Goodnight Irene

this soon to be altered metal recipe box has been kicking around for awhile now…

it is perfect for holding my 3×5″ index cards…

my attempt at creating an earthquake card did not work out…

 but I did want to share some of the other cards I created recently…

with a short description of what went into each…

I so enjoy putting bits of this and that together…

playing with scissors and glue never gets old…

it seems my blog has turned into part of my memory

you may notice that there are underlined words in most of my posts…

I try to add links to provide further info and of course give credit where credit is due…

there is a handy tool on my sidebar marked “Looking for Something” … typing in a word or two oftentimes takes me where I need to go…

for a clearer view you can click on the pictures…it helps sharpen them…I should really take the time to get out the tripod…

here goes…

Citra Solv background…scraps of paper doily and graph paper…copy of a TAP transfer piece I made with beaded and stitched silk frame…Goddess stamp …

Citra Solv background…stamping…gold Krylon pen…scrap paper from garden catalog…faux leaves and flower colored with Sharpie…center brad…gold napkin for bottom trim…the image was in a cigar box with some pages I cut up for text…not certain where she is from…

mini me…age two in Germany on a paint scraped and doily gesso background…German book text (thank you Margaret I finally got brave enough to rip those nice pages) …text washi tape…and rubber stamps from Catslife Press…really Loving the “Remember to Play Everyday” freebie stamp from them…

another Citra Solv background…some you hardly want to cover up they have such great colors and design…the Polish postage stamps really inspired me on this one…a Debbie Warren free microscope size image trimmed down with a little more graph paper at the bottom…

I had scanned a piece of green and black collaged background paper that I created some time ago added a little gesso stenciling with a plastic doily…along with my favorite Paper Whimsy sun face…dotted piece from a recycled envelope…black rubons and the word “luminous” cut from a paint sample…

another piece of my scanned background glued onto my pink index card…I decided to print it larger which made it a little different and interesting…my favorite “Art Helps Me Breathe” stamp again from Catslife Press and the fan stamp enhanced a bit with my white Signo gel pen

our house is on high ground here in Northern Virginia…

still not sure what to expect with Hurricane Irene

they are throwing the “historic” word around again…

we are hoping for just a tropical storm here in the Washington DC area…

it will be nice to sayGoodnight Irene after this weekend…

sending best wishes for everyone’s safety…

may each of you stay out of harm’s way…


34 responses to “Goodnight Irene

  1. I so love your art, here, you’ve shared with us Patty! Those Citra Solv backgrounds are incredible. I love them and use mine a lot. I just finished a journal page using one. Very versatile.

    I will say prayers and keep positive thoughts for you and yours with Irene. She is surely causing a lot of anxiety. We will get effects this Sunday with pounding rains and damaging winds.

    Be safe; thoughts of you! xxoo Marilyn


  2. Lovely work Patty. Am intrigued by the ‘Citra-solve” technique and determined to have a go this week. You get great results!


  3. I love what you wrote about blog becoming your memory. my thoughts exactly.
    beautiful art as always. every single piece. and it’s so great to see that our Polish stamps inspired you.

    thinking of you… stay safe.


  4. Wonderful pages … good luck with Irene, keep safe. Petra. x


  5. I love these cards!!! and yes blogging is an online journalling as well as creating art to remember our life journeys…warm hugs and love to you….steph


  6. Prediction for Culpeper is 1-2″ rain with 25-30/mph wind. Probably a power outtage but that isn’t unusual in the country with limbs falling on power lines.
    Stay safe and dry….Dot


  7. They are all beautiful in their own way.
    Thank you Patty for sharing your techniques – tres generous mon amie!

    Thinking of you all in the US, your families and friends who are in the path of hurricane Irene.
    I’ve just seen on BBC news the NY mayor Michael Bloomberg has ordered the evacuation of 300,000 people in low lying areas of New York.
    Please God they heed his warning and keep safe.

    Blessings to you all
    Shane xx


  8. You are the one who needs to stay safe about now. I’m really worried about you as you prepare for one more bump in the road. I’ll be thinking about you and your safety as tomorrow turns into the day Irene lands,

    I know I should mention something about your art, but right now your safety is as important, if not more so. Please stay safe,


  9. Your citrasolv transfers turned out perfectly! I love all of your happy results from your creative time …. Looking forward to some time for that once the kids are back in school 🙂

    Stay safe while Irene makes herself into an uninvited guest … Goodnight Irene sounds like a song – maybe it is one 🙂


  10. hope to read very soon a post from you hearing that everything is fine with that Irene…

    you cards are so lovely, inspiring and meaningful as always.


  11. Oh my sweetie good to hear all is ok.
    This made me happy.

    And my eyes see so so so amazing new index cards.
    I love them all. So lovely.

    Have a wonderful weekend sweetie. xoxo


  12. thank you all for visiting and for your kind words and good wishes

    Kimmie ~ if you click on the highlighted “Goodnight Irene” near the bottom of my post you can hear Willie Nelson sing the song 🙂


  13. Hey Patty! Love all your cards! I’m getting really nervous about Irene, not sure what to expect either. We’re in the saturated area so I’m hoping we don’t have some huge trees falling!!! Take care and talk to you next week!


  14. WOW! Amazing work…gorgeous, beautiful…how absolutely stunning!


  15. These hurricanes, tornadoes and the storms in the world are really frightening! Hopefully your house will be spared!

    Your cards are stunningly beautiful, my dear Patty!

    Have a nice storm-free weekend
    MARTINA xxx


  16. Patty, your cards are absolutely wonderful! I especially like the one where you colored the pink flower and there is the vintage image of the woman in the bright pink dress and headscarf. I hope you escape(d) the worst of the hurricane. Wow–we are used to the earthquakes here in California, but not hurricanes and/or tornadoes–and you’ve been hit with a double-whammy over there on the east coast! Take good care–Hugs, Jann


  17. What fabulous index cards you create…just wonderful work! I love the one where you are a little girl…toooo sweet! Tell me your house is ok and everything has passed over you by now……..take care and be safe Patty!!


  18. All of your cards are beautiful, Patty, but I adore your “mini me”!!! LOL! Perfection, indeed! Been a crazy week. First the earthquake (yes, I did think about you and hope that you and yours are OK). We felt the tremors in our area too. Quite frightening.
    Now we’re bracing for a visit from Irene. Mother nature sure has it in for us this week. We’ve battened down the hatches and are waiting. Please God, my angels of protection will do their job. Stay safe, My Dear Friend!
    BTW – thank you for your sweet comments and well wishes on reaching my 500 followers. You made my heart sing and my spirit dance! Good luck in my drawing!!! ♥ Hugs, Terri xoxo


  19. Stay safe Patty – hopefully it will just pass you by and head back out to sea.


  20. Beautiful pages, Patty. Your citrasolv transfers are just perfect! I especially like the second card with the pink flower.
    Have a great Sunday!

    Take care and be safe my friend!
    Gaby xo


  21. I keep an eye on the news all day today… so many (blog)friends of mine in the ‘hurricane area’… stay save my dearest! Me-thought you had enough scary natural disasters to cope with last week… may this one pass you by!


  22. It is Sunday morning and all is well here at the Magpie’s Nest…we weathered the storm with lots of rain and wind but no damage

    Thank you all for your concern and kind wishes

    Praying that everyone else along the east coast fares well too!


  23. So glad you weather ed the storm just fine! Love the above pages. So glad you provided a link to the citro-solv site.


  24. Such lovely postcards Patty ~ praying protection to surround you and your home and loved ones, all for that matter. Blessings dear friend, me


  25. Glad to hear nothing serious happened with Irene. Looks like she’s turning into a well-behaved lady :]

    Have a nice sunday! It’s cold and cloudy here in Antofagasta. Spring can not come soon enough 😐


  26. I love your storage box Patty, great artcards to fill it with too. My fav is mini you (and not just because you used the German text, well done!) remember to play everyday, that’s something for all of us I think Mx


  27. Loved your words and pics Patty, but I Loved “Goodnight Irene” most of all, one of my favs from the past. I’ll be humming it all day long now.


  28. All of these are beautiful, Patty, and I really need to click on that Citra-Solv link, because I have a bottle here waiting for it to tell me what to do! Glad Irene wasn’t as big a deal as it seemed it would be — hope no damage in your world.


  29. i’m glad to hear that you are all ok. i was thinking of you the other day when i heard about the expected path of the storm. these cards are so beautiful. i have a lot of clicking through to do today.


  30. your transfers are terrific!! visiting your blog always holds some treasures to detect…


  31. Fantastic index cards! love those backgrounds, and the images you choose are always inspiring…


  32. gosh you have been productive, loving these…


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