more than tea…

on weekends I enjoy coffee with Mr Magpie…

we have a favorite coffee shop within about 25 minutes walking distance each way…

this past weekend was a federal holiday here in the states which meant a three day weekend…

on our Monday visit there they already knew what we wanted…oh my!

a grande half caff cappuccino for me and a vente real deal for the Mr…

we like asking for REAL mugs instead of paper cups which cannot be recycled…

that way we stick around and get to do some people watching and take a nice little coffee break…

we often split an egg salad sandwich and one of these yummy salted sweet caramel bars …

I have plans for those brown papers …

instead of a cookout or a party or going to the pool before it closed for the season we have been clearing out a bit …

stuff…stuff…stuff …

so much in fact …

I will be having some giveaways soon to see if some of the books I’ve collected over the years might be useful to someone else …

more on that in future posts…

footnote update: click here for my first magazine giveaway

wishing you a Happy Tea Tuesday even though I had coffee and it feels like Monday…

the school children in this area go back to school today…

I still remember the feeling of needing to get to bed at a decent hour because early mornings came around all too quickly…

I tip my hat to teachers and all of you who have children in school while still making time to nurture your creative side AND blog too……..

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31 responses to “more than tea…

  1. love the lady below and your oh so yummy tea post dear Patty!
    yes an occasional sip of coffee is so wonderful! and the school bus was a welcome sound this am… fall is in the air! xox


  2. You really know how to make a gal drool on a rainy morn. Lovely post and I can almost smell your cuppa coffee. Now I am off to hard boil some eggs, an egg salad sandwich for lunch sounds mighty fine to me, all Thanks to you dear Patty. Oh how we need this rain, you can almost see our grass greening up and growing as you look at it.


  3. The kids here went back to school a week ago…I see the school bus zipping through the neighborhood at 7:10am with little sleepy faces on board. Learning is occurring!

    Your walk to the coffee house is a lovely way to spend the morning with Mr. Magpie. I’m sitting here having a cuppa french roast while visiting you, ground fresh this morning by moi. Oh, and a cranberry muffin.

    Our holiday wasn’t like it used to be either. Long gone are the day of having kiddies at home and ‘regular’ jobs. Now it’s just a long weekend filled with tourists who all seem to come in at the same time and LEAVE at the same time. No wonder they are all in bad moods when they get back to their homes….the traffic jams are horrible and nerve wracking.

    Here’s to ‘retirement’.


  4. Loved seeing how you spent your holiday weekend! Sounded yummy! Hope all going back to school today have a great day! Our schools started last week…. but some around here are closed today due to the fires in our part of Texas. But the temperatures dipped this morning…..yea!!!!


  5. Lovely post and your coffees sound yummy! Also – love your creative heart-shaped bread! Today definitely seems like a Monday to me!

    Have a peaceful and joyous week ahead……xxoo Marilyn


  6. People watching can be very entertaining.

    Those caramel bars look great as well.


  7. Oh my… no tea? Hmmm. I will have coffee after diner (oh, those rituals one creates in life!) but I’ll stick to the tea for now. The bar looks yummie though, with coffee AND tea!!!!


  8. You have such sweet dates with your Mr. Magpie 🙂

    I am one of those who is ready for school to start …. And tonite will be tough with getting those girls off to bed at a decent hour. They get so excited for one thing ….. Plus, they are used to a summer schedule! But it’s all good 🙂

    Happy Tuesday dear Patty …. xoxo, Kimmie


  9. Coffee got me going this morning too, but wish I had that egg salad and caramel to go with it!
    I have already been fighting bus traffic for a week now!
    Thanks for sharing your lovely post Patty!


  10. What a delightful way to spend some time. How can you bear to part with your ‘art’ books? I have heaps and every so often search through them for a particular article that I need to help with one of my projects.


  11. Looks yummy! Sometimes I wish I lived in a city or town where I could walk to my favorite places… It would be a wonderful existence… Maybe one of these days…


  12. How wonderful to be able to walk to your favorite coffee shop. Sounds like a delightful treat and a lovely way to spend your time.

    We started back to school and it is difficult to balance everything. I keep saying I will get into a routine with cleaning and such but I basically just try to keep up with what needs to be done and say to heck with the rest. I’m not finding time to crochet at the moment. Blogging when everyone hits the hay is my favorite quiet bit of the day. Time for me to head to bed now too. Morning does come way too soon these days.

    have a great rest of the week. Tammy


  13. I’ll just bet you DO have wonderful plans for those brown wrappers, Patty!!! Yes, summer has ended. The sound of the school bus going up the road woke me up this morning and brought tons of memories of when the kids were small. One was always running late like a little stray chickie! LOL! Hugs, Terri xoxo


  14. What a lovely tea post, and what a lovely outing…..time with a loved one, a walk, a delicious coffee and snack all on a summers day, perfect. I am with you when drinking out of paper cups, aside from not being able to be recycled, for me they seem to ‘taint’ what ever is in them…coffee does not taste good in a paper cup. Was reading your post on image transfer, so inspiring…I might experiment, thank you for sharing. Happy Tea Tuesday.xx


  15. Loved taking a trip to your favorite coffee house with you! 🙂 Please- take me with you next time!! I’ll be there in a second! Enjoy your week. xo


  16. I think your coffee looks wonderful. Me, I’ll take chai tea, wish I could drink coffee…sometimes it smells so awesome! Next time, have a cup for me! And wasn’t the cool weather today a gorgeous change for a change? Enjoy your week, but I’m sure I’ll be visiting soon to see your art!


  17. I am a low/no caf girl, too, Patty. And I just had a half of one of those bars today, my psychic friend! We just got home from South Dakota, helping move Jud’s almost ninety year old parents and we are both just fried. We are spending the night lying in our beds and watching public tv.


  18. That sounds so nice the two of you enjoying coffee and a sandwich after a little walk. You know my 6 year old was bringing wrappers home on our vacation for “projects”. It doesn’t seem funny when you mention you are keeping your wrapper or when I do it, but it hit home what the girls watch when she wanted to bring the garbage home 🙂 It’s a good thing!


  19. Just curious…should I be able to get into the blog with your giveaway? It says it’s private. I don’t want to be nosey!


  20. Oh my dear Jill It certainly should not be private…that is surely an old setting from when I first thought I would open a second blog back in September 2008.

    I cannot thank you enough for asking! I believe I have remedied that now and it should be open to all

    Thank you Thank you!!!

    oxo ~*~ Patty


  21. Hee hee, I spot a bit of intent there on your Blog Patty, will be keeping my eye on you, lol !! Mx


  22. hmmm…some of those books and magazines look very familiar! yummy looking coffee & goodies, and the walk sounds especially pleasant. Good luck on the new blog…great idea!


  23. what a lovely coffee time Patty! and that heart-arranged toast is so sweet! living life artfully I see…bravo!


  24. i enjoyed your yummy post, patty! i also have to go back to school next week… less time for art, sigh… but somebody has to earn the money for all the supplies;)


  25. humm coffee, sounds delish! (in these cold cold winter days *sigh* where is spring??). There’s no Starbucks in my city, I’ve only been there a couple times in Santiago. I don’t know if it’s because I never know how to order, but I don’t think it’s soo soo special (plus I feel silly speaking in a different language: tall, venti, whatever).

    ….LIES. I die for an Starbucks 😥
    I specially like their travel mugs/tumblrs/things, pretty designs.


  26. YUM! everything you had looks fantastic. Yes the kids are back to school…it’s pretty quiet around the house. Finally back online after the “forced” break brought to us by our dumb cable company. They disconnected the wrong wire in the box…ours instead of the neighbors. Then with the long holiday weekend…sorry, no service. No TV. No computer. On the bright house is very clean. 🙂


  27. A really yummy posting. Thanks for sharing these beautiful photos!
    Hugs Anja


  28. This is a great tradition, especially when you can do it on the weekend. I would have been here sooner, but I was out the door before Kimmie had her post up yesterday. Same with today. It was very late before I got in last night, and I started the same thing all over again this morning. And, I don’t even have any children to get off to school, although it seems like my schedule has been the same as working two full time jobs and going to school myself! I’ll be so happy when I can stay home for a day and catch up on everyone’s blog. I know it’s late, but happy tea whatever day it is!


  29. Well, I won’t even go into the topic of how many books we have that are the same. This always happens with the two of us, same stamps, same books, same shoes – hmmmmm, probably in a parallel universe – LOL. Love your morning coffee walk, how special. Hugs, girlie girl!


  30. Love that toast! I see you are doing what I SHOULD be!


  31. a coffee out with someone special is such a nice simple pleasure that i love too….


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