all in the golden afternoon…

Hurricane Irene downgraded to a tropical storm turned into mostly a rainmaker in our neck of the woods…

sadly there were lives lost along the east coast with a fair number of people still without power and wide spread property damage…the far reaching extent of the damage remains to be seen…

very much like our earthquake last Tuesday everyone seemed to have very different experiences with this storm that was likened to the size of Texas as it moved north and east…

thank you all very much for your prayers and good wishes…

the weather has turned a bit cooler and less humid here…

just right for spending some time outdoors again…

my mother had given me this Bavarian Hutschenreuther cup and saucer with a matching cake plate some time ago…

she was more of a mug user than fancy china lady…

although she did have some pretty china…

I enjoy both mugs and china tea cups…

I have wanted to clip some of my handkerchief collection onto a string for a long time and finally came across the one inch wooden clothespins I bought with that in mind…

they helped brighten this garden corner while I sipped some delicious golden Mystic Mango Kombucha

the song All in the Golden Afternoon from Disney’s Alice in Wonderland inspired the title of my post today…

it was a favorite tune of mine when I was a young girl and brings with it special memories of me helping my Mutti make up the beds each morning while she and I sang like little songbirds…

she was a war bride far far away from her native Munich Germany…

when I was much older she shared just how homesick she was back then…

Snow White’s Someday My Prince Will Come was right up there as a favorite too…

you can click on each underlined song title above if you have time for a listen…

I played my little red and yellow vinyl records on my child’s suitcase style record player over and over and over again…

music has always been an important and inspiring part of my life…

wishing you and yours a happy last Tuesday in August…

stop by Kimmie’s Art in Red Wagons for more tea links

32 responses to “all in the golden afternoon…

  1. What a beautiful cup of tea! And we’re so glad you made it through the hurricane safely


  2. I’m so happy you and yours are ok from Irene. It was a white-knuckle ride on Sunday. My heart goes out to those who have lost loved ones and also the ones who have suffered severe damage from this huge storm.

    A beautiful post, today, Patty – thank you! Your photos are lovely and your words to go along with them! xxoo


  3. oh so very glad to have with tea with you and know that you and the magpie nest was safe and sound! enjoy that tea! giving great thanks! we are so very blessed… xoxox


  4. I’m so glad Irene was a somewhat courteous guest in your neck of the woods …. Sadly, not so for many other folks 😦

    My tea today has a golden theme too … It’s turning to the golden time of year soon and I can feel it in the air and see it in the colors. Your handkerchief clothesline is so sweet …. What a great idea!

    Hugs to you today!


  5. Oh my, I love your photos! I still have a few hankies left over from days gone by 🙂


  6. Such a beautiful tea cup! I love the color of the tea! It just looked delicious!
    Happy Tea Day!


  7. Can I just say, I feel very under dressed sitting here in my shorts and Ron Jon tee shirt while looking at your extravagant tea photos. That cup and saucer is just too much da-ling, to much. I mean that in the sense that I love it! Your final picture is simply gorgeous!
    We are still boiling hot here but in the early morning it is cool and inviting and just a little tease of the Autumn to come.
    Happy T on T!


  8. Beautiful post- with beautiful dishes from your mom. The hankies are super across the line- as were the disney songs to listen to. Just love your photos. They bring me into another glorious world!!


  9. Wow, it’s been quite a couple of rough weeks, an earthquake and Irene. Glad that things are going better in your area.

    Here you can tell spring is in the air… for the first time ever, our dry brown hills have become green! (not through all the city, but some here and there have patches of green). It’s a great change of scenery 🙂


  10. Oh, Patty. Such luscious things in your post! I did not get my cup photographed…instead I am going back to the endodontist. I received a wonderful gift and I want to do it right…or righter 🙂
    Love your stories of you and Mutti. The two of you singing together. How wonderful! I love the second and do not know the first. I can’t wait to push the button!!! Music is so important to me, too.
    I adore your handkerchiefs. When i get my craft room all painted and organized, I am going to do exactly the same thing. I hope you don’t mind if I copy. They weren’t meant to be kept in a drawer!
    That cup…totally amazing.
    Love and hugs,


  11. andrea gilsdorf

    Happy to hear your safe and sound Patty!
    I remember my grandmother having something similar (cup), no clue tho what happened to it. I am not a tea drinker but might go for what you have in your cup, sounds actually delicious.


  12. So happy to hear that you were spared the storm! Your little garden vignette is so sweet. Wish I could pop on over for a cup with you. I probably wouldn’t sing with you though. Actually, I might but then you would never have me back 🙂


  13. Absolute heavenly ! Glad you are safe Mrs. Magpie, and enjoying the outdoors in such a gorgeous setting. Collecting handkerchiefs ?… lovely idea. and a very pretty collection.


  14. What a gorgeous garden space with so many lovely things! I am glad you are safe from the earthquake and Irene. The hankies are just the sweetest collection ever! Have a wonderful week!


  15. Love your little hankies hanging on the line. My eye went right to them! You have such a lovely little spot for tea–very inspiring!

    Glad you didn’t have too much repercussion from Irene–she had quite a temper! All those folks on the east coast have my sympathy and prayers.


  16. I’ve had a devil of a time getting here today. Three times I’ve had to shut down and reboot. I think Irene has struck MY place instead of yours (grin). Speaking of the old gal, it’s good to read YOU are doing OK, and Irene did little to no damage to you and your home. It’s also good to read that your weather has turned a bit cooler. Wish that were true here. We may just get that all time record because we only need two more days of 100 degree or higher temps for this to be the hottest summer on record. Both tomorrow and Thursday are supposed to be hotter than 100 F.

    When I saw those hankies, I just had to take a closer look. Wow, they are incredible. These are things I really, really love and still have the one you sent me. And they go so nicely over your table. You always make the most beautiful vignettes and table scapes. Hope you had a great tea Tuesday. Sorry I’m late getting here.


  17. love your images and glad you are safexxlynda


  18. I enjoyed the colorful photos Patty.

    Our 5 year old daughter is a fan of Disney movies (especially the classics) and “Someday My Prince Will Come” has been sung (or at least tried to sing) a few times here as well.


  19. I’m attempting to crack the code here Patty. Fingers crossed.


  20. Bravo…I did it!

    As you know, I loved this post. mwah…..


  21. Love your handkerchief collection. Your tales of singing with your mom are lovely. You had a very splendid childhood … I can tell! I’m listening to the soundtracks now. (and wish I still had my little record player)


  22. Rebecca Buchanan

    Seriously? You are going to leave those handkerchiefs outside?


  23. What a lovely setting for tea. Hope the inclement weather is behind you. I fear we may be having a long winter with the way the birds are working hard to fatten up. Love the look of the hankies on the line. So sweet.


  24. So glad all is well Patty.
    Love your banner of hankies, I am drooling at all the beauty in this post, the hankies, the tea, the scenery, the flowers! These small treasures make our days so beautiful! Thank you for sharing!


  25. What a lovely scene you create with your banner of hankies on the line, lovely flowers, pitchers and so many memories. Patty, I know it must sometime be hard to share memories of your Mutti, and yet, perhaps it is healing. I hope so. I know your words help keep her alive, help keep her memory so very clear to those of us who knew her only through your words. Thank you.


  26. Glad to hear that Irene wasn’t too troublesome for you, and healing thoughts to those who it did affect badly.

    Another wonderfully written and photographed post. Well done, and keep up the good work. (Said in my best BBC accent)



  27. delighful pics Patty, love the clothesline soooo much, have already pressed save on that one…Mx


  28. Golden tea in Golden Cup with music and fluttering hankerchieves…a lovely picture. Your posts leave special images in my mind. Thank you, dear girl.


  29. I had red and yellow records too and a little record player! I remember listening to the Siamese cat’s song from Lady and the Tramp- “We are Siameses if you please, we are Siamese if you don’t please”, sung in a cat’s whine. I’m sure it drove my mother nuts.

    Your hanky bunting is very festive!


  30. beautiful as always, Patty! I just love the idea for the hankies…will have to work on that! Your tea looks not only intriguing, but very delicious!
    Have a beautiful week my friend!


  31. I’m so glad to have made it even though a little late….greetingsa from Sydney me dear friend!!! what can I say..that little corner is soo pretty!!!//
    beautiful post as always!!!


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