my new blog…Magpie’s Nest Too

for now will be a giveaway blog and a place where I share Freebies…

with a little fine tuning and thanks to Jill Ruth & Co. my Magpie’s Nest Too blog is now open …

I put the second blog together back in September 2008 thinking I would share my photography there and forgot that I made it private to begin with…

over the coming weeks I will be giving away some of my old books there...

all you have to do is comment on the specific blog post for anything you might be interested in receiving…

overseas visitors are most welcome…

feel free to sign up for as many different books as you would like the chance to win…

they all need a good home…

winners will be chosen by random generator…

tell your friends if you think they might ‘need’ a new book or more…

no rules

so far I have THREE giveaways listed …

with more to come…

 come on down and leave a comment for a chance to win…

“The rain makes still pools on the sidewalk.  The rain makes running pools in the gutter.  The rain plays a little sleep song on our roof at night And I love the rain.” ~Langston Hughes

as it turns out some areas are getting too much rain here…too bad there is such imbalance in weather patterns lately…Texas sure could use some of the rain we’ve had the last three days

16 responses to “my new blog…Magpie’s Nest Too

  1. Great idea Patty and so generous of you – thank you. I just commented on one of your super giveaway items! Hope you and yours are doing okay. xxoo


  2. I’m definitely going to have to go see it! And maybe enter a giveaway or two!


  3. you’re so generous Patty 🙂 I’ll add your second blog to my RSS reader and share it too. Have fun with the cleaning and the rain 🙂


  4. Great photos… the last looks like a beautiful Magpie’s bathroom…lol.


  5. Checking out your other blog!!! You are so talented! And thanks for the “shout out” re Texas and our tragic fires…. keep praying for rain. Why can’t we get a tropical storm when we need one?


  6. Simply adorable photos! Looks like you are getting the much needed rain we have missed all year long. Everything now looks so lush and green.

    I’m off to check out your giveaways. Not to be greedy, but some of those books in yesterday’s post looked downright inspirational.


  7. Well, that sounds fun! I’ll check it out!


  8. Fun photos! Although, the squirrel makes me crabby…pesky things. They’ve destroyed many things of ours. Other than my tiny bout of crabby with the squirrel…LOVE the photos. 🙂


  9. Wow so wonderful photos Sweetie.
    The sound is great and I will check them out.

    Have a lovely weekend sweetie xoxo


  10. lovely garden photos …


  11. Great photos! I know we’re waterlogged! I have a lovely crop of mushrooms in my yard! :o) And yes, I wish we could have pushed that rain to Texas! Horrible weather there! Have a lovely day and weekend. I’m hoping to make it to Angela’s tomorrow! Take care!


  12. Giveaways of books?? I don’t NEED any more books, but need has nothing to do with it, right? I’m off to check out what’s on offer!


  13. Patty, if your giveaway blog (too) doesn’t become THE most popular blog in blogdom, I will be very surprised!


  14. Great photos.. and idea with the giveaway blog.. very cool.. hope you have a loverly weekend..


  15. Wow a giveaway blog your so kind hun. I love the photos very arty I’ll pop over to your other blog for a nosey ;0) Dxx


  16. you are so very generous patty, bet you have lots of cool stuff…


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