

  22. Oh yeah what a great playing with Gesso Patty. Your hands rock 😀
    Fantastic color. I love it.

    Have a sunny weekend sweetie xoxo

  23. Your Gesso art is fabulous, the doilie pattern looks fantastic.

  24. If you had sprayed your hand with water, would it have made a print”
    Love that shade of indigo blue.

  25. OMG! You made me chuckle with the way you dove into your doily stenciling and gesso!!! A girl after my own heart, Patty. I always start out with the best of intentions about wearing ‘gloves’, but then I end up shucking them off and have gone out to dinner with friends wearing paint around my cuticles (and once I even had it up to my elbows ‘cuz it didn’t come off in the shower!)!!! Hugs, Terri xoxo

  26. Looks marvellous, all that yummy paper!

    BUT…. don’t you have handgloves????

  27. Fantastic Gesso playing. Have a nice weekend 🙂

  28. ahhh a dose of good gesso fun!!! and thank you for introducing Dymphie….

  29. I love the stencil. Hope I able to handcut it :p

  30. Was würden wir nur ohne Gesoo machen ??? 🙂
    Klasse Idee Patty.
    Schönen Sonntag + liebe grüße Alexandra

  31. Let me add my voice to the chorus, “Where did you find the plastic doilies? I’ve looked many places and so far, no luck. Thanks for the gesso lesson, too!

  32. thanks for so many nice comments…

    Deana ~ I got these plastic doilies from my mom’s house…seems to me it might be something you could find at a dollar store or thrift shop…back in the day they used to make plastic look like lace runners and doily shapes with great designs…something to keep your eye out for

    you might also try etsy or ebay..maybe someone has a source for them?

  33. Love the doilies – they look so beautiful…I have started stashing things like that for masks and stencils…thrift stores are the best.

  34. hi patty,
    what a great and colorful playing!!! and yes – I like gesso too. sutch an great playing medium for all the things we have in our stuff.
    thanks fot sharing all the great ideas with us!


  35. see now THIS is what we should have done when you were heare Patty, oh bliss!!! Mx

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