September local “what do U see”…a five-letter word…

this swap involves using as many ingredients from each different package as possible…

adding some bits of our own as we see fit…

here is what I had to play with…

I started by gluing two of Lisa’s red print calender pages together adding gesso to both sides…

did some rubber stamping and added torn strips of the double sided papers from her ingredients…

layered some fabric from my stash and tissue paper…

I smooshed the champagne cap with a wooden mallet for a deco at the top left…

I made a copy of her sweet family photo at the beach and was tickled that a Trader Joe catalog on my work table had the perfect words to add as a conversation bubble…

torn that way quite by chance…

for the back I used the chocolate wrapper stitching it to create a tag to slip in an envelope I had handy here …

I thought adding the envelope and tag would help give strength to the pages…

“Summer” was also torn from…

yup… you guessed it…

the Trader Joe catalog…

 another fun and challenging project!

23 responses to “September local “what do U see”…a five-letter word…

  1. You do such beautiful work and I love how you put everything together in such an artistic and creative way! What a fun challenge! Isn’t the sun wonderful? I hope we can stay dry for awhile – so many in need! Hope you and yours are ok. xxoo


  2. What a fun and beautiful assemblage! and “Joe” would be proud that their fearless flyer has been re-used so beautifully 🙂


  3. This is really nice! 🙂


  4. Oy, I forgot to tell you, I gave you an award on my blog. Hope you will accept it. If you don’t like awards then just take it as a compliment 🙂 Have a nice weekend!


  5. What would you do without Trader Joe? You seem to get some wonderful art from that catalog. I thought you did a marvelous job, considering all that paper was so close in color.


  6. This turned out great. I love Trader Joe’s, too! You did such a wonderful job….. people love receiving your work, ya know!!


  7. This is great Patty! You used the items so creatively and even the back is perfect. Bravo! Way to stretch the imagination! Blessings ~ Katie


  8. Fabulous creation, Patty! And here I’ve been tossing my Trader Joe’s catalogues…..not anymore!! I’m also planning on saving all wrappers, etc. that I find in Berlin!! Have a lovely weekend. = )


  9. Beautiful outcome from such an array of ingredients. You and your work amaze me Patty! pen x


  10. Great result ! I wouldn’t have been able to resist finding a place for the hessian tho’… one of my fave things.


  11. Amazing use of all the goodies – I really enjoy seeing what you do with these challenges!


  12. Creative to the max!


  13. I Loved the way it all flowed together, it is quite a lovely piece of artwork.


  14. You clever little Magpie! Love it!


  15. Patty, you’re so inventive!

    Happy, sunny, Sunday!


  16. Patty this is amazing.
    So so beautiful. Great play with different media´s. Love them.

    Have a lovely sunday sweetie. xoxo


  17. Beautiful artwork.
    Wishing you hav a wonderful week.


  18. inanoctopusgarden

    Patty, I was thrilled with your page – it had so many interesting places to stop and look! The addition of the names was a personal favorite – so thoughtful. I am looking forward to finishing up the cover for all these pages and having a completed piece. Thank you for your awesome creativity!


  19. Terrific Patty!


  20. Wow, what an incredible style you have. Thanks for sharing the step by step.


  21. I know how very redundant I am, but honestly, your work is simply divine. I’m not sure there is any I enjoy more — or more consistently!


  22. really lovely piece Patty 🙂


  23. Love this one! I’m really going to have to start grabbing a copy of that catalog when I’m at TJ’s.


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