Citra Solv Transfers on Tissue Paper…

here are some laser images that I used to transfer onto plain white tissue paper with thanks once again to The Graphics Fairy …

since trying Citra Solv transfers on fabric yesterday I knew I wanted to give the tissue paper technique a whirl too…

I photographed my tissue transfers on top of old atlas pages so you could see the sheerness you get even before gluing anything down…

the bees nest melted into the heavy blue painted card stock seamlessly…

I was excited to glue my transfers onto book pages and really like the way the text shows through…

I used Golden’s Matte Medium…

but any good glue stick would work…

I put the glue on the paper not the tissue…

much easier that way…

the Matte Medium does leave the papers with a fine finish and feel…

in reading more of the Citra Solv artist’s site I found out that when ironed the FABRIC transfers can be washed and bleached with no damage or fading whatsoever…

perfect if you were going to transfer onto a white t shirt I guess…

it bears saying again…

playing with Citra Solv is best done with lots of fresh air and latex gloves are a good idea too…

* * * * *

WordPress slipped a little surprise near the top of my sidebar…

not sure why I even noticed…

maybe I was searching for something…

here is what it says:

Follow Blog via Email

Enter your email address to follow this blog and receive notifications of new posts by email.

I wish they would just make a blogroll that updates like most of you have on your blogs already…

I always have to check people’s blog lists to find out who has updated their blogs…

that really is the only thing I can see that WordPress could improve on..!

26 responses to “Citra Solv Transfers on Tissue Paper…

  1. Your CitraSolv posts are so much fun, Patty. I’m looking forward to trying this! Thank you for sharing all this with us.


  2. I wonder if you could then treat the tissue paper with ICE Resin to create another type of paper….hmmmmm


  3. Lovely and dreamy!


  4. Okay………. I’m going to find this product today!!


  5. Oooohhh ~ another great technique. And let me say that I LOVE LOVE LOVE that bee stamp.

    I need to hit Target for Citra Solve as there isn’t a drop of it in my small town ~ so I’ll have to wait to play with these techniques for a bit. I DO like the transfer with tissue especially. Very soft looking. THANKS for sharing these with us Patty. I’m always up for something new ~ even if I don’t ‘master’ some of them. It’s always fun to play, tho!

    Hugs from CO where it was 56 degrees on the front porch at 7am. sa-weet


  6. mmm looks like oyu have been having lots of fun! They all look fabulous!
    we don´t have citra solve in Germany but something similar and it made me sick to the stomach…as I am hypersensitive to smells and I had to throw ALL my pages away…such a shame cause they looked great but I could not bring them into my house for fear of keeling over from the fumes. Thanks for the tip on trying it on fabric and such. Will give it a go come October.
    Have a great weekend!


  7. I enjoyed this one today and the Bees are fantastic. I don’t need a reminder Dear Patty, I go to your blog every single day, almost without fail.Sometimes you are my wake-up call!


  8. Great Post! I’m new to the Citra Solv technique. We don’t have that product in Australia but a similar one, Oramnge Power, does the trick. I’ve been experimenting with two strengths and both work in different ways. Will do a post soon when I have it all worked out.


  9. I love the transfer technique and your work too. CitraSolv doesn’t exist in germany so I transfered images with NevrDull. Your transfer images of the last posting below are so amazing, I’m excited!Thanks for sharing your talented art works!
    Have a nice weekend,
    hugs Anja


  10. Your transfers are wonderful! Can’t wait to give it a try! xxoo


  11. yes, i like the little blogroll feature that blogger has. i am pretty sure there has to be some sort of plugin somewhere for wp… but i haven’t really looked. if i find one i’ll let you know.

    and the bees and the fabric! what a sweet technique. i like your warning, i tend to warn of the dangers of my crafts too 😉 we live on the edge don’t we!


  12. I love the way these turned out!


  13. I don’t think Citra-Solve is available here (can’t say for certain) however the other day I stumbled on a similar technique using Pine Sol Multi Surface (with Lemon) and now I’m on the hunt to see if we have that. I really like the tissue transfers – very ethereal!


  14. i LOVE that citra solve thing!! can you tell me the shops it is available? i have a brother-in-law in seattle and maybe he could buy me some and bring it to me when coming to germany next time…


  15. Wow sweetie these are so great.
    Amazing transfers. Stunning. xoxo


  16. The Citra Solv transfers look great, Patty! One of these days I am going to give it a go.

    You mentioned wishing for a blogroll so you could easily find out who has updated their blog. I use Google Reader to stay up to date on blogs I follow. I subscribe to the blog’s RSS feed and then Google Reader shows new posts so I don’t have to go to each blog individually to see if there has been an update. There is a good intro to RSS feeds (and a little about Google Reader too) at


  17. Patty
    these are so cool! I have not heard about them! I understand your woes about blogroll…I just switched to from Blogger to WordPress in June. However, there are plug ins for it but they have to be a in Google reader first.
    Hope you have a wonderful Labor Day weekend!


  18. Ooooh! These are cool! Putting them on book pages was a wonderful idea! 🙂


  19. Love how it turned out, Patty! I saw Citra Solve at Wegman’s, so I may have to give it a go! Hope you have a lovely weekend!


  20. Oh how awesome is that?!!! Thanks so much for the link! I’m going to have to buy some more Citrasolve, had to ditch it for the move…


  21. i cant get citra solve here and i have tried other orange cleaners but they dont work ,,,love your results….


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  23. Bonjour,
    je ne trouve pas ce produit en FRANCE pourriez vous m’ en expédiez
    si je vous envoie un règlement ?
    merci beaucoup de votre réponse


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  25. inanoctopusgarden

    I love it – this citrasolv tranfer method looks fairly easy, I am dying to try it …left my citrasolv in Asheville so it may have to wait! Love the tree image. See you soon!


  26. Hi from NZ. Just wondering…if the Citasolv smells so particularly bad, and it is applied to clothing, would the clothing be smelly to wear? Or would an art piece be too smelly to have inside?


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