Berry Pickin Tea…

Judy’s round robin traveling teacup began its journey back in May of this year leaving Mississippi … first stop Minnesota … on to Louisiana … next stop Nebraska … then heading west to Washington state … back east to Virginia … on to Tennessee … back to Washington state and arriving here in Virginia again … quite a trip…

Mr Magpie and I headed out the other day with the tea cup tucked safely in bubble wrap…

our original mission was to pick up home grown tomatoes to go with some fresh mozzarella we had waiting at home…

when we saw the pick your own blackberry sign at a favorite roadside garden stand …

well you can guess what happened…

that pretty tea cup filled up in no time…

Potomac Vegetable Farms has been supplying the community with fresh dynamic produce … flowers and more with no sprays for many many years now…

all natural…wholesome and delicious…

I made a nice caprese salad with a little fresh snipped basil from our garden…

a drizzle of balsamic vinegar made the perfect dressing

for dessert I made a peach blackberry crisp that we served warm over a little vanilla ice cream…

thanks to Big Huge Labs for the free mosaic making…

very soon the traveling tea cup will be making its way back home to Judy in Mississippi…

glad you stopped by today…

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“keeping it real, keeping it local” ~Potomac Vegetable Farms

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also wanted to point you in the direction of the very talented and generous Linda in Norway…she is having a super giveaway that you will not want to miss…


if you’re looking for a new and exciting online class…check out Carole’s latest class offering here…it looks REALLY wonderful

24 responses to “Berry Pickin Tea…

  1. All looks and sounds so wonderful Patty! Love the sound of your peach/blackberry crisp! xxoo


  2. You’re having tomatoes my favorite way – but WOW!! $3 per lb????? Yikes.
    Have to check out your link for the mosaic – you knew I was gonna ask!!
    Drop by for tea at Julieanna’s today – if you get a chance.


  3. If you can’t grow it yourself, a pesticide free organic veggie and fruit farm (or local farmer) is the way to go. Leave it to you to not just fill the cup with some lovely edibles (over drinkables), but turn it over to inspect the insignia/crest/mark. A truly inviting looking lunch and my kind to boot. That salad looks SO yum!


  4. oh isn’t it the truth, such a short season and winter is overlong.. it wears out it’s welcome… our tomatoes have been wonderful and fabulous basil…. mmm mmmm caprese salad!! delish!! xox


  5. It all look delicious. There is nothing better than homegrown tomatoes. I would pay that for a couple! Were they just delicious!? That’s a gorgeous tea cup as well….. and I want some peach blackberry crisp!! Yum! You aren’t helping my diet!


  6. We would have been excited about blackberry picking as well. There used to be wild black berries growing in our develoment, but the new house construction eliminated the vines.


  7. Oh wow… what a lovely trip the cup made, and you showed him/her even more sweetness! To fill it with blackberries – yummie! I had no time for tea yet, but now that the ‘disaster’ is over (see my blog), I think I’m going to crash out with a nice cup of earl grey!


  8. Everything looks so mouthwatering Patti, and so pretty! It’s nice to still see summer hanging in there. Enjoy it!


  9. How fun that the round robin tea cup could tag along with you today! Blackberries are just now beginning to ripen here …. I have my favorite country road where they grow just off the shoulder. No problem with dusty blackberries in Washington state either ( they are rain washed most days 🙂 )


  10. It’s fun to see the tea cup again! That tomato, mozzarella salad makes my mouth water. I have the basil, and a few tomatoes left, but no mozzarella in our store in town. I’m going to Omaha today, maybe I can get some.


  11. mmmm, the blackberry pictures made my mouth water…the tomatoes and mozzarella made my tummy rumble…prime tomato and berry season has passed us by…but not without leaving a longing for more and promises of abundance next year. happy tea day…i will be looking for our cup…dreaming it is still filled to the rim with beautiful fresh berries. oxo


  12. We are truly blessed when there are gardens like these 🙂 I LOVE blackberry anything! Thanks for the lovely photo of the travelling tea cup–it is so pretty 🙂


  13. o how i wish i could’ve tucked myself into your tea cup!! what a wonderful place to have nearby!!! all the yummy veggies & fruit look so delicious! beautiful beautiful photos dear patty….thanks for the little mini-vacation! i read about a cocktail you can make with fresh blackberries…you muddle 7 or 8 into the bottom of a glass, add a shot of vodka and fill the glass with soda water…it’s called a black swan….haven’t tried one yet but if i had those berries i certainly would!! xo tuesdays with you


  14. andrea gilsdorf

    I live in the wrong part of the world :(. Finding unsprayed food around here means prolly driving for about 1 whole day lol.
    Looks all so beautiful and delicious Patty.


  15. The perfect lunch – my wouth is watering and it’s only 7am in my corner of the world!!!!
    I can see Mr Magpies finger holding the pretty blue mug – what a gem he is!!!
    We can get organic food here too but at a price!!!
    Enjoy your Wednesday!
    Shane 🙂


  16. totally scrummy post Patty! Im still holding out for my tomatos to ripen.. Mx


  17. blackberry season already… love to pick blackberries and love to eat them even more. I made some bb-muffins last week yummm… and look at those red tomatoes…
    your post makes me crave for something tasty, better go off to bed now 😉


  18. I just saw the news and I hope you are out of harm’s way from the earthquake that hit VA and DC today. I saw northern VA was the epicenter, so instantly thought of you. PLEASE be safe tonight and tomorrow as I’m sure there will be after shocks.

    BTW, I’m the one who took the ties apart awhile back. I needed several piece of fabric and, since ties are cut on the bias, they were perfect for what I needed. The added bonus was I got lining, too.


  19. Oh, dear, Patty. I just read the email above and now I am so worried.O hope you are ok. We were so out of “real life” that we have missed what is happened. I hope you will be able to post tomorrow, too. to let us know how you are doing.

    Loved this special post!!!



  20. Pattie, I do really hope you and your family are safe and well. It was such a shock to hear the news about the earthquake and see the images.
    What a contrast to your delicious photos. The end of summer is always such a time of plenty.


  21. Mouthwatering post ~ those berries look scrumptious ~ Made me want to go to the nearest outdoor market and get some delicious berries. Hope your week is blessed Patty!


  22. Yummm…your photos look delicious Patty…another stop I will have to put on a future itinerary! you are a very good concierge service!


  23. Those tomatoes and blackberries are totally to die for! Do you have a yen for gazpacho? I do now!


  24. Okay, I have to say it: Great MUG shots!!! ahhhhh, alright that is out of my system.
    All those fruit photos are almost too much to take.
    Have a relaxing and calm weekend


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