Image Transfers with Citra Solv

recently I had posted some of my 3×5″ cards where I used National Geographic pages that had been treated with Citra Solv for background papers…

finally I got around to trying the Citra Solv using laser jet images to transfer onto fabric

I used a scrap of very textured fabric for my first transfer on the left…notice how lots of color was left on the laser paper on the right…

the variables are how much Citra Solv you use along with what kind of fabric you are transferring onto and how much you burnish the laser copy with the back of the spoon…

the black and white teacup transferred with a bit of a greenish tint onto the tea dyed cotton on the left…

it felt like I rubbed with the spoon for a good long while…

lifting and checking to make sure it was coming through…

as you can see the laser paper image on the right still looks good after using it for the transfer process…

overall I was pretty happy with the results…

the two girls above are freebie images and can be found here

that is my transfer on the left…

this video tells you everything you need to know to get started…

a favorite image from Karen at The Graphics Fairy on the left transferred very nicely onto tea dyed cotton muslin on the right…

I found that doing the transfers smelled much much less than when I was treating the magazine pages with Citra Solv…

those saturated pages took months to air out in the garage…

I still worked outdoors but was able to bring the fabric pieces into the house after just a couple of hours…

there are some fantastic ideas and inspiration to be found here with lots to explore…

who knew a natural cleaning agent could be so much fun…

Happy September All!

36 responses to “Image Transfers with Citra Solv

  1. wonderful post! I have been meaning to try this!! xo


  2. aw, I don’t think Citrasolv is available here : ( I’ll just have to keep on my frustrating attempts w/ acrylic medium :p

    your transfers ended up awesome, I look forward to see what you’ll do with them 🙂


  3. Patty; I have not tried the Citra Solv transfer yet. I will have to try this as I really love the results. There’s something about transferring images onto fabric – really wonderful! Your are awesome! xxoo


  4. You need to do a “class” down here with Judy, Lennie and I- or maybe at Julieanna’s!!!LOL just watched a video on gelatin painting – now I will be watching your link – I will NEVER got off the computer this morning!!! Always interesting and creative you are!!!


  5. Wow, this is fantastic! Never heard of this chemical before but marking it down. Thanks so much for sharing this info-will take a look at the links you’ve provided as well. Just love what you have done with the backgrounds and transfers. Oh, there is so much to explore in life and so little time! xo


  6. I’m definitely going to need to try this out! We don’t have a color laser just black toner. Can’t wait.


  7. Wow, these turned out beautifully! Thanks for sharing your technique and for the tips on the variables to look out for.


  8. These came out great – love the process and the results.


  9. I’ve read about these before and just think it would be a lot of fun. And, you’ve obviously proven that it is…neat images! Thanks for the reminder and all the information!


  10. I admit that I have not mastered the transfer of images. And I’ve tried. They always come out cloudy. Your are way more clear and detailed. So I’m going to watch the video and go to the store for the ‘ingredients’ and see if I can master THIS technique. Fingers crossed.
    Thanks for the info! And the images are sweet, too!


  11. Halle sent me some Citra-Solv as a birthday gift this year, and I promptly stuck it somewhere “safe” so now I can’t find it. The only transfers I’ve done is with turpentine, which makes me sick to my stomach and gives me a headache.

    Having said all that, I am off to view your videos and web site to see how easy it just might be to print on fabric. Talk about FEARLESS. My hat off to you, dear friend.


  12. Gosh I really think I need to try this. Where do I buy that stuff?


  13. marvelous transfer results on the muslin…great idea!


  14. Wow, great results, dear Patty.
    Thank you so much for your visit and your lovely comment


  15. Thank you all for visiting…playing with Citra Solv is really fun with good ventilation.
    Linda ~ health food stores generally carry it…it comes in a spray bottle or the kind I showed.
    One day I’ll have to try it for cleaning hah!


  16. The Citra Solv treatment on paper looks so fantastic! I don’t think it’s available here in Sweden. Your transfers are very nice 🙂 PS, glad you got out of the storm safely!


  17. The results you’ve achieved are fantastic Patty. I do admire your handiwork. pen x


  18. to do some experimenting…….xx


  19. Hello, dear one,
    Now I need Citrasolve 🙂
    We are at Jud’s family home, taking it apart to move them into a condo. Mixed feelings!


  20. Awesome Patty… LOVE your papers and your image transfers… I haven’t been able to buy Citra Solve in Australia but after seeing all your beautiful creations, am going to see if there is something similar to do the job… the freebie image is so sweet too… popping over for that one :))

    Jenny x


  21. I haven’t heard of Citra Solv before so I’m eager to try it. Watched you video and it seems very doable. Also received your lovely postcard from Kandeland’s exchange. THANKS. It’s beautifully done.


  22. I must have it also.
    I can not buy in Germany *ggrrrrrr*
    Patty your results are fantastic,
    Great transfers. Love them all.

    Have a lovely weekend sweetie. xoxo


  23. Great results, love the look of the transfers. Like Sandy says, it isn’t available overhere :o(


  24. I’ve read a bit about this before. I don’t know where to buy it…so far I haven’t seen anywhere. I’d really like to try it though. Thanks for samples and the links.


  25. I’ve tried Gesso and PVA before, and both work ok. Apparently Citrasolv is available to order over here, so I may just have to investigate 🙂

    Thanks for yet another inspiring post, and I hope my attempts come out as well as yours.



  26. Wow fabulous! Unfortunately they don’t sell it over here :o(


  27. your transfers are out of this world perfect, stunning!


  28. i’ve been reading about citra solve, i must try it. your transfers all turned out well.


  29. aww Patty , these are spectacular, someone sent me some citrasolve papers and i just love them. i even bought old national geographics for the day when i find some citra solve….


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